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Certified SAFe® Product Manager/Product Owner Training Course Outline

Module 1: Exploring Product Owner and Product Management Roles and Responsibilities

  • Introducing SAFe® for Product Owners and Product Management.
    • Product Owner (PO) Areas of Responsibility.
    • Product Management Areas of Responsibility.
  • Lean-Agile Mindset.
    • Embrace the Lean-Agile Mindset.
    • Agile Manifesto Principles.
    • SAFe® Lean-Agile Principles.
  • Value Streams.
    • What is a Value Stream?
    • Operational Value Streams.
    • Development Value Streams.
    • What is a Solution?
    • Operational Value Streams for TTC.
    • What is an Agile Release Train (ART)?
    • What is an Agile Team?
    • Areas of Responsibility of the Agile Team.
  • Responsibilities of Product Owners and Product Management.
    • Product Management, PO, and Agile Team Partner.
    • PO Areas of Responsibility.
    • Connecting with the Customer.
    • Contributing to the Vision and Roadmap.
    • Managing and Prioritising Team Backlog.
    • Supporting the Team in Value Delivery.
    • Getting and Applying Feedback.

Module 2: Preparing for PI Planning

  • PI Planning.
    • What is a Planning Interval (PI)?
    • What is PI Planning?
    • POs and Product Management are Essential to PI Planning.
    • Benefits of PI Planning.
  • Solution Vision.
    • What is a Solution Vision?
    • Influence of Strategic Themes.
    • Express the Future State as a Vision.
  • Solution and PI Roadmaps.
    • Market Dynamics Influence Solution and PI Roadmaps.
    • Market Rhythms are Cyclical and Predictable.
  • Customer-Centric Features.
    • Summary of SAFe® Requirements.
    • Creating Epics to Fulfil the Vision.
    • Personas Help Understand Customers.
    • Relative Estimating.
    • Features are Implemented by Stories.
  • ART Backlog and Kanban.
    • Features are Managed Through the ART Backlog.
    • Partner with System Architects.
    • Capacity Allocation.
    • Kanban Summarised.
    • Prioritise Features for Optimal ROI.
    • Prioritisation Anti-Patterns.
    • Components of Cost of Delay.
    • Calculate WSJF with Relative Estimating.

Module 3: Leading PI Planning

  • Communicate the Vision.
    • What POs and Product Management Do During PI Planning?
    • Communicate the Vision.
    • Communicate the PI Roadmap.
    • PI Roadmap for the TTC Van Program.
    • Support Team Breakouts.
  • Establish PI Objectives.
    • PI Objectives.
    • Why Do We Use PI Objectives?
    • Distinguish Features from PI Objectives.
    • Tips for Writing Effective Team PI Objectives.
    • Create Alignment with PI Objectives.
    • Maintain Predictability with Uncommitted Objectives.
    • Considerations When Assigning Business Value.
  • Manage Dependencies.
    • Using an ART Planning Board to Visualise Work.
    • Strategies for Managing Dependencies.
    • PI Planning Can Reveal Opportunities to Release Value Sooner.
  • Manage Risks.
    • Types of Risks.
    • Building the Final Plan.
    • Addressing ART PI Risks.
    • Confidence Vote.

Module 4: Executing Iterations

  • Stories and Story Maps.
    • Features are Split into Stories.
    • What are Stories?
    • When is a Story Complete?
    • Use Story Maps to Capture Workflows.
    • Integrating User Experience and Interface Design.
  • Iteration Planning.
    • Product Owners Lead Iteration Planning.
    • Sequencing Stories.
    • Iteration Planning Agenda.
    • Establishing Capacity.
    • Capacity Allocation for a Healthy Balance.
    • Using Velocity to Establish Capacity.
    • Estimate Stories with Relative Story Points.
    • Iteration Goals.
    • Tips for Effective Iteration Planning.
  • Team Kanban.
    • Team Kanban Promotes Collaboration and Facilitates Flow.
    • POs and the Team Sync.
    • Backlog Refinement.
  • Tips for Effective Backlog Refinement.
  • Iteration Review and Iteration Retrospective.
    • Iteration Review.
    • Iteration Review guidelines.
    • Scalable Definition of Done.
    • Relentless Improvement.
    • Iteration Retrospective.
  • DevOps and Release on Demand.
    • Building the Continuous Delivery Pipeline with DevOps.
    • Continuous Exploration (CE) – Understand Customer Needs.
    • Continuous Integration (CI) – A Critical Technical Practice of the ART.
    • Continuous Deployment (CD) – Getting to Production Early.
    • Decouple Release Elements from the Total Solution.

Module 5: Executing the PI

  • Product Owner (PO) Sync.
    • PO Sync helps ARTs Respond to Change.
  • System Demo.
  • Innovation and Planning Iteration.
    • SAFe® Core Values.
    • Innovation and Planning (IP) Iteration.
    • IP Iteration.
    • Organise a Hackathon.
    • Organise a Supplier Showcase.
    • Spikes.
  • Inspect and Adapt.
    • Improve Results.
    • PI System Demo.
    • Review Relevant Metrics.
    • Competency Assessments.
    • Flow Metrics.
    • Eight Flow Accelerators.
    • Program Performance Reporting.
    • Measure ART Predictability.
    • Team Performance Assessment.
    • Program Performance Metrics.

