Jira Training Overview

Jira Training Outline

Module 1: Installing Jira Core

  • Jira Applications Overview
  • How to Install Jira Core?

Module 2: Getting Started with Jira Core

  • Getting Started as an Administrator
  • Getting Started as a Project Administrator
  • Getting Started as a User

Module 3: Administering a Project

  • Editing a Project's Details
  • Customising Issue Types
  • Customising Fields
  • Workflows
  • Create Workflow

Module 4: Working in a Project

  • Managing your User Profile
  • Viewing a Project
  • Working with Issues
  • Searching for Issues
  • Reporting
  • Configuring Dashboards

Module 5: Jira Core Mobile App

  • Using Jira on a Mobile Device
  • Invite your Team to use the App
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Push Notifications  


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Who should attend this Jira Training?

This Jira Training is tailored for individuals who want to become proficient in utilising Jira to its fullest potential for managing projects, tracking tasks, and streamlining workflows. This Jira Training can be beneficial for a wide range of professionals, including:

  • Project Managers
  • Jira Administrators
  • Agile Practitioners
  • Software Developers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Scrum Masters
  • IT and Operations Managers

Prerequisites of the Jira Training

There are no formal prerequisites for this Jira Training.

Jira Training Overview

Jira, a powerful Project Management and issue-tracking software developed by Atlassian, has become indispensable in software development and Agile Project Management. Its relevance extends beyond just tracking; it facilitates team collaboration, planning, and reporting, making it a critical tool for modern businesses.

Proficiency in this Jira Course is crucial for Project Managers, Software Developers, and any professional involved in Agile development processes. Mastering Jira enables efficient project tracking, enhances team productivity, and ensures a seamless workflow. It's particularly vital for optimising project outcomes and improving team coordination.

This 1-day training delivered by The Knowledge Academy is designed to equip delegates with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in Jira. Attendees will learn to navigate the interface easily, manage projects effectively, and leverage Jira's full potential to benefit their teams. The  Jira Training promises an immersive learning experience, offering hands-on exercises to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the core functionalities of Jira and its application in Project Management
  • To navigate the Jira interface confidently and customise it according to project needs
  • To create, manage, and track issues effectively to enhance project visibility
  • To utilise Jira’s reporting tools for insightful project analysis and decision-making
  • To integrate Jira with other tools and platforms for a comprehensive project management solution

After completing this Jira Training, delegates will receive a certification, validating their proficiency in using Jira for project management and team collaboration. This certification is a testament to their enhanced skills, making them valuable assets to their teams and organisations, ready to tackle complex projects efficiently and confidently.

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What’s included in this Jira Training?

  • World-Class Training Sessions from Experienced Instructors
  • Jira Masterclass Certificate
  • Digital Delegate Pack 

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Why choose us

Ways to take this course

Experience live, interactive learning from home with The Knowledge Academy's Online Instructor-led Jira Training. Engage directly with expert instructors, mirroring the classroom schedule for a comprehensive learning journey. Enjoy the convenience of virtual learning without compromising on the quality of interaction.

Unlock your potential with The Knowledge Academy's Jira Training, accessible anytime, anywhere on any device. Enjoy 90 days of online course access, extendable upon request, and benefit from the support of our expert trainers. Elevate your skills at your own pace with our Online Self-paced sessions.

Experience the most sought-after learning style with The Knowledge Academy's Jira Training. Available in 490+ locations across 190+ countries, our hand-picked Classroom venues offer an invaluable human touch. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive, interactive experience with our expert-led Jira Training sessions.


Highly experienced trainers

Boost your skills with our expert trainers, boasting 10+ years of real-world experience, ensuring an engaging and informative training experience


State of the art training venues

We only use the highest standard of learning facilities to make sure your experience is as comfortable and distraction-free as possible


Small class sizes

Our Classroom courses with limited class sizes foster discussions and provide a personalised, interactive learning environment


Great value for money

Achieve certification without breaking the bank. Find a lower price elsewhere? We'll match it to guarantee you the best value

Streamline large-scale training requirements with The Knowledge Academy’s In-house/Onsite Jira Training at your business premises. Experience expert-led classroom learning from the comfort of your workplace and engage professional development.


