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What is IOSH

IOSH stand for Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, is a professional body based in the United Kingdom that promotes occupational safety and health standards. Additionally, it helps provide training and support to the workplace and its members.

IOSH is widely acclaimed as the largest and leading professional body responsible for promoting health and safety awareness in the workplace. Despite its widespread recognition, individuals interested in a career in workplace safety may have questions when it comes to choosing an IOSH certification to advance their career. The question is, “What is IOSH?” 

According to IOSH, trains to over 200,000 people anually, including managers, supervisors, and employees. In this blog, we will understand in detail What is IOSH, its history, IOSH training, and the benefits of becoming an IOSH member. Read ahead to learn more! 

Table of Contents   

1) What is IOSH?   

2) The history of IOSH   

3) What is IOSH working safely?   

4) What is IOSH managing safely?  

5) What is IOSH leading safely?     

6) Health and safety hazard 

7) Health and safety risk assessment 

8) Choosing between IOSH and NEBOSH   

9) Conclusion   

What is IOSH? 

IOSH is a UK-based professional body for individuals occupational health and safety. From being established in 1945, it has grown substantially, with over 47,000 members in more than 130 countries. IOSH aims to promote and maintain high standards of health and safety in the workplace, providing training, support and guidance to its members, and lobbying for better health and safety policies and practices at the international levels.  

IOSH offers a range of training and qualifications for health and safety professionals, including the National Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety (NEBOSH) courses. The commonality between both institutions is the recognition the certifications have internationally. 

IOSH also provides a range of resources for its members, including publications, online forums, and events, as well as a code of conduct that explains the ethical and professional standards expected of its members. By promoting the best practices in health and safety, IOSH aims to prevent workplace accidents, injuries, and ill-health. The institution's main aim is to protect workers and businesses from the human and financial costs of workplace accidents and incidents

IOSH Training

The history of IOSH     

IOSH was founded in 1945 - after 18 safety professionals in London met to establish a professional association for industrial safety workers. Initially known as the Institution of Industrial Safety Officers (IISO), its founding members included professionals from various industries, such as engineering, mining, and manufacturing.  

In 1955, the organisation changed its name to the Institution of Industrial Safety Officers and Technicians (IISOT) to reflect the growing role of technology in industrial safety. Finally, in 1981, the organisation changed its name to IOSH to reflect its current focus on all workplace health and safety. Today, IOSH has over 47,000 members in 130 countries and has been granted a Royal Charter, establishing its status as the primary body for workplace safety in the UK.

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What does IOSH training entail?   

IOSH training is a globally recognised certification program that seeks to enhance workplace occupational health and safety knowledge and skills in the workplace. The institution offers a range of courses that are tailored to different levels of occupational health and safety expertise: 

a) The IOSH Working Safely course targets employees at all levels to raise their awareness of health and safety issues and reduce workplace accidents and injuries.  

b) The IOSH Managing Safely course is targets supervisors, managers and team leaders to develop their knowledge and skills in managing workplace health and mitigating safety risks.  

c) The IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors course is aimed at senior executives and directors to provide them with the knowledge and understanding to effectively manage occupational health and safety risks at the strategic level.  

Additional courses provided by the institute includes a range of topics such as risk identification, hazard assessment, accident and incident investigation, development of safety management systems and legislative compliance. The courses are delivered through online learning modules, classroom-based training, and assessments.  

Upon completing IOSH courses, candidates receive a certification demonstrating their competence and understanding of occupational safety issues in the workplace. It is widely recognised by employers and regulatory bodies across different industries and sectors, making it an asset for career advancement in the field of their choice.  

What is IOSH Working Safely?    

IOSH Working Safely is a short, one-day training program aimed at providing employees with an understanding of workplace safety and health. The program covers a wide variety of major topics such as: 

a) Identifying common workplace hazards 

b) Understanding the importance of risk assessment 

c) Recognising key legal responsibilities 

d) Following a framework to reduce accidents and injuries 

e) Promoting a positive safety culture within the organisation 

The training aims to equip employees with the knowledge and skills they need to create a safer workplace, reduce accidents, and increase the culture of positivity in the enterprise.  

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What is IOSH Managing Safely?

Components of IOSH Managing Safely   

IOSH Managing Safely is a short health and safety management program designed for managers and supervisors regardless of the industry. The course is intended to provide aspirants with the sjkills and important tools required to effectively manage health and safety within the organisation. It covers topics such as: 

a) Identifying hazards and documenting in detail 

b) Assessing major workplace risks 

c) Controlling occupational safety risks 

d) Investigating accidents and incidents 

The program is structured in a practical and interactive way to engage participants and help them develop the skills needed to manage health and safety in the workplace. Successful completion of the IOSH Managing Safely program can lead to improved safety performance, increased productivity, and a safer working environment for employees.

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What is IOSH Leading Safely? 

The IOSH   Leading Safely course is a creation of the IOSH. This course is designed with an aim to help leaders and managerial figures across the world integrate various safety practices. This allows them to promise their workers and coworkers a safe and healthy environment to work in, helping them gain the faith and trust of people around them. 

IOSH leading safely is a great programme not just for business organisations or marketing firms, but all leading figures across different industries. Specifically, workplaces in construction, healthcare and other similar situations that can put people at risk.  

Health and safety hazard 

The Working Safely course takes into account various types of hazards that have the potential to cause harm. These hazards include mechanical, physical, chemical, environmental, biological, and organisational hazards. On the other hand, the Managing Safely course focuses on threats specific to different industries, considering factors such as location, activities, substances, and equipment used. Both courses comprehensively cover potential dangers and risks to ensure workplace safety.

Health and safety risk assessment 

In both courses, learners are trained to conduct risk assessments and utilise a straightforward evaluation scoring system. Additionally, both courses emphasise the importance of recognising that even seemingly uncomplicated and repetitive tasks can carry significant risks. This highlights the need for vigilance and caution in all aspects of work, regardless of the perceived simplicity or familiarity of the task. 

The course highlights the importance of understanding the risk assessment process, which helps participants to gain the skills to identify potential hazards and take appropriate measures to prevent accidents or injuries. It is essential to understand that risks can exist in various work settings, and even seemingly routine tasks require careful consideration to maintain a safe working environment.  

Choosing between IOSH and NEBOSH  

IOSH and NEBOSH are both well-known organisations that offer health and safety training and qualifications. When deciding between IOSH and NEBOSH, the following factors are to be considered: 

a) Level of qualification: IOSH offers a range of health and safety courses, but they are generally considered to be at a lower level than NEBOSH qualifications. NEBOSH offers a wider range of qualifications at different levels, from introductory to professional diplomas.  

b) Course content: The content of IOSH courses tend to be more focused on the practical aspects of health and safety management, while NEBOSH courses cover the same topics in greater depth, including the technical aspects of safety and health.  

c) Recognition: NEBOSH qualifications are more well recognised and have more prestige than IOSH qualifications and are generally considered as a requirement for health and safety roles.  

d) Cost: IOSH courses are relatively less expensive than NEBOSH courses, starting from introductory courses to professional certifications.  

e) Time commitment: IOSH courses are generally shorter and require less study time than NEBOSH courses, which can take several months to complete.  


Summing up, in this blog, we have discussed in detail about What is IOSH, the primary courses offered, and the factors to be considered while choosing between IOSH and NEBOSH.  

IOSH is widely considered as the leading chartered professional body that professes about occupational safety and health. The long-term vision for the institute is to spread awareness about occupational health and safety worldwide and make workplaces safer to work as a standard. 

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