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Fire Warden Training

Key points about this course

Duration: 1 Days*

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  • Identify types of fire
  • Learn concepts for Safety Policy
  • Understand first aid procedures

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Course Information

Fire Warden Training course helps to obtain knowledge about their rights at the time of emergency fire situations. Delegates will introduce the concepts of a safety plan, techniques, and also provide the information to use the extinguishing tools.


During this Training, one will be familiarised with the role of Fire Wardens and action plans they would take during an emergency situation.


Course Structure


Course outline

Module1: Overview

  • Introduction to Fire Action Plan
  • Concepts of Safety Policy
  • Methods for Prevention and Protection
  • Fire Measurements technique
  • Introduction to risk assessment
  • Basic principles
  • Using Elements  
  • Impact of safety equipment
  • Theory and occurrence of smoke
  • Identify hazard in the workplace
  • Types of fire
  • Risk assessment
  • Classification
  • Practical concepts

Module2: Functions

  • Causes  and effect
  • Features of trigger alarm
  • Action of alarm
  • Set up tool for your building
  • Detection of fault
  • Warning before the event occur
  • Safety inspections
  • Analyse the situation
  • Controlling the effect
  • Demonstrations of extinguisher tool
  • Inspection of the place
  • Identify the hazards
  • Services
  • First aid procedure
  • Escaping Technique
  • Triangle method
  • Establishment of communication
  • Manage the spread of fire

Module3: Responsibility

  • Detection of alarm
  • Emergency exit planning
  • Aware of safety equipment
  • React fast when emergency occurs
  • Know the suitable route to set up
  • Identify Problem and assist the fire brigade
  • Emergency evacuation procedures
  • Handle the situation efficiently
  • Provide the safe place to the people
  • Using the safety tool at the time of emergency
  • Management procedure
  • Maintain safety checks

Fire Warden Course Outline

Fire Warden Training is a one-day course. The course delivers the depth knowledge on fire safety matters and security plans. The course contains three modules are as follows:

  • Management of Health and Safety
  • Introduction to the Fire Action Plan
  • Identifying Hazards in the Workplace
  • Fire Warden Responsibilities
  • Methods for Prevention and Protection
  • Types of Fire
  • Impact of Safety Equipment
  • Fire Audit
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety Equipment and Escape Routes 

Course Objectives

  • Learn to manage people during an emergency situation

  • To know about various duties and responsibilities

  • Multiple approaches to decrease risks

  • Be aware of fire prevention techniques

  • Delegates will be able to implement the action plan

  • Able to use the extinguishing equipment

  • Know to maintain the duty as a safety manager

  • Identify fire threats in the workplace

  • Measures to avoid fire risks

  • Able to determine the human Psychology at the time of calamity


Benefits of Course

  • Delegates will be capable of using the safety equipment

  • You will be able to react quickly at the time of emergency

  • Learn the process to slow down the range of the area

  • Commence the role of fire warden

  • You will be capable of handling the situation efficiently

  • Able to understand the use of extinguishing equipment

  • Learn to deal with emergency situations

  • Help you to overcome from the dangerous situation


There are no prerequisites required to attend this course.


Who Should Attend?

The Fire Warden training is valuable for professionals who want to get exposure in this sector. However, it is recommended for the following professionals:

  • Safety experts

  • Firefighters

Please arrive at the venue at 8:45am.
There are no prerequisites required to attend this course.
The Fire Warden training is valuable for professionals who want to get exposure in this sector.
We are able to provide support via phone & email prior to attending, during and after the course.
Delegate pack consisting of course notes and exercises, Manual, Experienced Instructor, and Refreshments
This course is [ 1 ] day(s)
Once your booking has been placed and confirmed, you will receive an email which contains your course location, course overview, pre-course reading material (if required), course agenda and payment receipts

Key points about this course

Duration: 1 Days*

Dates & Prices Enquire

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Key points about this course

Duration: 1 Days*

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