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How much does a PMP Certification Cost

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification allows individuals to find lucrative jobs. Organisations across sectors wants to hire skilled PMP’s to improve their business. But, getting a PMP Certification calls for hard work and thus, only a few people can achieve this.  But before applying for the exam, you must have a detailed idea of the PMP Certification Cost and other relevant essentials.If you are an aspiring PMP, then you must learn about the certification cost. So, wait no more and read this blog. In this blog you will learn everything about the PMP Certification Cost ;  you have landed the right blog. Let us take you through the PMP exam fee and cancellation chargesin detail.  

Table of Contents

1) An Overview of the PMP Certification Exam

2) How much does the PMP Certification Exam Cost?

3) How much does PMP exam training cost?

4) What is the use of PMP Certifiation?

5) Conclusion

An overview of the PMP Certification Exam

PMP Certification provides in-depth knowledge and skills  to manage projects of any size and scale. PMPs are trained to handle projects in any sector, including IT, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, etc.  

The PMP exam is one of the most challenging professional exams that requires proper dedication and preparation. Candidates not only require passing an examination, but also fulfil certain requisites. A PMP Certification candidate must complete training lasting at least 35 hours, known as contact hours. 

The nature of the PMP exam questions are relatively simple with its format of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs). A PMP exam lasts about four hours and consists of 200 questions. Out of those 200 questions  a candidate is marked for 175 questions, while the remaining 25 are being considered as pretest questions.

PMP Certification Training

How much does the PMP Certification exam cost? 

PMP Certification Costs for Project Management Institute (PMI) members and non-PMI members are different. If you’re a PMI member, you get the opportunity of connecting to PMPs all over the world. Additionally, when you’re a PMI member, you are informed and updated from time to time about the latest updates, best practices and news in the Project Management field.

So, it's always better to apply as a PMI member as it brings several PMP benefits over over  others. The PMP Certification Exam Cost for PMI members is 400GBP, whereas it costs 465GBP for non-PMI members. Apart from this fixed PMP Certification Exam Cost, there are several other costs associated with the certification. These costs include the following:

Re-examination charges for PMP

PMI gives you the opportunity to clear the exam in three tries attempts from the date of your application approval. But everyone who applies for the re-examination must pay the re-examination fee. PMP Re-examination cost for PMI members is 230 GBP, whereas it costs 315 GBP for non-PMI members. 

Cancellation charges for PMP exam

You always have the option of cancelling your exam and not appearing for it. But you should keep in mind that the cancellation requires  certain chargeswhich are as follows:

Cancellation period 

PMP Exam Cancellation Charges 

30 Days before the exam 

£ 57.37 

48 hours before the exam 

Your entire exam fee is forfeited (please note that it can’t be rescheduled or cancelled) 


What is the PMP Certification renewal cost?  

Now that we know how much it costs to write the PMP exam for the first time, let's see how much you have to pay to renew the certification.  

The PMP Certification expires three years from the date of issuance. So, the PMI requires PMP's to earn the required ‘Professional Development Units’, also referred to as PDUs. Candidates are required to earn a total of 60 PDUs to renew the certification. To understand what PDUs are, go through the PMP certification renewal procedure. 

Suppose you have gained all the required PDUs and have to renew your certificate to be a valid PMP in the market; you have to pay the certification renewal fee. The PMP Certification renewal fee for PMI members is 50 GBP, whereas it is 125 GBP for non-PMI members.   

PMI Membership Status CCR Renewal Fee

PMI membership should not be mistaken for the PMI Certification; you can renew your PMI membership at any point after meeting the required PDUs. You will have to make the payment within 90 days after the end date of your cycle. Once you have made your renewal payment, you will get an updated certification with active Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) cycles. This whole process generally takes up to eight weeks on average. The renewal amount for a current PMI member is £49.15, and the amount for a non-PMI member is £122.18

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How much does PMP exam training cost? 

Many PMI Authorised Training Partners (ATPs) provide PMP training that assists for the PMP exam preparation. You can count the number of hours of this training to the 35 contact hours required for PMP eligibility. The PMP training can cost you anything between £250 to £4000. Let's see how much you should shell out for PMP training based on the location.

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PMP Training Cost Based on Location 

The PMP training cost depends on multiple factors varying from mode of training (online and offline) and location of training. The training cost based upon the location are as follows.

PMP training cost based on location

This training will also help you accomplish the PDUs required for renewing your certificate every three years.

What is the use of PMP Certification?

The PMP adds value to your career. It guarantees that you hold the required skills and experience in Project Management domain.

a) Mostly, PMI designs the examination to assess your management knowledge in five different aspects. You gain an understanding of the following:How to initiate a project?

b) How to plan a project?

c) How to execute a project? 

d) How to monitor and control a project?

e) How to close a project?

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We hope this blog gave  you all the information to evaluate how much you need to pay for the PMP Certification. While the PMP Certification Cost might be high, its potential career benefits and personal growth make it a worthwhile endeavour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden costs associated with maintaining PMP Certification? faq-arrow

Yes, maintaining PMP Certification might require you to consider certain hidden costs. Apart from the fees for continuing education or certification renewal, you might require additional costs for practicing tools and assessing your readiness. 

What is the Return On Investment (ROI) for obtaining a PMP Certification? faq-arrow

You can discover that the return on investment (ROI) for a PMP Certification varies based on individual circumstances and career trajectory. While obtaining a PMP Certification may require an initial investment of time, its long-term benefits can outweigh the costs.

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