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Table of Contents

IOSH or NEBOSH - Difference Between IOSH and NEBOSH

Are you still confused between IOSH or NEBOSH? The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) are both globally recognised organisations offer Health and Safety qualifications and training programs.

Both IOSH and NEBOSH set syllabuses and requirements for accredited training providers who deliver courses to individuals. IOSH is a professional body that improves Workplace Health & Safety, while NEBOSH offers globally recognised certifications in health, safety, & environment. These certifications although seem similar to each other, differ in many key aspects. Read this blog to make the right choice: IOSH or NEBOSH.

Table of Contents

1) What is IOSH?

2) What is NEBOSH?

3) What is the difference between IOSH and NEBOSH?

4) Similarities between IOSH and NEBOSH

5) List of NEBOSH Courses

6) List of IOSH Courses

7) NEBOSH or IOSH: Which is best?

8) Conclusion

What is IOSH?

IOSH is a Health and Safety standards enforcing chartered body. It is arguably the largest body responsible for regulating Workplace Health and Safety standards. This organisation, situated in the UK is famous for providing courses that can enhance the workers well-being in the workplace.

Training and certifications provided by IOSH are held in high regard. The professionals certified by this body have a competitive edge in organisations. Being IOSH certified can demonstrate your determination to uphold the well-being of your workers and abide by ethical safety standards. The courses provided by this organisation are considered valid across all levels, making them widely suitable.

IOSH Course

What is NEBOSH?

NEBOSH is an examination body that provides Health and Safety-based certification. This organisation is also situated in the UK. Professionals certified by this body are well known for countering establishing safety standards in workplaces.

NEBOSH certifications are well suited for industries with prevalent Health and Safety risks. Additionally, this organisation is only responsible for qualifying individuals through examinations, as the organisation itself does not provide the courses and study material. Many jobs in the Health and Safety department specifically demand qualification in NEBOSH. This makes it an excellent choice for people who wish to make a career in the field.

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What is the difference between IOSH and NEBOSH?

IOSH and NEBOSH are leading Health and Safety training and qualification providers worldwide. Let’s discuss a few key differences of the certification bodies:

      Point of           difference      




NEBOSH focuses specifically on providing qualifications in occupational health and Safety.    

IOSH offers various Health and Safety training courses. This includes general Health and Safety awareness training and more specialised courses such as Fire Safety and Construction Safety.

Exam format 

NEBOSH exams are typically more structured and formal than IOSH exams and may require more preparation and study. 

IOSH exams are generally more flexible and can be taken online or in person. 

Level of qualification 

NEBOSH offers a range of qualifications at different levels, including certificates, diplomas, and masters-level qualifications. 

IOSH offers various courses, including introductory courses, but their qualifications are generally at a lower level than NEBOSH. 


NEBOSH qualifications are widely recognised and respected by employers around the world. It is often seen as a benchmark for competency in Health and safety. 

IOSH courses are also well-regarded, even though they may not carry the same level of recognition as NEBOSH qualifications. 


It is expensive because of the high level of recognition and rigorous exam format. 

It is expensive compared to NEBOSH courses. 

Course duration 

NEBOSH courses are generally longer and more intensive with some courses requiring up to 12 months of study. 

IOSH courses are generally shorter and more focused on specific topics. 



NEBOSH does not offer membership. However, many employers view NEBOSH qualifications as a desirable attribute when hiring for health and safety positions. 

IOSH offers various levels of membership to its members. This includes Associate, Technical, Certified, and Chartered memberships. 

Course Content 

NEBOSH courses are more technical and detailed. It covers topics like risk assessment, hazard identification, and Workplace Health and Safety Management.

IOSH courses are more focused on practical skills and knowledge, such as accident investigation and fire safety management. 

Course delivery 

NEBOSH courses are typically delivered through a network of accredited course providers. 

IOSH offers both in-person and online courses that can be taken directly through their website. 

International recognition 

NEBOSH qualifications are recognised internationally and are highly regarded in countries such as the Middle East and Asia. 

IOSH qualifications are also recognised internationally, but to a lesser extent than NEBOSH. 

