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Agile Examinations

All our Agile courses include the relevant exam for each certification, which you can take with us on the last day of training. Alternatively, for those who self-study, public exams are run by APMG throughout the year.


AgilePM® Foundation

The AgilePM® Foundation exam consists of:

  • 50 multiple choice questions

  • The pass mark is 25/50, or 50%

  • The duration is 40 minutes

  • It is closed book


AgilePM® Practitioner

The AgilePM® Practitioner exam consists of:

  • 4 questions

  • 20 marks per question

  • The pass mark is 40/80, or 50%

  • The duration is 2.5 hours

  • It is open book (Official Handbook only)

With The Knowledge Academy, you can also take both Agile Foundation and Practitioner courses.