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Table of Contents

How to Become a Member of the British Computer Society

British Computer Society (BCS) is a professional body established in 1957 to set a standard that can be followed in the IT industry. Obtaining a British Computer Society Membership provides many benefits, including expanded career opportunities, connections with industry leaders, credibility, and more. 

According to the BCS Annual Report 2022, currently, there are 63,969 BCS Members, and there was an 11% increase in membership compared to 2021. This shows how highly valued BCS membership is within the IT industry. Gaining Membership in the British Computer Society grants you several perks and credibility as a competent IT professional in the IT industry. In this blog, you will learn how to become a British Computer Society Member and how it can provide you with a range of benefits and opportunities. 

Table of Contents

1) What is the British Computer Society (BCS)? 

2) Memberships offered by the British Computer Society 

3) BCS Membership

   a) Individual Membership  

   b) Academics Membership

   c) Organisations Membership 

4) What are the benefits of becoming a BCS Member?

5) Conclusion 

What is the British Computer Society (BCS)?

The British Computer Society (BCS) was founded in 1957 as a professional organisation with the primary mission of upholding high standards in the IT industry. Beyond this, BCS is committed to ensuring that legal, ethical, and societal principles are adhered to within the IT sector.

BCS takes pride in its extensive global presence, with over 60,000 members spanning across 150 countries. This membership includes a diverse community of individuals, ranging from business leaders and educators to practitioners and policymakers. 

BCS maintains a code of conduct that members are expected to follow to ensure compliance with established rules and regulations. BCS provides a wide array of qualifications and certifications, catering to both individuals and organisations. This allows professionals, including those in business analysis, to boost their expertise, credibility, and contribute to advancing the IT industry. Moreover, BCS's commitment to excellence in Business Analysis extends to organisational benefits. Employers can leverage BCS certifications to ensure that their teams possess the skills necessary for successful project delivery and business outcomes.

Business Analysis Courses

Memberships offered by the British Computer Society 

Being a Member of BCS can provide several benefits, but most importantly, it improves the member's credibility as a capable IT professional. BCS has various Membership tiers catering to different categories. BCS provides the following memberships: 

a) Individual Membership

b) Academic Membership  

c) Organisational Membership 

In some cases, there are several grades of BCS Membership under each type mentioned above, which have different eligibility criteria too.   

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BCS Membership

Becoming a Member of BCS is not very difficult, but the decision lies with the BCS whether to accept you as a Member. The Membership process might vary slightly based on the type of BCS Membership you seek. 

Individual Membership 

This is for people who are already working in IT or studying in the domain of IT. There are four grades available under this membership. 

Student: This Membership is for students studying an IT-related course or a Digital T-level. The cost for this grade ranges from £20 to £30 per year. 

Associate (AMBCS): This grade is for newcomers in the IT industry, such as trainers, apprentices, or those on a Skills Bootcamp. The cost for this grade is £25 per year. 

Professional (MBCS): This is for individuals working or teaching in the IT field. The cost for this grade is £155 per year. 

Fellow (FBCS): This is for experienced individuals and leaders in their respective fields. The cost for this grade is £212 per year.  

To become a member of BCS as an individual, follow the steps given below: 

1) Choose the grade that suits your needs from the four grades explained above. 

2) Before proceeding, ensure you fulfill your chosen grade's eligibility criteria. 

3) Next, you need to register on the BCS website if you are not registered already. 

4) After registration, you need to click “Join Now” under your chosen grade. It will take you to the respective Membership page. Please note that the details you must enter will differ slightly based on the chosen grade. 

5) Fill out your personal details like your name, date of birth, and contact details. 

6) You must fill out your experience details if you have chosen a Professional or Fellow grade. 

7) For Fellow membership, you must provide details of two “supporters” who can vouch for your experience and competence. The supporters need to be BCS Members; the second one can be someone at work who can validate your experience. 

8) After you have filled out all the details on the form, proceed to make the payment. The fees are different for each grade of membership, as mentioned above. 

9) Finally, you must submit your application and wait for confirmation from BCS. 

10) If your application is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email and access to the perks and benefits offered by BCS. 

Getting an individual British Computer Society membership grants you the following benefits: 

a) Industry recognition 

b) Expanded contact with the tech community 

c) BCS mentors to share their expertise 

d) Expanded career paths 

e) Career development tools like e-learning, skills development, and CPD resources. 

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Academic Membership 

This is for universities or colleges who want to get affiliated with the British Computer Society. Universities getting a BCS Membership can elevate their status and increase their credibility. To get an academic Membership, you need to fill out the form with the following details: 

a) Name 

b) University email 

c) University name 

d) Job title 

e) Phone number 

f) Number of students 

Submitting this form will get you access to a document (brochure), and the BCS will contact you to discuss the Membership. 

This Membership offers your university the following: 

a) Membership for all students and teaching staff 

b) Access to industry standards like RITTech, along with industry frameworks like SFIAplus 

c) Interactive launch events and access to newsletters, research, and member magazine

Organisational Membership 

Organisational Membership is useful for businesses or companies, or any type of organisation involved in IT, and membership benefits both the organisation and the employees. To get this, you must contact BCS and fill out a form with the following details. 

a) Name 

b) Job title 

c) Company name 

d) Number of IT employees 

e) Phone number 

f) Company email 

g) Choosing the required perks, events, and other items, if needed 

What are the benefits of becoming a BCS Member?

BCS Membership is your gateway to advancing your IT career, offering a wealth of tools, resources, and pathways to reach your full potential. A few vital benefits of BCS Membership are listed below:

a) You will be exposed to networking opportunities abound, including local branch meetings (for UK members), international sections, specialist groups, and mentoring. These connections are invaluable for professional growth.

b) It will give you the chance to expand your knowledge base through discounted training, access to ITNOW Magazine, the ACM Digital Library, and over 10,000 Ebsco ebooks. You can also benefit from BCS bookshop discounts and access to global industry reports.

c) You can stay connected and informed with weekly member e-newsletters and exclusive social media pages dedicated to BCS members.

d) Your professional journey with BCS membership provides you with a BCS email address for communication, substantial discounts on Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII), and access to UK employment dispute services and legal assistance.

BCS Membership demonstrates your commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital world. It's not just about what you know; it's about the community you're part of, the resources at your disposal, and the professional support you can access.


 A British Computer Society Membership can become your gateway to much bigger things in life. The infinite learning resources available to expand your knowledge base alongside ample networking opportunities can be your ticket to your dream job. Gaining Membership in the British Computer Society grants you several perks and credibility as a competent IT professional in the IT industry. For students becoming BCS Members, this increases your career opportunities, and for organisations, it offers immense credibility in this field. We hope this blog has informed you how to become a British Computer Society Member. 

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