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Business Analysis Job Roles

The Business Analysts

Those who aspire to be Business Analysts can boost their career prospects by completing a Business Analysis certification with The Knowledge Academy as this will demonstrate a working knowledge of Business Analysis. Business Analysts have wide-ranging responsibilities and must follow a basic process in order to solve business problems:

  • Communicating internally to understand the needs of the organisation

  • Communicating with external stakeholders to explore feedback into the service, function or product provided

  • Analysing findings and create suggestions for change

  • Considering potential risks

  • Identifying the processes required to implement changes

  • Obtaining consent from senior management about the best method for introducing suggestions to the company

  • Liaising with different departments to put across recommendations

  • Creating supporting documentation and report on findings to present to stakeholders

  • Supporting the changes and resolving any issues which arise

  • Evaluating the impact of the modifications