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Change Management Certifications

The Knowledge Academy’s Change Management training course content is based on the book ‘Making Sense of Change Management, 3rd edition’.


There are two levels of Change Management training courses: Foundation and Practitioner. These certifications can be completed separately, or together within a combined Foundation and Practitioner training course which is taught over five days. The first three days will concentrate on the Foundation section of training, which looks at providing delegates with the knowledge and understanding needed to pass the examination. The Foundation exam will be taken on the third day of the training course. The final two days will be spent focusing on the Practitioner section. Delegates will be tested on their ability to implement Change Management to a workplace scenario.


Both training courses adopt a classroom learning style which also consists of practical tasks to allow delegates to apply their knowledge to realistic circumstances.


Remember, The Knowledge Academy offers the Foundation and Practitioner courses separately also.


Change Management Foundation course

The Change Management Foundation training course lasts for three days. The Foundation level identifies new approaches to change, and teaches delegates how to construct change plans that can be implemented specifically in their organisation.


Four key areas will be covered:

The organisation and change: consider that change is necessary to make progress in the business world, and establish what constitutes change.

The individual and change: the impact of change on individuals, the methodologies individuals can refer to (ADKAR), their response and levels of resistance, and adopting new approaches to their work role.

Change Management practice: plan for unexpected/distant change and monitor the change to determine its effect. Create change teams, and put measures in place to heightened motivation for change, e.g enhanced communication.

Stakeholders and communication: understand how important communication channels are. Select those who will be impacted by the change and ensure their requirements are still met.



Change Management Practitioner course

The Change Management Practitioner training course is two days long. Essentially, this training course is an extension of the Foundation level, as it builds on knowledge previously acquired. Practitioner training concentrates more on the delegate's application of change to specific organisation structures, and how to maintain such changes.


Several key areas will be covered:

Change delivery: deciding which project management methodologies can be applied, and how they react with change.

Preserving change: introduce measures/structures to ensure the change is sustained.

Change made easier: applying changes means business issues are solved easier and quicker.