Similarities between NEBOSH and IOSH 

As we already discussed the differences between NEBOSH and IOSH, let’s now understand a few similarities between the two: 

a) Both NEBOSH and IOSH offer internationally recognised certifications in Occupational Safety and Health. IOSH offers a variety of courses, such as the IOSH Managing Safely and the IOSH Working Safely. NEBOSH offers a range of qualifications, including the NEBOSH General Certificate and the NEBOSH Diploma.

b) Both organisations provide resources and support for individuals and organisations to promote Safety and Health in the workplace. NEBOSH and IOSH both provide guidance, tools, and best practices to assist employers and employees in comprehending and handling Health and Safety hazards.

c) Both NEBOSH and IOSH have a network of members and affiliates who are committed to advancing the field of Occupational Health and Safety. Members of both organisations have access to a lot of resources and networking opportunities to help them develop their skills and knowledge.

d) Both organisations focus on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and provide opportunities. Both organisations allow individuals to upgrade their skills and knowledge in Occupational Safety and Health.

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List of NEBOSH Courses 

NEBOSH is a UK-based organisation that provides health, safety, and environmental management qualifications worldwide. These courses are widely recognised and respected in the industry. Additionally and they can help enhance your career prospects in Health and Safety management. 

There are several NEBOSH courses available, which cater to different levels of expertise and experience. Here are the main courses provided by the organisation and their details: 

a) NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety: This course is suitable for managers, supervisors, and employees who need a broad understanding of occupational health and safety issues. It covers topics like hazard identification, risk assessment, and control measures.  

b) NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety: This course is designed for people working outside the UK. It covers international standards and regulations and can help individuals to develop their Health and Safety skills in a global context. 

c) NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety: This course is aimed at experienced Health and Safety professionals who want to develop their skills further. It covers topics such as environmental management, health and safety management systems, and research methods.  

d) NEBOSH Environmental Certificate: This course is designed for individuals who need to understand the principles of environmental management and their practical applications. Topics covered include environmental impact assessments, pollution prevention, and sustainability principles. 

e) NEBOSH Fire Certificate: This course is aimed at people who have fire safety responsibilities in the workplace. It covers topics such as fire safety risk assessment, fire safety management systems, and emergency planning.  

NEBOSH certification and IOSH membership structure

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List of IOSH Courses 

The purpose of IOSH courses is to equip individuals with the required skills and knowledge to manage Workplace Health and Safety efficiently. Here are the main IOSH courses and their details: 

a) IOSH Managing Safely: This course is designed for managers, supervisors, and team leaders in any sector who require a basic understanding of Health and Safety Management. It covers topics like hazard identification, risk assessment, and control measures.

b) IOSH Working Safely: This course is designed for employees in any sector who require a basic understanding of Workplace Health and Safety. It covers topics such as hazards and risks, workplace safety, and common workplace hazards.

c) IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors: This course is aimed at directors, executives, and senior managers who have strategic Health and safety responsibilities. It covers topics such as legal compliance, risk management, and the benefits of investing in health and safety.

d) IOSH Leading Safely: This course is designed for senior leaders who need to create a positive health and safety culture in their organisation. Topics covered include the benefits of effective Health and Safety Management, leadership styles, and risk management.

Liist of IOSH

NEBOSH or IOSH: Which is best? 

Both organisations offer high-quality training and education in the field of Health and Safety. However, the choice between IOSH or NEBOSH may depend on your specific needs and goals. You should ask yourself, what are the goals you wish to achieve by getting certified, and which specific skills do you wish to gain.

Some self-reflection is vital before deciding between IOSH or NEBOSH courses, given their similarities and differences. Consider factors such as the cost of examination and if the returns will be what you expect them to be. Additionally, consider if the training, certifications and their values align with your personal values.

NEBOSH can be a good option if you seek a qualification that is highly recognised by employers. However, if your goal is to network with other health and safety professionals and join a professional organisation, then IOSH may be the better choice.  Ultimately, the choice between NEBOSH or IOSH depends on your career objective and what you wish to accomplish with your health and safety training.


It is important for every organisation to have appropriate tools to meet their Health and Safety needs. IOSH and NEBOSH are highly reputable Health and Safety qualifications that can help you start a successful career in a health and safety job role. Choosing one from them will completely depend on your career goal and organisational requirements. We hope that this blog has provided detailed insights into the choice between IOSH or NEBOSH, as well as their similarities and courses. What are you waiting for? Choose the right one and advance your career as a Health and Safety professional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need IOSH if I Have NEBOSH? faq-arrow

IOSH provides training, certificates, and memberships, enhancing job prospects in health and safety. Many employers prefer candidates with NEBOSH qualifications and IOSH memberships. Therefore, consider applying for both certifications to boost your hiring chances.

Do I Need IOSH if I Have NEBOSH? faq-arrow

The NEBOSH Diploma isn't a degree but is equivalent to one. It's ideal for those aiming for postgraduate studies or health and safety careers. Its intensive training makes it top-tier, ensuring lucrative job opportunities in the industry.

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