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Change Management Online Training

Change is unavoidable in any institution, hence this APMG accredited training course helps organisations ameliorate their business operations. Change Management is all about organisation, whereby modifications adopted are appropriate for all, and staff members are prepared to address problems that may arise as a consequence of change. Acquire a Change Management certification with our e-learning training courses.

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About Change Management Online

Change is a vital component of business, as it is needed in order for advancements to be obtained. Change can often encounter resistance and discontent from staff members, due to concern that the impact of change will be damaging rather than beneficial, and the expectation that necessary change provisions will not be effectively enforced. Thus, this Change Management Online training course intends to properly prepare employees in all positions and areas for change. If employees are successfully prepared for change, their approach towards it becomes more friendly, and hence they make more effort to implement it. In change, the role of the people is crucial, as they will be tasked with the job of achieving the change goal. Consequently, strong communication is key to the implementation of change, to ensure skeptical staff members are suitably interacted with. It is necessary to address change in this way because it maximises the possibility of a smooth transition, and enhances workplace morale, which improves service quality and productivity as the employees involved are attentive to what the change can bring about. Ultimately, Change Management Online teaches individuals to welcome and accept change rather than feel hostile towards it.


Change should be handled in three phases: before, during, and following its application, to ensure the change has been performed accurately, is being maintained, and is achieving its objective. Change Management Online training is desirable because organisations need to constantly reshape their functions to meet ever-changing needs and conditions, which is fundamental in keeping up with also advancing competitors. New projects are initiated on a regular basis for the purpose of performance enhancement and increased revenue, hence change is imperative in sustaining success. Therefore, organisations must be ready for anything that may come about, whether it may be planned or spontaneous, thus Change Management Online training provides delegates with the skills needed to endorse and administer change.


Change Management Online allows you to carry out training when you feel is convenient for you. Rather than needing to travel to a venue on specific days, Change Management Online enables you to boost your Change Management knowledge and understanding at your own leisure without hurry. Our online training means training your busy schedule slots in training when and where there is opportunity, rather than the opposite way around. In turn, this saves you time and money, as you will not need to take time off work or factor in travel costs. From the date of your first login, you will have 90 days to complete your Change Management Online training course, which can be conducted from the comfort of your own home. 


The Prosci ADKAR Model

The Prosci ADKAR Model is a Change Management methodology that focuses on achieving goals. Jeff Hiatt, the founder of Prosci, introduced the Prosci ADKAR Model that prioritises organisational and individual change. ADKAR stands for:

●     Awareness of the significance of change. Individuals must understand why old enterprise systems are no longer feasible

●     Desire to partake and support change. Desire to cooperate diminishes resistance via one-on-one interaction

●     Knowledge of what is needed to achieve change. The Change Management Online training course is designed to provide delegates with this knowledge

●     Ability to implement changes regularly and constructively

●     Reinforcement of the changes to assure they are sustained

The ADKAR acronym reiterates the five stages companies and individuals need to carry out in order to successfully implement change. It is necessary that organisations and individuals achieve these phases simultaneously to boost the possibility of positive change.

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The Benefits

Change Management is a people-focused approach, hence the individual employee plays a fundamental role in the implementation of change. Prominence is placed on helping people change how they carry out their job role, because much of Change Management depends on how effectively the individual position is performed. Ultimately, businesses could not successfully implement change without the hard work of their employees, as everyone involved has equally important duties. Individuals learn how to approach their job role from different angles, to develop their existing skills and draw on new abilities. Another significant part of Change Management Online is ensuring individuals understand that change is necessary and will become the norm for the purpose of progression. Appreciation of change increases whilst resistance towards it lessens, and employees look towards the end objective of change that they are determined to accomplish. The creation of such a positive attitude means individuals are more accepting of an area that they previously feared.


More benefits of Change Management Online for individuals include:

  • Project achievements depend extensively (80-100%) on how employees conduct their job roles, hence individuals with a Change Management certification are more employable and promotion is more likely
  • Understanding of what it takes to implement a successful change
  • Provide support for those who are skeptical of change
  • Better workplace morale as individuals are more accepting of change
  • Better staff cooperation and communication
  • Capable of planning ahead/can deal with all scenarios
  • Appreciate the need for change
  • Rids of any anxiety surrounding the notion of change

Organisations encounter perplexing multifunctional changes everyday . Change is no longer a long haul occurrence, so businesses no longer have the time to cope with failed change application. A notable benefit of Change Management Online for companies is the return on investment. This is because the same framework and approach to change is endorsed and tailored consistently so organisations save time creating a new change structure for all circumstances, which permits more opportunity for the creation of profit. Also, the job roles of staff members are clearly defined so everyone knows what they are striving towards. Disorientation is minimised, and employees are placed within roles where their skills and expertise is utilised, thus boosting business productivity. Additionally, often employees do not welcome change warmly as they are worried about how it will impact them in a negative way. Change Management Online provides delegates with enhanced communication skills to reassure concerned employees that change is necessary and beneficial for all involved. Hence, generally, the major advantages of Change Management online regard saving time, utilising skills, and producing positive attitudes towards change. All of these benefits are greatly profitable.


Additional benefits of Change Management Online for businesses and employers include:

  • Deliver change goals more effectively and meticulously
  • Ability to tackle several changes at one time
  • Meet customer requirements more promptly
  • Business performance development
  • Minimised resistance towards change
  • Enhanced employee performance due to more visible managerial support
  • Improved morale in the workplace, causing better quality and productivity
  • Integration of current resources with business strategy
  • Accomplish team and leadership advancement
  • Reduces disturbance and the possibility of negative change
  • Change expenditures are controlled and contained

Courses Within Change Management Online

Change Management Online course content is centred around the book ‘Making Sense of Change Management, 3rd edition’.

Change Management Online training is divided into two levels: Foundation and Practitioner. The Knowledge Academy offers these certifications individually but also offers a combined five-day Foundation and Practitioner training course, which covers both levels at once. This is appropriate for delegates looking to achieve the Change Management certifications collectively. The Foundation level focuses on providing delegates will relevant Change Management knowledge, whilst in the Practitioner course delegates will learn how to practically apply their awareness of Change Management principles to a real situation.


Change Management Foundation

This Change Management Online Foundation course highlights new approaches to change. On course completion, delegates will be able to construct a change plan that corresponds with the specific requirements of their organisation.

Change Management Foundation Online will examine four key areas:

The organisation and change: illustrating what comprises change, and consider why it is required to evolve in the constantly advancing business world.

The individual and change: how individuals are impacted by change, their reaction, the models and processes that need to be accepted and applied, minimising resistance, and the significance of acquiring new procedures.

Practicing Change Management: how to monitor the change to analyse the impact it has. Prepare for change that is not impending, as it will happen eventually. Boost motivation and be prepared to handle resistance towards change. Create change teams.

Communication and stakeholders: recognise the prominence of planning and supervising a range of communication channels. Identify who will be affected by the change, and account for their needs to ensure these are still met.


Change Management Practitioner

The Change Management Practitioner Online training course expands on knowledge obtained at the Foundation level. It concentrates more on the practical application of change to business frameworks, and how this can be sustained.

Various key areas will be examined:

Change delivery: project management models may affect the workings of change, and deciding what management structures to use.

Preserving change: devising a structure for the permanent existence and effect of the change made.

Change made easier: change easier allows resolutions to problems.

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