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What organisations use Agile?

Many organisations all over the world use Agile methods for their projects. Some of them are:


Mastek – IT

Mastek is an IT solutions company who used AgilePM® to deepen their relationship with customers when developing products.


Mastek is based in India, with global offices across the world in areas such as the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. As a result of being spread across the world, they had to make sure they remained in control of projects and that the products they created matched customer requirements. Implementing the AgilePM® methodology has allowed them to continually keep the customer involved, ensuring projects stay on track and meet everything that is required of them. It has also improved their relationship with their customers, as they now have a better understanding of the business and how the development team works. With Agile, their onsite and offshore teams now work more closely with each other, with less governance and more communication.


British Telecoms (BT) - Telecommunications

BT is a large telecommunications company which runs telephone services for the majority of Britain and provides a range of telecommunications services globally.


In 2004, BT realised their traditional waterfall based method of development was failing. Chief among the drawbacks was that development times were so long that by the time requirements were implemented they would have changed. In addition, teams would find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of requirements and be unsure of what to prioritise.


Switching to an Agile mindset allowed BT to solve these problems. They could focus on only what was important to the business while involving the customer at each stage so that the project developed how they wished, and everyone was aware of any requirements changes. Shorter development cycles and an emphasis on getting working products out throughout the development lifecycle meant that feedback could be sought and implemented often and as soon as possible. All of this meant that solutions took far less time to develop and were far more likely to meet customer aims and be deemed a success.


Highways Agency - Transportation

The UK Government’s Highways Agency, like most government departments, tended to use PRINCE2 on their major IT projects. But for their project to enhance their National Geotechnical and Drainage Asset Management System, they needed to be able to respond quickly to change. Although teams had previously incorporated some Agile techniques into their projects, the approach had never been formalised, so the challenge was to integrate Agile with PRINCE2. Because of this requirement, the DSDM Agile Project Framework (the basis of AgilePM®) was chosen for the delivery aspect of the project, with PRINCE2 being used for overall governance and management.


As a result of combining PRINCE2 with DSDM, the Highways Agency were able to deliver the project on time and within budget, while controlling risks, continually involving stakeholders and customers and ensuring the result met business needs.