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IOSH Membership and its Levels  A Beginner's Guide

IOSH Membership provides access to an international community dedicated to improving workplace Safety and Health. Being a member of IOSH entitles you to a wide range of information, resources, and networking platforms to advance your professional growth and vision within the industry. Whether you are just starting or a seasoned professional, IOSH Membership assists your ambitions, contributing to a positive change in how the world works.

According to the United Nations (UN) Global Impact, the number of occupational deaths comes close to 65% in Asia, whereas in Europe, the number of deaths falls to 11.7%. This alarming data proves that it is necessary to take IOSH Membership to ensure a safe work environment and to work with bodies like IOSH to raise the standards of occupational health and safety.

In order to join IOSH, one must fill out their application forms and pass their exam. This blog serves as your navigator through the world of IOSH, detailing the steps to attain membership and unveiling the various levels of membership offered.

Table of Contents 

1) Introduction to IOSH 

2) IOSH Membership Levels 

3) How to acquire an IOSH Membership? 

4) Benefits of an IOSH Membership 

5) Conclusion



Introduction to IOSH 

IOSH is the world's largest leading body for health and safety. IOSH is an institute that comes with and promotes proper safety practices; it has over 44,000 members in 99 countries. Founded in 1945 as the 'Institution of Industrial Safety Officers,' IOSH rebranded in 1981 to reflect its widened commitment to Occupational Health and Safety.

Formed in the year 1945 as the 'Institution of Industrial Safety Officers,' in 1981, the institution rebranded to incorporate its widened commitment to Health and Safety at the workplace into the title.

IOSH is an international standard for professionals around the world who wish to train with the best standards in occupational health and safety. IOSH membership represents the highest standard of quality commitment in advancing health and safety worldwide at work.

IOSH Membership Levels

Unlike most organisations, IOSH provides seven membership levels that reflect the qualifications of safety professionals and their experience in the industry. The seven IOSH Membership Levels are as follows:

membership levels of IOSH 

Student membership 

Student membership is available to students pursuing a career in work-related Safety and Health. It provides many benefits, such as useful resources and tools that can be used for studies and to improve employment opportunities.

The great benefits of student membership include having the opportunity to meet mentors and experienced Health and Safety specialists in your occupation and learning from their experiences. The best part is, after paying the £15, you remain a student member until such a time when you complete your studies.

Affiliate membership 

Since the student membership is only open to students, the affiliate membership is considered the first IOSH Membership level that professionals can access. Gaining a membership at this level makes it easier for you to move to other levels based on your level of knowledge and experience.

Anybody pursuing a career in the Health and Safety sector is free to avail this membership. Even individuals who show an interest in improving the safety and health in workplaces can access it.

The affiliate membership in IOSH also provides access to the world’s best Health and Safety specialists who can help you advance in your career. You can also access training courses and study materials to learn more about the industry.  

Associate membership (AIOSH) (retired)

The IOSH Associate membership has been retired and removed. It served as an entry point for those starting in Occupational Safety and Health, providing resources and networking opportunities for professional growth. It recognised members’ dedication to maintaining standards and learning. Members were urged to engage in CPD for further advancement within the IOSH community.

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Technical membership (Tech IOSH) 

The technical membership requires qualification and experience, as it is this level that requires a display of expertise, as evidenced by people occupying the operational health and safety job posts. 

The Level 3 qualification is the main requirement for membership, and the candidate should further have had a minimum of two years of working experience, though five years if it was accrued part-time. Other programmes include the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program, which can help you avail the IOSH technical membership. This is a requirement for keeping a CPD record.

Graduate membership (Grad IOSH) (retired)

The IOSH Graduate membership has been discontinued. It required a degree-level qualification and enrollment in the IPD program, including CPD record maintenance. Notably, graduate members often aimed for Chartered status, with many achieving this goal within five years of membership.

Certified Member (CertIOSH)

This category is designed for individuals in advanced health and safety positions aiming for Chartered status.

Eligibility for Certified membership requires either a relevant degree-level qualification with two years of related experience or substantial leadership experience in health and safety. Further details on membership qualifications are available.

Support is provided for attaining Chartered membership.

Continual professional development records must be kept up-to-date.

Chartered membership (CMIOSH) 

IOSH is the only body that recognises a member as a Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner. Chartered membership can be awarded after successful passing of a peer interview and completion of the IPD program, which includes strict assessment and portfolio.  

IOSH Chartered membership is highly esteemed and signifies a profound comprehension of the field. To maintain a Chartered membership, members must pay an annual fee of £176.

Chartered Fellow (CFIOSH) 

Chartered Fellow is the highest grade of membership from IOSH. The main criteria for becoming a Chartered Fellow include a minimum of five years of Chartered membership, having a portfolio, and an interview.

The status of Chartered Fellow isn’t easily attainable, as those who have it are some of the best health and safety professionals in the world. The Chartered Fellow membership in IOSH can be renewed with an annual fee of £193.   

IOSH Courses

How to Acquire an IOSH Membership?

Acquiring an IOSH Membership involves the following steps:

a) Check eligibility: Review the requirements for the different membership grades to find where you fit.

b) Create an account: Visit the IOSH website and create an account to start your application.

c) Fill out the application: Complete the application form with your details, qualifications, and experience.

d) Payment: Pay the membership fee, which varies based on the membership grade. For example, Affiliate Members pay £208 for the first year, which includes a one-off administration fee.

e) Submit and await confirmation: After submission, IOSH will review your application and, upon approval, you’ll become a member.

Membership Renewal 

Your membership can be renewed with an additional annual payment following the one-time membership fee of £198. The additional pay will vary based on your current membership level.   

Benefits of an IOSH Membership

An IOSH Membership is acknowledged and accepted all around the globe and there are numerous benefits that come with it. Let’s look at some of the benefits of attaining membership in IOSH:

Benefits of an IOSH Membership

a) Credibility: An IOSH Membership is the golden standard for the best in occupational Health and Safety. IOSH is the world's single largest Health and Safety professional membership organisation and the only body offering Chartered membership status to health and safety professionals.

b) Better employment opportunities: Your grade of membership is proof of the level of knowledge you have in issues of safety and health in the workplace. Advancement up the membership ladder is to put you in a position where better employment opportunities are more likely to be within your grasp.

c) Greater networking: Working in an organisation that has thousands of members working therein actually presents the best forum through which you will be able to make your network and be able to make new connections. You would further get to network with like minds and industry experts who are sure to give you the needed push for your career. Networks also ensure that one is up-to-date with the development of the industry and, at times, even with regard to policy change.


The IOSH Membership is beneficial for practitioners operating in the occupational health and safety sector. We hope that the blog has successfully carried you along and enabled you to learn more about IOSH, its benefits in joining, the levels of membership, and the steps you need to follow when seeking membership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is IOSH Membership worth it? faq-arrow

IOSH Membership is one of the sources of credibility and a chance to network and have resources at the disposal of the professional Health and Safety industry. This is especially great for non-health and safety personnel who can be trained with the basics in order to also increase their employability within the same field.

How many IOSH Members are there? faq-arrow

IOSH stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. The very latest statistics show over 50,000 members worldwide, and this represents over 130 countries. This is an affirmation of being the very leading membership organisation to professionals in health and safety.

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