How to Prepare for the IOSH Exam

Maintaining occupational health and safety is one of the primary concerns for companies. The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health is one of the leading global organisations for health and safety professionals. Preparing for the IOSH Exam requires a structured approach. You must develop a study plan, allocate dedicated study time, and utilise effective techniques to succeed. By following these steps, you can appear for the IOSH exam and demonstrate your occupational safety and health knowledge.   

According to IOSH Salary Survey, the average salary of an IOSH-certified professional is 43,000 GBP, about 8 per cent higher than the previous survey. So this indicates wage growth and job stability. This guide discusses How to Prepare for the ISOH Exam. Moreover, you will also learn how to create a study plan to pass the exam.    

Table of Contents           

1) Understanding the IOSH Exam   

    a) Syllabus and exam format  

    b) Exam difficulty   

    c) Marks required to pass the exam   

2) Creating a Study Plan   

    a) Setting goals and deadlines   

    b) Allocating study time   

    c) Using study techniques   

3) Conclusion   

Understanding the IOSH Exam   

You should understand a few things like the exam format, syllabus, difficulty level and the marks required to clear the exam. The IOSH Exam Difficulty is very high, because of which it is essential as it helps you create a study plan to pass this exam. Understanding the IOSH Certificate Value can help you understand the significance of this certificate and motivate you to thoroughly prepare for it.  

Syllabus and exam format  

It is crucial to clearly understand its syllabus and format to prepare for the IOSH exam effectively. The syllabus outlines the specific topics and knowledge areas that the exam covers. Familiarise yourself with the syllabus to ensure you cover all the essential areas during your preparation.   

The IOSH exam typically follows a multiple-choice question format, where you are presented with a question and several answer options. The questions may require you to apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios, making it essential to grasp the concepts deeply. It covers the following topics:    

a) Understanding of occupational safety and health principles   

b)  Risk Assessment and Control   

c) Health and Safety Executive's Roles and Responsibilities   

d) Legal Requirements 

Exam difficulty  

The IOSH exam is known for its challenging nature. It is created to test your occupational safety and health competence and requires a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. The questions may be designed to test your ability on the following criteria:   

a) Critical thinking   

b) Problem-solving skills   

c) Application of safety principles in practical situations 

Marks required to pass the exam  

To pass the IOSH exam, you must achieve a minimum score of 60 per cent demonstrating your occupational safety and health proficiency. The specific passing mark may vary depending on the exam version and requirements. It is essential to understand the scoring system and set your target accordingly. Aim for a score that reflects a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

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Creating a Study Plan  

A study plan helps you prepare better for the exam and maximise your chances of passing it. Moreover, it helps streamline the preparation and overcome any hindrances in the future. Here's how you can create a study plan that works:

How to Prepare for the IOSH Exam

Setting goals and deadlines  

Start by setting clear goals for your study journey. Identify what you want to achieve by taking the IOSH exam and break down your goals into manageable milestones. Set realistic deadlines for completing each milestone, keeping in mind the exam date and your personal commitments.  

 Allocating study time  

Dedicate specific time slots for studying each day or week. Practice and consistency are key when it comes to exam preparation. Create a study schedule that suits your routine and allows you to focus without distractions. Consider your peak productivity hours and allocate study time during those periods.  

Divide your study time into smaller sessions, focusing on different topics or areas. This approach helps prevent burnout and allows for better retention of information. Prioritise the topics that require more attention or that align with the exam's weightage.  

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Using study techniques   

 Explore different study techniques and find the ones that work best for you. Here are some effective techniques include:

How to Prepare for the IOSH Exam: Useful study techniques


a) Engage actively with the study material by summarising concepts in your own words, creating flashcards, or teaching the content to someone else.  

b) Use diagrams, flowcharts, and mind maps to visualise complex concepts and their interconnections.  

c) Solve practice questions and sample papers to understand the exam format and assess your understanding of the topics.  

d) Take concise and organised notes while studying. This helps reinforce the information and provides a quick reference for revision.  

Experiment with different techniques and adapt them to your learning style. Mix and match methods to keep your study sessions varied and engaging. Remember to maintain discipline, stay motivated, and celebrate milestones along the way. Your dedicated efforts will pay off when you confidently step into the exam hall and demonstrate your occupational safety and health knowledge. The IOSH Managing Safely Exam Questions can further help you prepare for the exam and pass it with ease.  

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We hope you read this blog and understand How to Prepare for the IOSH Exam. Moreover, you would have also learned how to create a study guide to help you clear the exam. You can easily pass this exam using the tips and tricks provided in this blog.   

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