Module 6: Practicing SAFe®

  • SAFe® Toolkits.
  • Community Video Hub.
  • Online Learning Resources.
  • SAFe® Collaborate.
  • SAFe® Assessments.
  • SAFe® Forums.

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Who should attend this Certified SAFe® Product Manager / Product Owner Training and Exam Course?

The Certified SAFe® Product Manager/Product Owner Training and Exam Course is designed for anyone keen on understanding the roles of Product Managers and Product Owners in a Scaled Agile Framework® and wants to ensure successful product delivery and maximisation of value in a SAFe® environment. A few of the professionals who will benefit from this course are:

  • Product Managers.
  • Product Owners.
  • Business Analysts.
  • Project Managers.
  • Scrum Masters.
  • Agile Coaches.
  • Software Developers.

Prerequisites of the Certified SAFe® Product Manager / Product Owner Training and Exam Course

The Certified SAFe® Product Manager / Product Owner Training Course has no formal prerequisites. However, it is recommended that delegates have a basic understanding of Agile principles and practices. Additionally, familiarity with Scrum, Product Management, or Product Ownership roles can be advantageous.

Certified SAFe® Product Manager/Product Owner Training Course Overview

The Certified SAFe® Product Manager/Product Owner Training is a comprehensive course designed to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge to excel in the world of Agile Product Management and ownership. In a rapidly evolving business environment, this training is not only relevant but essential for those looking to streamline programme priorities, execute Agile practices at the enterprise level, and drive success in product development.

Understanding the role of a SAFe® Product Owner is crucial for professionals aiming to excel in Agile Product Management. Product Managers, Product Owners, and anyone involved in product development and ownership should aim to master this subject. By doing so, they can prepare for and participate in Programme Increment (PI) planning, iterate on executions, and drive continuous improvements within their teams. SAFe® product ownership skills are highly sought after in the job market, making this training valuable for career growth.

The 2-day Certified SAFe® Product Manager/Product Owner Training by the Knowledge Academy provides a deep understanding of SAFe® for Lean enterprises, value streams, and Product Management within an Agile framework. Delegates will gain the competencies needed to achieve business agility, making them well-prepared to drive product success.

Course Objectives:

  • To provide delegates with a comprehensive knowledge of SAFe® for Lean enterprises.
  • To familiarise delegates with value streams and their importance in delivering value.
  • To equip delegates with the skills needed for product management and ownership.
  • To prepare delegates for active participation in Programme Increment (PI) planning.
  • To enable delegates to iterate on executions and drive team improvements.
  • To make delegates proficient in their product owner duties.

Upon completion of this course, delegates will benefit by gaining a deep understanding of SAFe®, value streams, and product management, enabling them to excel in their roles as SAFe® Product Owners. They will be well-prepared to streamline programme priorities, execute Agile practices, and drive product success, thus enhancing their career prospects in the competitive world of Agile Product Management.

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What’s included in this Certified SAFe® Product Manager / Product Owner Training and Exam Course?

  • SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager Certification Examination.
  • World-Class Training Sessions from Experienced Instructors.
  • SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager Certification.
  • Digital Delegate Pack.

Certified SAFe® Product Manager/Product Owner Exam Information

The Certified SAFe® Product Manager/Product Owner Exam evaluates one's expertise in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), specifically concerning the roles of Product Manager and Product Owner. The exam delves into various SAFe® facets related to product management and ownership, encompassing its principles, framework, roles, practices, and relevant metrics.  

  • Question Type: Multiple Choice  
  • Total Questions: 45  
  • Pass Marks: 80% 
  • Duration: 90 Minutes  
  • Open Book/ Closed Book: Closed Book


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Certified SAFe® Product Manager / Product Owner Training in York FAQs

The Scaled Agile Framework® is the combination of workflow and organisational patterns used to implement Agile practises at the enterprise level.
SAFe® product owner is responsible for preparing and participating in PI planning, iterating execution, executing programme, inspecting and adapting team improvement.
Program Increment (PI) refers to the timeframe in which an Agile Release Train (ART) produces incremental value in the form of working and tested software and systems.
PI provides a common language for communicating with technology and business stakeholders, creates near-term focus and vision, and exposes dependencies that require coordination.
In this Certified SAFe® Product Manager/Product Owner Training course, you will learn about SAFe® for Lean Enterprise, prepare and lead PI planning, execute iterations, backlog refinement, product owner sync, innovation and iteration planning, and other essential topics related to SAFe® Product Manager.
The price for Certified SAFe® Product Manager / Product Owner Training and Exam certification in York starts from £1795
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider for Certified SAFe® Product Manager / Product Owner Training and Exam.
Please see our Agile Training courses available in York
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"Really good course and well organised. Trainer was great with a sense of humour - his experience allowed a free flowing course, structured to help you gain as much information & relevant experience whilst helping prepare you for the exam"

Joshua Davies, Thames Water

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