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Benefits of Change Management for Individuals

As Change Management is a people-focused technique, the individual is of profound importance. Considerable attention is paid to helping people alter the way they do their jobs, as their performance determines how successful the implemented change is. Ultimately, organisations could not benefit from Change Management without the people who carry out job roles. Change Management training teaches managers and individuals to adapt their job role to the changes that occur. This subsequently strengthens their efficiency.


A large part of Change Management, as discussed above, is reducing resistance to change. Managers are encouraged to provide the greatest possible support so that individuals feel comfortable with the occurrence of change. Communication therefore reduces resistance and prompts positivity, as with the right support individuals feel more directly involved and determined to accomplish change goals.


Further Change Management benefits for individuals include:

  • A project depends very much (80-100%) on how successfully individuals perform their role

  • Better employment prospects and promotion opportunities

  • Understanding of what it takes to implement successful changes

  • Ability to provide support for staff and managers who are skeptical of change

  • More approval of change, thus improved morale in the workplace

  • Enhanced staff communication and cooperation

  • Prepared for any situation that may arise

  • Recognition of the significance of change for progression

  • Reduced anxiety of change