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Course information

Agile Change Agent Course Outline

Module 1: Understanding Change Management

  • Change Management is Not Project Management
  • Complex and Continuous Change
  • Increase in the Pace of Change

Module 2: Understanding Agile Approaches

  • Concepts
  • Key Terms

Module 3: Roadmap – Definition and Contents

  • What Information does a Roadmap Provide?
  • 4 Core Elements
  • What are the Core Elements of a Roadmap?

Module 4: Roadmap – Wall Chart

  • Processes
  • Activities in Each Process
  • Roadmap Acceptance Criteria
  • Benefits of Roadmap
  • Tailoring
  • Structure of the Roadmap
  • Number of Iterations
  • Iterations
  • How to Divide Up the Timeframe
  • Aligning Iterations

Module 5: Roadmap (How it Works) – Iteration 1

  • Getting Started
  • Making Progress
  • Realising Benefits
  • Outputs Created in Iteration 1
  • Description of the Change
  • Business Case
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Change Management Plan
  • Communication Plan

Module 6: Roadmap (How it Works) – Iteration 2

  • Getting Started
  • Active Listening
  • Feedback
  • MoSCoW
  • Making Progress and Realising Benefits

Module 7: Business Needs

  • Business Need Drives Change
  • Definition of Business Need
  • Integrating the Elements of Business Need
  • Requirements Led Change
  • Benefits Led Change
  • Validity of the Change
  • Developing your Business Understanding
  • Market Context
  • Organisational Context
  • Understanding Whom to Involve
  • Identifying Benefits
  • Measuring Support for Change
  • Identifying Benefits
  • Benefits Breakdown Structure
  • Benefits Dependency Network

Module 8: Relationships

  • Define Relationships
  • Context
  • Knowing your Strengths and Limitations
  • Preferences
  • Understanding your Preferences
  • Express Our Understanding of a Situation
  • Generate Our Understanding of a Situation
  • Expressing Our Understanding of a Situation
  • Emotional Assessment
  • Personal Leadership
  • Commitment
  • Resilience Factors
  • Authority
  • Self-Control
  • Trustworthiness
    • Importance
    • How to Create it
  • Flexibility
  • Building Relationships with Others
  • How to Build Relationships with Others?
  • Creating Empathy
  • Steps in Building Relationships

Module 9: Environment

  • Definition and Benefits
  • Environment is not Culture
  • Elements of an Effective Environment
  • Environment Identifies Conversations We Need to Have
  • Environment Provides Reassurance
  • How Fears Develop?
  • Environment Provides Encouragement
  • Benefits of a Positive Environment
  • Creating a Positive Environment
  • Environment Provides Motivation
  • SMART Goals
  • Build a Sustaining Environment

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Who should attend this Agile Change Agent Course?

This Agile Change Agent Course is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to support and drive Agile change initiatives in an organisation. This course can be beneficial to a wide range of professionals, including:

  • Change Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Programme Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Agile Coaches
  • Agile Programme Managers

Prerequisites of the Agile Change Agent Course

There are no formal prerequisites for pursuing this Agile Change Agent Course. However, having a basic knowledge of Agile principles and values can be beneficial for delegates.


Agile Change Agent Course Overview

The Agile Change Agent Course delves into the dynamic realm of Agile methodologies, emphasising adaptability and collaboration in the face of change. This course offers comprehensive insights into the principles of agility, equipping delegates with the tools to navigate organisational shifts seamlessly. By exploring real-world applications and case studies, delegates gain a profound understanding of how agile strategies drive innovation, efficiency, and sustainable growth.

Proficiency in Agile methodologies is indispensable for professionals aspiring to lead transformative initiatives. Agile methodologies empower individuals to respond swiftly to market demands, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and customer-centricity. This course caters to professionals across industries who seek to elevate their skill sets, enabling them to drive impactful change initiatives within their organisations.

This intensive 2-day Agile Change Agent Training provides a condensed yet comprehensive learning experience. Through interactive workshops, real-time simulations, and expert-led discussions, delegates will gain hands-on experience in implementing agile frameworks. By the end of the training, delegates will be adept at guiding their teams through Agile transformations, ensuring smooth transitions and improved project outcomes.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the fundamental concepts of Agile methodologies and their applications in project management
  • To explore various Agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming
  • To learn how to create Agile project plans, manage resources, and prioritise tasks effectively
  • To develop skills in fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within teams
  • To master Agile tools and techniques for tracking project progress and managing risks
  • To gain insights into Agile leadership principles and their application in driving organisational change

After completing this course, delegates will gain a profound understanding of Agile methodologies, enabling them to lead projects with agility and confidence. They will acquire the expertise needed to streamline project processes, adapt to changing requirements, and deliver exceptional results, making them valuable assets to any organisation.

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What’s included in this Agile Change Agent Course?

  • Agile Change Agent Examination
  • World-Class Training Sessions from Experienced Instructors
  • Agile Change Agent Certificate
  • Digital Delegate Pack

Agile Change Agent Exam Information

The Agile Change Agent exam gauges one's expertise in the Agile Change Management domain. In essence, the Agile Change Agent exam acts as a significant steppingstone for those eager to emphasise their skills agile transformation. 

