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Course information

SAFe® for Architects Training Course Outline

Module 1: Exemplifying Agile Architecture

  • Explore Agile Architecture
  • SAFe® Architect Roles and Collaborations
  • Architect using SAFe® Principles

Module 2: Architecting for DevOps and Release on Demand

  • What is DevOps?
  • Flow of Value through the Continuous Delivery Pipeline
  • Architecting for Continuous Exploration
  • Architecting for Continuous Integration
  • Architecting for Continuous Deployment
  • Architecting for Release on Demand

Module 3: Aligning Architecture with Business Value

  • Aligning Architecture with Strategic Themes, Portfolio Canvas, and Portfolio Vision
  • Supporting the Business with Value Streams
  • Delivering value through Solution Trains and Agile Release Trains

Module 4: Developing Solution Vision, Solution Intent, and Roadmaps

  • Aligning Solution Vision with Strategic Themes and Solution Context
  • Contributing to Solution Intent
  • Managing Quality
  • Contributing to Roadmaps

Module 5: Preparing Architecture for PI Planning

  • Contributing to the ART Backlog
  • Prioritising and Sequencing Work in the ART Backlog
  • Contributing to Solution Train pre-PI Planning

Module 6: Coordinating Architecture throughout PI Planning

  • Contributing to PI Planning
  • Participating in Management Review and Problem-Solving
  • Contributing to Solution Train Post-PI Planning

Module 7: Supporting Continuous Delivery during PI Execution

  • Guiding Architecture and Continuous Delivery throughout the PI
  • Participating in Iteration Reviews and System and Solution Demos
  • Relentless Improvement through Inspect & Adapt

Module 8: Supporting New Strategic Themes and Value Streams

  • Aligning Architecture to Enterprise Strategy
  • Evolving the Solution Portfolio
  • Contributing Enabler Epics to the Portfolio Kanban
  • Coordinating across Value Streams

Module 9: Leading as an Architect during a Lean-Agile Transformation

  • Lean-Agile Leadership
  • Leading the Agile Architecture Transformation
  • Creating an Action Plan

Module 10: Practicing SAFe®

  • SAFe® ART and Team Events
  • SAFe® Toolkits
  • Online Learning Resources
  • Community Video Hub
  • My SAFe® Events
  • SAFe® Assessments
  • Team and Technical Agility Assessment
  • SAFe® Forums

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Who should attend this SAFe® for Architects Training Course?

The SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework) for Architects Training Course is designed for individuals who are eager to enhance their comprehension of the architectural roles within a Scaled Agile environment. It ensures that they can collaborate effectively, make well-informed decisions, and drive successful outcomes within their organisations. This course can be beneficial for a wide range of professionals, including:

  • Enterprise, System, and Solution Architects
  • Technical Leaders
  • Product Managers and Product Owners
  • Business Stakeholders
  • Development Managers and Executives
  • Infrastructure Managers
  • Agile Coaches and Release Train Engineers

Prerequisites of the SAFe® for Architects Training Course

For attending the SAFe® for Architects Training Course, prior experience in Software or System Architecture is recommended, and familiarity with Agile principles and exposure to the SAFe® concept would be beneficial for delegates.

SAFe® for Architects Training Course Overview

The SAFe® for Architects Training Course is designed to equip professionals with advanced knowledge and skills in the context of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). This course delves deep into SAFe principles, teaching architects to align architecture with business value, enabling organisations to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

Proficiency in SAFe® for Architects is paramount as businesses increasingly rely on Agile frameworks for their projects. Professionals across various sectors, especially Architects, must embrace Agile methodologies. Mastering Agile is vital for Architects aiming to enhance their project management capabilities, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and with superior quality.

In this intensive 3-day Agile Training, delegates will gain profound insights into SAFe® architecture principles and practices. Through interactive sessions and real-world case studies, delegates will learn to optimise system performance, enhance adaptability, and streamline collaboration between development teams. Delegates will delve into Agile methodologies, gaining practical insights into SAFe® principles.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the fundamental concepts of SAFe® and Agile methodologies
  • To grasp the role of Architects in Agile project environments
  • To explore strategies for effective Agile project planning and execution
  • To learn to apply Agile principles for enhanced collaboration and communication
  • To gain proficiency in Agile tools and techniques for project optimisation
  • To foster leadership skills essential for guiding Agile teams to success

After completing the SAFe® for Architects Training Course, delegates will receive a certification that validates their expertise in SAFe® architecture. This certification is a testament to their ability to design agile, responsive, scalable architectures in complex business environments.

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What’s included in this SAFe® for Architects Training Course?

  • Certified SAFe® for Teams Examination
  • World-Class Training Sessions from Experienced Instructors
  • Certified SAFe® for Teams Certificate 
  • Digital Delegate Pack

SAFe® for Architects Training Exam Information

The SAFe® for Architects Training Exam evaluates participants' understanding of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) principles, practices, and roles, particularly in relation to architectural aspects of large-scale software development. This training emphasizes architects' role in achieving Agile project success and aligning technical strategies with business objectives. The exam format is as follows: 

  • Question Type: Multiple Choice or Multiple Select 
  • Total Questions: 45 
  • Total Marks: 45 Marks 
  • Pass Marks: 71%, or 32/45 Marks 
  • Duration: 90 Minutes 
  • Open Book/Closed Book: Closed Book

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What our customers are saying

Agile Training | SAFe® For Architects Training in London FAQs


The benefit of this certification is that it allows you to apply architectural techniques within a SAFe® context, establishing you as a valuable asset in organisations adopting the Scaled Agile Framework.
For attending this SAFe® for Architects certification training, individuals should have earned one SAFe® course and also have attended at least one Agile Release Train (ART) and one Program Increment (PI).
This SAFe® for Architects Certification training course is suitable for anyone who wants to advance their career in IT enterprise. However, it is much more beneficial for: • Scrum Masters • Agile Coaches • Consultants • Architects • Agile Trainers • Solution Architects
Yes, after completing the course, participants can take an online examination to earn the SAFe® for Architects certification.
The certification for SAFe® for Architects is valid for one year. Renewal is required to keep your certification active.
This course is [ ] day(s)
Architects play a crucial role in enabling business agility in a SAFe® environment by offering architectural guidance, developing and preserving architectural runway, and assuring alignment with the enterprise plan.
SAFe® for Architects integrates traditional architecture methods with agile concepts, focusing on collaboration, adaptability, and the capacity to create value iteratively and incrementally.
Architects may face difficulties in finding the proper balance of flexibility and standardisation, guaranteeing architectural consistency across agile teams, and adjusting to the dynamic nature of agile development.
While adhering to agile principles, SAFe® for Architects provides frameworks and methods for developing architectural governance mechanisms, making informed decisions, and protecting architectural integrity.
The price for SAFe® for Architects Training certification in London starts from £2495
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider for SAFe® for Architects Training.
Please see our Agile Training courses available in London

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"Really good course and well organised. Trainer was great with a sense of humour - his experience allowed a free flowing course, structured to help you gain as much information & relevant experience whilst helping prepare you for the exam"

Joshua Davies, Thames Water

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"...the trainer for this course was excellent. I would definitely recommend (and already have) this course to others."

Diane Gray, Shell

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