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What sectors use Change Management?

Change Management models can be applied in a wide variety of sectors. This is because all organisations experience change at some point in order to make progress, improve how individuals perform their work roles, and solve business problems.



Change Management systems are rife within the Marketing sector. Change methodologies are used to authorise frameworks that integrate all marketing activities. People are persuaded to perform their job roles differently to fit new marketing structures and processes. Marketing agencies define a change strategy, move in accordance with other relevant departments, and act to enforce change so that they become habits.



Change Management has been adopted in the Automotive industry due to the emergence of eco-friendly mechanics. With thanks to Change Management methodologies, automation has put systematic measures in place to reduce costs, create new eco-friendly products, and develop markets. Teams are required to look to the future, as innovations in technology seem unlimited, which tests the capabilities of automation. Resources need to be utilised and progress constantly observed.

Several other sectors which utilise Change Management include:

●     Computing

●     Education

●     Energy

●     Engineering

●     Entertainment

●     Food

●     Government

●     Healthcare

●     Media

●     Public sector

●     Retail

●     Technology

●     Transport and Travel