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Managing Difficult Conversations Training Course Outline

Module 1: We Need to Talk

  • Delivering Bad or Sad News 
  • Dealing with Rude or Disrespectful Behaviour 
  • Dealing with Bad Behaviour or Poor Performance
  • Saying ‘No’

Module 2: Avoiding Conversation at Own Peril 

  • Complaining: Surest Sign of Avoiding
  • Avoiding
  • Why We Love Avoiding Difficult Conversations?

Module 3: Nail the Real Issue

  • Finding Out Real Issue 
  • Problem or No Problem: Just Think Before You Speak
  • Setting Expectations

Module 4: Establishing Your Goal

  • Clarify a Productive Goal
  • Backup Plan

Module 5: Resist Temptation

  • Lose the Urge to Control the Other Person
  • Top Tools to Recall: Resisting Unproductive Goals

Module 6: Designing Your ABC Message

  • Nuts and Bolts of the ABC Method
  • ABCs in Action
  • Top Tools to Recall While Designing Your ABC Message

Module 7: Delivering Your ABC Message

  • Anticipate Their Reactions
  • Unhook Emotionally
  • Story of Support
  • Setting the Stage
  • Top Tools to Recall: Delivering Your ABC Message

Module 8: Remembering That It’s a Talk and Not a Lecture

  • First Step in Listening: Shut Up
  • Good News: Listening Can Be Learned
  • Tools to Become a Better Listener
  • Ask Good Questions
  • Acknowledge the Other Person
  • Clarify If Needed
  • Top Tools to Recall: Listen Instead of Lecture

Module 9: Dealing with Defences

  • What is Defensiveness Really About?
  • Defensiveness: Attempt to Undermine Your Perspective
  • What Not to Do?
  • Cut Them Some Slack
  • Final Caution
  • Top Tools to Recall While Dealing with Defences

Module 10: Managing Freak-Outs

  • Basic Instincts
  • Fight, Flee, or Fold
  • Battle Your Basic Instincts
  • How Can You Diffuse Talking Time Bombs?
  • Top Tools to Recall While Fizzling Out Freak-Outs

Module 11: Tools to Stay Cool

  • What to Do if You Can’t Handle Heat?
  • Top Tools to Recall for Staying Cool

Module 12: Tell Me More

  • Why Do These Techniques Work?
  • Top Tools to Recall: Advanced Listening Skills

Module 13: Respond, Do Not React

  • Resist the Urge to Respond Defensively
  • Learning to Respond Powerfully
  • Wrap It Up!
  • Top Tools to Recall: Responding Powerfully

Module 14: Ultimate Power Tool

  • Being Genuine is Key
  • Simple Tools for Relationship Building
  • Helpful Hint: The Right Time for Appreciation


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Who should attend this Managing Difficult Conversations Training Course?

The Managing Difficult Conversations Training Course is tailored for individuals who want to navigate challenging discussions with confidence and effectiveness. This is one of the Personal Development Courses that is essential for professionals across various roles who encounter tough conversations in the workplace and seek to improve their communication and conflict resolution skills. Many professionals can greatly benefit from attending this course, including:

  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Mediators and Conflict Resolution Specialists
  • Human Resources (HR) Professionals
  • Team Leaders and Project Managers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Educators and Counsellors

Prerequisites of the Managing Difficult Conversations Training Course

There are no formal prerequisites for this Managing Difficult Conversations Training Course.

Managing Difficult Conversations Training Course Overview

Managing Difficult Conversations is a critical skill in the professional environment. This course focuses on strategies and techniques for effectively handling challenging interactions. The ability to navigate difficult conversations with tact and confidence is essential for maintaining positive relationships and resolving conflicts constructively.

This Personal Development Training is particularly important for managers, HR professionals, team leaders, and customer service representatives. Professionals in these roles often face situations where difficult conversations are necessary, whether it's addressing performance issues, resolving conflicts, or providing sensitive feedback.

The Knowledge Academy’s 1-day Managing Difficult Conversations Training Course equips delegates with the tools and confidence to handle tough interactions. It covers key aspects such as communication techniques, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution strategies, ensuring delegates can manage difficult conversations effectively.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the dynamics of difficult conversations
  • To develop effective communication strategies for challenging situations
  • To enhance skills in empathy and active listening
  • To learn techniques for de-escalating conflict
  • To practice providing constructive feedback in sensitive scenarios
  • To foster a positive approach to resolving conflicts and misunderstandings

Delegates completing this course will be better equipped to manage difficult conversations in a professional and constructive manner. They will leave with practical skills that enable them to approach challenging interactions with confidence, leading to more effective communication and stronger relationships in the workplace.

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What’s included in this Managing Difficult Conversations Training Course?

  • World-Class Training Sessions from Experienced Instructors
  • Managing Difficult Conversations Certificate
  • Digital Delegate Pack

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Experience the most sought-after learning style with The Knowledge Academy's Managing Difficult Conversations in Guildford | Personal Development in Guildford. Available in 490+ locations across 190+ countries, our hand-picked Classroom venues offer an invaluable human touch. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive, interactive experience with our expert-led Managing Difficult Conversations in Guildford | Personal Development in Guildford sessions.


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What our customers are saying

Managing Difficult Conversations in Guildford | Personal Development in Guildford FAQs

A difficult conversation is a talk in which the subject matter under discussion is possibly contagious or delicate and might erupt strong, intricate emotions that are tough to foresee and handle.
There is no prior requirement to attend Managing Difficult Conversations course.
This course is intended for the individual who wants to learn the art of handling a difficult conversation.
Some example of a difficult conversation is turning down an employee's idea, terminating a position, encouraging an employee to improve their performance, resolving the conflict between two or more employees, etc.
There is no easy way to handle a difficult conversation, but it can be done most practically and productively by keeping few things in mind like be direct and specific, planning out the conversation, watch your language, offer advice or solution, manage your emotions, be empathetic, and be a good listener.
Managing Difficult Conversations training will provide you with all the required techniques to approach difficult conversations with assurance and to manage them skillfully. This training will also improve your listening skills and equips you with tools used for being calm during talks.
Difficult conversation is part of the everyday talk of life and the best method to deal with it. A difficult conversation is important because it resolves workplace conflicts, improves relationship within team, and lifts employee performance and engagement.
The training fees for Managing Difficult Conversations Training certification in Guildford starts from £995
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider for Managing Difficult Conversations Training.
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"Really good course and well organised. Trainer was great with a sense of humour - his experience allowed a free flowing course, structured to help you gain as much information & relevant experience whilst helping prepare you for the exam"

Joshua Davies, Thames Water

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