Tailored learning experience

Leverage benefits offered from a certification that fits your unique business or project needs


Maximise your training budget

Cut unnecessary costs and focus your entire budget on what really matters, the training.


Team building opportunity

Our Jira Training offers a unique chance for your team to bond and engage in discussions, enriching the learning experience beyond traditional classroom settings


Monitor employees progress

The course know-how will help you track and evaluate your employees' progression and performance with relative ease

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Jira Training FAQs

Jira is a Project Management tool used for tracking tasks, issues, and projects within teams. It helps organise workflows, assign tasks, and monitor progress through features like boards, sprints, and customisable workflows.
In Jira, workflows define the lifecycle of tasks, typically consisting of statuses and transitions. Users move tasks through statuses like "To Do," "In Progress," and "Done," facilitating collaboration, tracking progress, and ensuring efficient task management.
The learning curve for Jira can vary depending on one's prior experience with project management tools. However, Jira's intuitive interface and detailed documentation generally facilitate an easier learning process.
Jira enhances DevOps practices by providing robust project management tools that improve teamwork, tracking, and reporting, offering a holistic solution for software development teams.
Utilising Java for its backend development, Jira ensures high scalability and performance, which are critical for the efficient management of project workflows and data.
The process in Jira encompasses tasks such as creation, prioritisation, assignment, and tracking of tasks or issues from start to finish, promoting effective project management and team collaboration.
Acquiring a Jira Certification confirms an individual's adeptness in using Jira's functionalities, potentially boosting career opportunities in project management and software development.
Jira offers three primary workflow types: Simple, Detailed, and Complex, each designed to cater to varying project needs and methodologies, enabling customisation according to project demands.
Initiating work in Jira involves creating a new project, adjusting settings, adding team members, generating issues, and categorising them into epics or sprints, all while fostering collaboration among team members to manage tasks efficiently.
Training in Jira enhances Project Management skills, streamlines task tracking, improves collaboration among teams, boosts productivity, and enables effective use of the Jira software, leading to smoother project workflows and better project outcomes.
This Jira Training typically covers Project Management, issue tracking, and Agile methodologies using the Jira software. It includes understanding workflows, customisations, reporting, and collaboration features, suitable for software development teams and various industries focusing on efficient task management and productivity.
There are no formal prerequisites to attend this Jira Training. However, the experience of working within an Agile environment will be advantageous for delegates.
In this training course, delegates will have 1-day intensive training with our experienced instructors, a digital delegate pack consisting of important notes related to this Jira Training, and a certificate after course completion.
This Jira Training is a 1-day training course, during which delegates participate in intensive learning sessions that cover various course topics.
The Jira Certification can equip individuals with skills such as Project Management, task tracking, issue resolution, collaboration, Agile methodology, software development lifecycle understanding, and proficiency in Jira software utilisation.
After completing training in Jira, individuals can pursue various career opportunities in roles such as Jira Administrator, Project Manager, Agile Coach, or Software Developer. Jira-certified professionals can work in diverse industries ranging from Software Development to Project Management.
Yes, after completing this Jira Training delegates will receive a Jira Certification. This certification in Jira enhances their professional credibility, opening doors to advanced career opportunities and roles in Project Management and Agile development environments.
The Knowledge Academy in the United Kingdom stands out as a prestigious training provider known for its extensive course offerings, expert instructors, adaptable learning formats, and industry recognition. It's a dependable option for those seeking this Jira Training Course.
The training fees for Jira Training certification in the United Kingdom starts from £995
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider for Jira Training.
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Best price in the industry

You won't find better value in the marketplace. If you do find a lower price, we will beat it.


Many delivery methods

Flexible delivery methods are available depending on your learning style.


High quality resources

Resources are included for a comprehensive learning experience.

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"Really good course and well organised. Trainer was great with a sense of humour - his experience allowed a free flowing course, structured to help you gain as much information & relevant experience whilst helping prepare you for the exam"

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