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Business Analyst Training - BCS Business Analysis

  • Become a certified Business Analyst in Just 3 Days
  • Course & examinations fully accredited by BCS
  • Includes pre-course material, manuals, exams, and certificates
  • Delivered by world-class instructors in nationwide venues
  • Earning potential with Business Analysis certification between £40k to £80k*

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Course Name Date Location Duration Price Book Online
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 31/05/2016 Leeds
3 days £1089 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 31/05/2016 Belfast
3 days £1559 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 31/05/2016 Southampton
3 days £1559 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 06/06/2016 5 places left London
3 days £699 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 06/06/2016 Newcastle
3 days £1089 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 06/06/2016 Edinburgh
3 days £1089 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 06/06/2016 Exeter
3 days £1559 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 13/06/2016 Manchester
3 days £989 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 13/06/2016 Glasgow
3 days £1089 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 13/06/2016 Bristol
3 days £1089 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 13/06/2016 Liverpool
3 days £1439 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 20/06/2016 London
3 days £739 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 20/06/2016 Reading
3 days £789 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 20/06/2016 Birmingham
3 days £989 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 20/06/2016 Nottingham
3 days £1499 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 20/06/2016 Belfast
3 days £1559 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 20/06/2016 Leicester
3 days £1559 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 27/06/2016 London
3 days £755 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 27/06/2016 Leeds
3 days £1089 Book now Enquire
BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 27/06/2016 Norwich
3 days £1539 Book now Enquire

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The Knowledge Academy


This 3 day Business Analysis course will prepare you to sit the official BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice exam. The course is fully accredited by the BCS and includes the exam, which is taken on the final day.

The BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice is a highly sought-after qualification in Business Analysis which focuses on essential techniques for strategic analysis, business system investigation and stakeholder management. It is also one of the four modules which make up the BCS Diploma in Business Analysis.



This course is open to everyone and there are no prerequisites.

However, it is recommended that delegates purchase Business Analysis - Third Edition with the following ISBN numbers:

  • 178017277X
  • 978-1780172774


Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for anybody interested in learning more about Business Analysis.


Course Structure

The course consists of three days of classroom based training, which is a combination of instructor-led teaching, as well as group and individual exercises.

On the afternoon of the final day, you will take the BCS Business Analysis Practice exam.


Course Content:

The course covers the following topics:



  • A lifecycle for business change
  • The role of the Business Analyst within the business change lifecycle
  • Other roles within the business change lifecycle
  • The framework for business analysis


Understanding the strategic context:

  • Internal environment analysis
  • External environment analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Critical Success Factors, KPIs and Performance Targets
  • The Balanced Business Scorecard


Project Discipline for Business Analysis Studies:

  • Terms of Reference/ Project Initiation
  • Business and project objectives


Understanding the Situation and Issues:

  • Stakeholder identification
  • Overview of investigative techniques
  • Representation of the business situation


Analysing stakeholder perspectives:

  • Stakeholder analysis and management
  • Identifying different perspectives
  • Defining perspectives


Analysing and modelling business activities:

  • Developing a conceptual business activity model
  • Identifying business events
  • Analysing business rules
  • Building the consensus business activity model


Identifying potential solutions:

  • Gap analysis
  • Defining a new business model
  • Identifying IS/IT requirements to support the new business model


Making the business case:

  • Structure of a business case
  • Identifying options for business change
  • Identifying costs and benefits
  • Identifying risks
  • Identifying impacts
  • The lifecycle for the business case


Business Analysis Exam:

  • Focuses on applying Business Analysis techniques to a given business scenario
  • Written exam
  • 1 hour
  • Open-book
  • Pass mark is 50%


Why choose The Knowledge Academy?

  • We provide world-class learning materials, including a Knowledge Academy courseware book with presentation slides, practice questions, answer templates and exam guidance
  • We make the learning experience enjoyable
  • We are trusted by globally leading brands such as JP Morgan, HSBC and Sony as a learning partner of choice.
  • We provide pre- and post-course support so you never feel alone
  • All of our training is hands-on, using real-world examples
  • As a market leader, we have an extremely high global pass rate
  • Over 90% of our delegates come back to us for further training
  • We have the best instructors in the industry which is reflected in our position as the market leader for professional qualifications
  • We provide value for money and trained over 25,000 delegates last year
  • We have some of the most luxurious course venues worldwide


Click ‘Book Now’ or ‘Enquire’ next to the date of your choice and our expert advisors will be in touch.


What is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis focuses on identifying business needs and objectives, solving business problems and helping businesses achieve their objectives. Business Analysis involves deep investigation of a business in to determine its inner working and processes in order to identify how and where improvements can be made. In today’s environment, a Business Analyst must have a good knowledge of many tools and techniques in order to best service the needs of a business and help them reach their goals.

