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Top IOSH Managing Safely Exam Questions

The IOSH Managing Safely Exam is an assessment for candidates at the end of their IOSH course after completing all three days of the module. Complete beginners or minimally experienced candidates can also take this examination.  
According to a Health and Safety Executive study, approximately 80 per cent of companies in the UK have documented their health and safety procedures, and over 83 per cent of companies provide training to their staff for performing safety duties. This blog will explore some of the most frequently asked IOSH Managing Safely exam questions and provide helpful tips and resources to help you ace the exam. 

Table of Contents 

1) A brief look at the IOSH Managing Safely Exam 
    a)  Exam Schedule 
    b) Passing Requirement and Re-attempt 

2) IOSH Managing Safely Exam Mock Questions 

3) Conclusion 

A brief look at the IOSH Managing Safely Exam 

The IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health), a global organisation for Health and Safety, provides professionals with a chance to become qualified, regardless of their level of experience.  

The IOSH Managing Safely Exam consists of two sections: 

1) The first section is a multiple-choice questions examination that features questions with similar styles. 

2) The second section is referred to as the ‘Risk Assessment Project’. This section requires candidates to complete a Risk Assessment form, which they will find in the course materials. Candidates will find the second section meaningful as it will help them demonstrate the skills they have acquired through their learning, which they can apply in their workplace.  

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Exam Format and Preparation

Exam Format and Preparation

Here are a few key points for candidates to remember about the IOSH Managing Safely Exam: 

1) The exam has a duration of 45 minutes and consists of 30 multiple-choice, true-false, or one-word questions. 

2) The exam is not of an open-book format, so candidates will need to prepare their material and notes beforehand. 

3) It is recommended that candidates start their preparation a few days before the exam, and seek expert guidance if needed.  

4) The exam is usually held at the end of the third day of the Managing Safely course, which can be taken throughout the year, providing flexibility for preparation. 

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Passing Requirement and Re-attempt

The IOSH Managing Safely exam is graded based on a pass/fail system. Candidates who score a minimum of 36 out of the total 60 marks are awarded a pass result. In the event of a candidate scoring below 36 marks, they are allowed to retake the exam after a gap of 20 days from their first attempt. Candidates are allowed to retake the exam as many times as they wish, although they will have to pay the exam fee again for each attempt. It is important for candidates to thoroughly prepare for the exam to increase their chances of passing on their first attempt.


IOSH Managing Safely Exam Mock Questions 

The IOSH Managing Safely Exam is an assessment categorised as a basic qualification for beginner candidates. These mock questions provide candidates with an insight into what they can expect in the IOSH Managing Safely exam. Try to answer them yourself before checking the answers: 

Q1. Think of reducing the level of risk in terms of consequence and likelihood. Which one of the below statements is correct?  

1) You have to only focus on lowering the risk factor of the hazardous event 

2) You can reduce the risk of the hazardous event by lowering its likelihood of its occurrence 

2) Your efforts on lowering the likelihood and consequence of the hazardous event will have no effect on reducing the risk 

4) You can always lower the risk to zero 

Answer: Option 2 

Q2. Which two statements from the following are true? 

1) The more you are in contact with the public through your work, the lower you are at the risk of attacks 

2) You can be at risk of musculoskeletal disorders because of activities that require manual labour 

3) The risk of a starting a fire increases in the presence of only heat and oxygen 

4) The primary cause of fatal injuries is falls from heights 

Answer: Options 2 and 4 

Q3. What is the meaning of the term ‘hazard’? (Choose one of the many options below) 

1) Any incident that could cause direct offense on a living being 

2) The odds of a negative incident occurring 

3) Any element which can potentially cause harm to a living being 

4) The outcome or result of any incident  

Answer: Option

Q4. When it comes to taking important steps to assess risk, which one of the following statements is correct? 

1) Conduct an estimation of the risk, review the findings and carry out an evaluation of the risk. 

2) Identify the hazardous events, document your findings and carry out a review of the findings 

3) Identify the hazardous events, make an estimation of the risk and conduct an evaluation of the risk 

4) Conduct a risk evaluation, review the findings of the evaluation and record the findings 

Answer: Option 3 


Candidates will get a good idea of what they can expect from the IOSH Managing Safely exam from the mock questions and answers above. The questions will help candidates develop familiarity on a fundamental level while preparing for the examination. The exam can also be taken by candidates with little or no experience.  

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