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What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is the process of executing intentional inspections into the functionality of a system, program, or application, with the overarching purpose to enhance operational performance. Testing can involve implementing techniques with the intent to locate software bugs but can also allow businesses to realise the risks of software implementation.


Software Testing investigates if an application or system functions correctly and reliably to all types of input, within a suitable time frame and achieves the desired outcome.


With increasingly complex IT systems being introduced, Software Testing is becoming progressively more and more valued within business. Consequently, Software Testing has raised its status and nowadays is regarded as an important and valued profession globally.


For individuals who want to pursue a career as a Software Tester, The Knowledge Academy delivers a number of Software Testing training courses. We provide training at Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, to accommodate everybody no matter what previous experience or level of understanding they may have. 

As of 13th January 2018 we are no longer charging card fees for individuals in all EEA countries. So it's never been a better time to book online!

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