The Certificate in Business Analysis Practice is provided by the BCS, a global provider of internationally recognised certification.

Case Study

Village Roadshow Theme Parks is the largest theme park operator in Australia. They secured funding to conduct a three-year Business Transformation Programme, with the aim of streamlining and re-engineering their business processes and developing their own internal business analysis capability without the need for external advisors.

Using Business Analysis techniques, Village Roadshow’s business was transformed. Their internal resources became more capable, reducing the need for consultants. Their ability to track projects was improved, meaning they were able to more accurately assess project viability, and whether projects were worth continuing with. Finally, requirement changes late in projects were reduced, saving the business money.


BCS Membership

Included in your professional certification; one year’s free BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, Associate membership.

Upon passing your examination, make the most of your professional certification and continue your career development with BCS Associate membership. Whether you’re looking for career support through the BCS global skills, training and development framework, SFIAplus, seeking promotion or a network of new contacts, we’re here to support you. BCS membership provides exclusive access to resources, content and opportunities that will enrich your career.

BCS Membership allows you to give back to society. Some of the industry’s challenges are around personal data, health, education, and IT capabilities. By becoming part of our professional community you can get involved and do your bit to make IT good for society.

  • Course Availability

    The spaces remaining on all courses across the website reflect the availability of the maximum printed course materials and equipment available in stock for any given event. If the spaces remaining do not appear, then there is comfortably enough lead time to provision course materials and equipment upon booking.

  • Is this course accredited?

    Yes, it is accredited by the BCS.

  • What experience does the course instructor have?

    Our instructors are all experienced and qualified in Business Analysis.

  • What does The Knowledge Academy provide me with on the course?

    We provide pre-course reading, The Knowledge Academy courseware folder, official certificates and refreshments.

  • Does the course include exams?

    Yes, the course includes the BCS Business Analysis exam.

  • Are there any prerequisites for the Business Analysis exam?

    There are no prerequisites for the examination.

  • What is the structure of the exam?

    The Business Analysis exam is a written exam based on a given business scenario.

  • Is there any pre-course reading?

    No, there is no pre-course reading.

  • What are the hours of the course?

    9am to 5pm.

  • What time shall I arrive at the venue?

    Please arrive at your training venue for 08:45am.

  • How long until I receive course confirmation details?

    You will receive confirmation details as soon as your place has been booked and confirmed.

What's Included?
  • Exams
  • The Knowledge Academy BCS Business Analysis Practice courseware folder
  • Certificates
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Refreshments

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8 ways to successfully optimise your LinkedIn profile

There is an app for all your needs, a website for every job search and a social networking site for keeping up to date with current trends. But social networking has taken a whole new level in the past few years and rather than tweet, poke or upload an excessive amount of photos; LinkedIn takes a new spin on what social networking should be for; after all, it’s all in the name.

Networking is an incredibly important aspect of finding a job and keeping it. Your contacts will be your first point of call when you’re thinking about a change of career or thinking about how best to progress in your chosen field. From becoming an intern to your first entry level position, contacts are vital to career success. LinkedIn benefits all individuals to network on a professional level and find out more about the company you wish to join.

In June 2013, official data reports released from LinkedIn had shown the social networking site to have had 225 million members and growing at an astonishing rate.

So we have put together 8 ways to successfully optimise your LinkedIn profile.


You may be asking yourself why?

Well, your LinkedIn profile is effectively your online CV, so spend a decent amount of time updating it to the best of your ability. Think of it as bypassing the first stage when applying for a job. Rather than submitting your CV to a company of your choice, your CV will become the centre of growing attention. Head-hunters, freelancers and recruitment consultants will have direct access to your skills and expertise and can easily approach you for a job in mind.
With any social network, there are some basic ground rules to success. We have put together a guide to optimising your LinkedIn profile as best as possible; with a few examples of job offers, both fitting to your profile and not.

1. Your picture matters

Your LinkedIn profile is more important than you think. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where your photo has an intention to acquire as many likes as possible, LinkedIn needs to be simple, professional, appropriate and current if possible.

2. Keep it current and up to date

This is your time to shine, so don’t list work experience that is now four or five years old. Employers tend to look at the past two years and what you have been doing since. If you have a gap in employment, ‘beef it up’ and add areas in which it helped you land your dream job. When adding previous and current jobs, make sure you add only what’s relevant. If you’re looking to go into journalism and you used to work in construction, you will need to decide whether it’s relevant. Remember, if it’s up to date, your profile will be easier to find when employers are looking to hire.

