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Automation & Penetration Testing

Online Instructor-led (2 days)

Classroom (2 days)

Online Self-paced (16 hours)

Tools and Techniques for Penetration Testing Course Outline

Introduction to Penetration Testing
  • What is penetration testing?
  • What information are we looking to gain?

Looking for Vulnerabilities

  • How do we find vulnerabilities?
  • Types of vulnerability
  • Vulnerability scanning

Analysing Risk

  • Prioritising threats
  • Interpreting results

Attacking Using Vulnerabilities

  • Exploiting infrastructure
  • Exploiting web applications
  • Exploiting network services

Following Up

  • Creating an action plan
  • Recommending countermeasures

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Who should attend this Penetration Testing Training Course?

The course is aimed at anybody looking for a good overall understanding of penetration testing and the tools and techniques it encompasses. It will be particularly beneficial for IT professionals with some security knowledge.


You should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Be familiar with Information Security including attack strategies, exploitation of vulnerabilities
  • Be familiar with operating system and network functions
  • Have experience in the penetration testing environment
  • Have knowledge in Linux distribution and Ubuntu

Tools and Techniques for Penetration Testing Course Overview

This 2-day course provides a comprehensive look at the main tools and techniques for testing network security using penetration testing. Through hands-on experience, you’ll learn about basic attack strategies and how to uncover critical vulnerabilities using ethical hacking.

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Online Instructor-led (1 days)

Classroom (1 days)

Online Self-paced (8 hours)

Fundamentals of Test Automation Course Outline

  • Introduction to Test Automation
  • What is Test Automation?
  • Managing Test Automation
  • Test Automation Tool Selection
  • Strategising for Successful Automation
  • Automation Frameworks

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Who should attend this Test Automation Training Course?

The course is aimed primarily at software testers, including automation engineers and test managers.


There are no prerequisites to attend.

Fundamentals of Test Automation Course Overview

This 1-day course provides a comprehensive introduction to test automation for anybody wishing to become familiar with the concept. Through instructor-led classroom training, you will become familiar with the principles of test automation, including approaches, benefits and tools.

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Online Instructor-led (1 days)

Classroom (1 days)

Online Self-paced (8 hours)

Kali Linux Fundamentals Course Outline

Getting Started with Kali Linux

  • Define Kali Linux
  • Download and Install Virtual Box
  • Installing Kali Linux
  • Updating Kali
  • Laboratory Setup

Information Gathering and Vulnerability Analysis Tools

  • NMAP and ZenMAP
  • Stealth Scan
  • Searchsploit
  • DNS and LBD tools
  • Hping3
  • Cisco Auditing Tools
  • Cisco Global Exploiter
  • BED

Kali Linux Wireless Attacks

  • Fern Wifi Cracker
  • Kismet and GISKismet
  • Ghost Phisher
  • Wifite

Website Penetration Testing

  • Vega Usage
  • ZapProxy
  • Database Tools Usage
  • CMS and SSL Scanning Tools

Website Penetration and Exploitation Testing

  • Metasploit
  • Armitage
  • BeEF
  • p0f and pdf-parser
  • Dumpzilla
  • DFF

Kali Linux Social Engineering

  • Social Engineering Toolkit Usage

Stressing Tools

  • Slowhttptest
  • Inviteflood
  • laxflood
  • thc-ssl-dos

Sniffing and Spoofing

  • Burpsuite
  • mitmproxy
  • Wireshark
  • sslstrip

Password Cracking Tools

  • Hydra
  • Johnny
  • john
  • Rainbowcrack
  • SQLdict
  • hash-identifier

Maintaining Access

  • Powersploit
  • Sbd
  • Webshells
  • Weevely
  • http-tunnel
  • dns2tcp
  • cryptcat

Overview of Reverse Engineering

  • OllyDbg
  • dex2jar
  • jd-gui
  • apktool

Kali Linux Reporting Tools

  • Dradis
  • Metagoofil

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There are no formal prerequisites for attending this course. However, a basic understanding of the Linux operating system would be beneficial.


Anyone who wishes to gain knowledge of the fundamentals of Kali Linux can attend this course.

Kali Linux Fundamentals Course Overview

Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution OS used for penetration testing and security auditing. It is comprised of various tools used for several information security tasks such as computer forensics, reverse engineering, security research, and penetration testing. This Kali Linux Fundamentals course is designed to provide you with a complete understanding of Kali Linux and how to use it in practice.

In this 1-day training course, delegates will be introduced to the various tools of Kali Linux. Delegates will get an in-depth view of working with Kali Linux for strengthening network security. In addition, delegates will gain knowledge of wireless attacks, website penetration testing, and social engineering.

During this Kali Linux Fundamentals course, delegates will learn about stressing tools and password cracking tools. Throughout the course, delegates will come across several topics which will develop your knowledge about Kali Linux. Delegates will get an understanding of sniffing and spoofing as well as reverse engineering. After completing this course, you will be at moderate level expertise from where you can take yourself to the next levels.

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