  • Question Type: Multiple Choice  
  • Total Questions: 50 
  • Total Marks: 50 Marks 
  • Pass Mark: 50%, or 25/50 Marks 
  • Duration: 40 Minutes  
  • Open Book/ Closed Book: Closed Book

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Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and is the third largest city in the UK. The population of Glasgow is around 600,000 inhabitants. Glasgow is now considered the largest seaport in Britain. Glasgow is well known for its higher education facilities and has four universities within 10 miles of the city centre. The four main universities in Glasgow are the University of Glasgow, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Caledonian University and University of the West of Scotland. There are also a few colleges and higher education facilities in Glasgow such as; the City of Glasgow College, Glasgow Clyde College and Glasgow Kelvin College.

The Higher education facilities include Jordanhill Teacher Training College, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Glasgow School of Art. The University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest University in the UK. It was founded in 1451. Glasgow originally only educated wealthy students but has however become a pioneer in higher education. Glasgow offered studies to the wealthy in Law, Medicine, Civil Servicing, Teaching and Church Studies. The University of Glasgow currently offers degrees in Arts, Humanities, Modern Languages, Sciences, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Engineering and Social Sciences. The University of Glasgow had some notable alumni such as Lady Hazel Cosgrove who became the first woman to be appointed as a permanent seat as a judge in the Court of Session. The University of Strathclyde is another major university in Glasgow. It was established in 1796 and is the third largest university in Scotland with around 20,000 students in attendance. The University offers various degrees in areas such as Engineering, Architecture, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Education, Law, Psychology and Economics.

The University of Strathclyde also has many notable alumni and academics such as Jim McColl who is the richest man in Scotland, Henry Faulds who founded fingerprint identification and John Logie Baird who invented the world’s first working television. The Glasgow Caledonian University is another university located in Glasgow. It has roots tracing back to 1875 but was formally established in 1993. Glasgow Caledonian has around 18,000 students in attendance and is one of Scotland’s Largest Universities. Glasgow Caledonian is ranked among the UK’s top 10 universities. Glasgow Caledonian has many notable alumni, such as Gordon Brown and Neil Buchanan. 

Popular searched areas in and around Glasgow include:-

  • Balmaha
  • Barrhead
  • Bearsden
  • Bishopbriggs
  • Blantyre
  • Bowling
  • Cambuslang
  • Cumbernauld
  • East Kilbride
  • Giffnock
  • Ibrox
  • Kilsyth
  • Kirkintilloch
  • Milngavie
  • Mount Vernon
  • Newton Mearns
  • Pollock
  • Rutherglen
  • Uddingston

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Ways to take this course

Our easy to use Virtual platform allows you to sit the course from home with a live instructor. You will follow the same schedule as the classroom course, and will be able to interact with the trainer and other delegates.

Our fully interactive online training platform is compatible across all devices and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. All our online courses come with a standard 90 days access that can be extended upon request. Our expert trainers are constantly on hand to help you with any questions which may arise.

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This is the same great training as our classroom learning but carried out at your own business premises. This is the perfect option for larger scale training requirements and means less time away from the office.


Tailored learning experience

Our courses can be adapted to meet your individual project or business requirements regardless of scope.


Maximise your training budget

Cut unnecessary costs and focus your entire budget on what really matters, the training.


Team building opportunity

This gives your team a great opportunity to come together, bond, and discuss, which you may not get in a standard classroom setting.


Monitor employees progress

Keep track of your employees’ progression and performance in your own workspace.

What our customers are saying

Agile Change Training in Glasgow | Agile Change Agent Training in Glasgow FAQs


Agile is an iterative approach for software development and project management. Agile allows teams to provide value to their customers more effectively.
There are no formal prerequisites to attend this training. However, having a basic knowledge of agile principles and values (project, program, and change management) gives more benefit to delegate.
This course is designed for anyone who is responsible for organisational change processes and needs to implement changes in an Agile with flexible manner. However, it is more beneficial for: • Change Agent Professionals • Organisational Leaders
In this 2-day Agile Change Agent course, you will gain knowledge about various important concepts such as change management, roadmap, business need trustworthiness, emotional assessment, number of iterations and many more.
Processes, best practice techniques, document templates, guidance notes, role definitions, acceptance criteria, checklists, role questionnaires are core elements of a Roadmap.
This course is 2 days'
Strong network, credibility, clear vision, self-motivated, effective listening skills, and a strong personality are the main characteristics of a change agent.
There are many ways to be an effective change agent, such as identifying your allies, co-creating the vision, getting everyone on the same page, creating a record of accomplishment, and making the change a normal process.
The price for Agile Change Agent certification in Glasgow starts from £1495
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider for Agile Change Agent.
Please see our Agile Training courses available in Glasgow

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"Really good course and well organised. Trainer was great with a sense of humour - his experience allowed a free flowing course, structured to help you gain as much information & relevant experience whilst helping prepare you for the exam"

Joshua Davies, Thames Water

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"...the trainer for this course was excellent. I would definitely recommend (and already have) this course to others."

Diane Gray, Shell

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