3. Make it easy to find you

LinkedIn has a number of features to help people find you. One way you can make it easier, is to join groups and conversations. Groups exist in a number of guises and are specific to a particular industry. The more involved you are, the more visible your profile will become. Members on LinkedIn are thought to share insight and knowledge on more than two million groups. Groups has become a simple way to connect with others and to share your passion for your field.

4. Add links

LinkedIn is a fantastic self-publicising and publishing platform. If you are a blogger or a freelancer, LinkedIn allows you to add links and examples of your work. Not only will your articles be seen by your wider networking community, your connections can be shared, liked and commented on for feedback. You can add a link to your website if you have one and also connect your website’s social media to LinkedIn so anything published on your website is also seen on LinkedIn. Having examples of your work is fundamental when applying for any role and will open a door of opportunity if you are found through a simple Google search.

5. Follow your dream companies

LinkedIn can not only be a gateway to landing your dream job, but you must not forget that it is also a professional network for existing companies. Nothing screams passion more than following your dream companies. LinkedIn is a hub for professional stalking and it is there to be taken advantage of. LinkedIn offers information on companies of your choice; as to how many employees they have, what niche they specialise in and how many connections they have in association.


6. Handpick the right skills

What is so brilliant about LinkedIn is that a previous employer, friend or acquaintance whom you have worked with can endorse your skills and leave a public reference. When endorsing skills and adding the correct skillset, your reader can be reassured that your profile is trustworthy and accurate; which goes a long way in employment. Above all, make sure you are specific about your skills – don’t be too generic as employers have heard it all before.

7. Time to become a detective

According to research, two new members join LinkedIn every second. If you have an upcoming meeting with a client you’ve never met or you have been invited to a job interview, you can never fully prepare for what to expect. LinkedIn’s advanced people searcher enables you to search the database and find commonalities. It becomes easier to avoid any awkward conversations, small talk and above all you will understand their job description.
So do a little bit of digging, because if anything; employers love to know future candidates have torn apart what they do.

8. Time to connect

A good starting point when setting up your LinkedIn profile is to connect with friends and family and any colleagues of past and present. Optimise your connections using your personal email accounts – LinkedIn picks up any email contacts that have been flagged up to have LinkedIn.
It is an unwritten rule that the minimum number of contacts needed for a truly successful profile is 50, so if you don’t have 50, don’t panic as it just means the more your edit and publish, the more likely your profile will show up in sidebars.


So what happens next?

So once you have ticked off all eight areas to develop your LinkedIn profile, you may find job offers will start flooding in. A lot of the time, you will get PR agencies and a hell of a lot of recruitment agencies who have a plethora of job vacancies they must recruit for in a specific period of time. For the agencies, it is purely to hit targets but when looking into a job offer proposed, make sure you really dig deep. Often enough, recruitment agencies trawl through LinkedIn picking up individuals with a profile that matches a criteria; so despite having credentials that fit the bill, you may not like the job offer in question.
What’s more, the opposite may happen. Due to the number of members on LinkedIn, recruitment consultants will approach individuals with jobs that do not fit their criteria of experience at all to fill their quota.

Here are some examples of job offers that may be receiving. Remember, if it doesn’t help your prospects, ignore it. If it does, then your profile is the best it can be. Use your recommendations, experience, skills and connections to optimise your visibility.



LinkedIn job offer



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Happy Customers

Brilliant way to learn and get certified! I signed up for Knowledge Academy for a 3-day course on Business Analysis. I already had some years of BA experience, and recently been reading up books on the topic to get industry-wide understanding. This course was to formalize the learning and earn a certificate. What I found most useful was that although there were not too many new things that I learnt about from a theoretical standpoint (since I had already had some experience and been reading up), the case-study approach really helped underpin the learning. Applying the business models/concepts, discussing with others in the group and working through the scenarios really clarified things, and this is something that I found was not all that possible just reading by myself. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who has some inclination towards a BA role. And I am sure The Knowledge Academy would be a great resource for other courses too. Well done TKA.
I was impressed how well it was run with no time wasted at all. Very challenging course but well laid out and presented by the trainer John Power.
The course was thorough, educational and enjoyable. the instructor carol was absolutely fantastic.
The Training was intense and thorough. The trainer was 1st rate and explained everything clearly.
Just finished my course with TKA in Birmingham and passed with flying colours. The course was challenging at times but then I suppose it is meant to be! The trainer Brian was really good and worked very slow so I could catch up easily. The price was also the cheapest I could find - which originally made me doubt the quality but actually, I can't fault TKA. Will be using them again.
Thank you for a great course!
Very enjoyable 2 days, expert and knowledgeable trainer really helped with learning with a wealth of real-life examples from their experience.

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