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Are you ready to discover a powerful collection of Salesforce Tools? Whether you're an admin, developer, or consultant, these tools will enhance your productivity and streamline your Salesforce experience. Salesforce Professionals drive business success by harnessing the platform's potential. To optimise their productivity, a wide range of specialised Salesforce Tools has been developed to address their challenges and enhance efficiency. 

According to the Salesforce Annual Report, it has held the top rank as the world's leading CRM for nine years, with over 90% of Fortune 500 companies utilising its services. This blog gives you the complete list of the best Salesforce Tools that professionals use to complete their work efficiently. Continue reading to learn in detail. 

Table of Contents 

1) Overview of Salesforce Tools 

2) Top eight Salesforce Tools 

     a) Salesforce Inspector 

     b) Field Trip 

     c) Ebsta 

     d) Conga Composer 

     e) Dataloader 

     f) Salesforce Inbox 

     g) Pardot 

     h) MuleSoft 

3) Conclusion 

Overview of Salesforce Tools 

Salesforce Tools are specialised software applications and extensions designed to enhance the functionality and productivity of Salesforce Professionals. These tools are designed to enhance the capabilities and efficiency of Salesforce Professionals in various areas, such as administration, development, data management, analytics, collaboration, and user experience. They provide specialised functionalities to address specific challenges faced by Salesforce users, enabling them to streamline processes, improve productivity, and achieve better outcomes. 

Benefits of Salesforce Tools: 

a) Optimises workflows 

b) Automate tasks 

c) Robust data management 

d) Advanced analytics and reporting 

e) Simplified administration 

f) Scalability  

g) Improved user experience 

Top eight Salesforce Tools 

Professionals in business development rely on a multitude of Salesforce Tools to drive success. Among the wide array of options available, certain tools stand out as popular choices for achieving efficient operations. Let’s discuss the top eight Salesforce Tools in detail:

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Salesforce Inspector 

Salesforce Inspector is a browser extension that offers insights into the inner workings of your Salesforce org. It provides a visual representation of object relationships, field dependencies, and data usage. This tool helps Salesforce Professionals understand the complex connections within their org, making it easier to optimise and navigate their Salesforce setup efficiently. 

Use case: Salesforce Inspector is for troubleshooting and resolving issues related to complex object relationships in Salesforce. With Salesforce Inspector, users can visually explore and understand the connections between different objects, helping them identify any discrepancies or errors in the relationships.

top 10 tools to extend power of Salesforce CRM

Field Trip 

Field Trip is a tool designed for Salesforce administrators. It analyses your Salesforce data and identifies unused or redundant fields. By highlighting these fields, it streamlines data management and allows administrators to clean up their org, resulting in improved system performance and a more streamlined user experience. 

Use case: One use case for Field Trip is identifying and eliminating unused or redundant fields within the org. By analysing Salesforce data, Field Trip highlights fields that are no longer in use or maybe redundant, enabling administrators to declutter the org and improve system performance. This use case helps maintain data integrity, reduces clutter, and enhances the overall efficiency of the Salesforce environment. 

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Ebsta is an integration tool that seamlessly connects your Salesforce org with your email client, such as Gmail or Outlook. It allows you to access Salesforce data, update records, and track customer interactions directly from your inbox. With Ebsta, you can save time and effort by eliminating the need to switch between applications when managing customer relationships. 

Use case: With Ebsta, sales professionals can seamlessly integrate their email clients with Salesforce, allowing them to access, update, and track customer interactions directly from their inboxes. This use case enables sales teams to have a centralised view of customer data, easily log activities, and ensure timely follow-ups.  

Conga Composer 

Conga Composer simplifies the process of generating documents from Salesforce. It lets you create customised templates and merge Salesforce data into them with ease. Whether you need to generate proposals, contracts, or reports, Conga Composer saves you time and ensures accuracy by automating the document creation process. 

Use case: With Conga Composer, users can set up automated processes for generating and delivering documents based on predefined triggers or criteria. For example, you can configure Conga Composer to automatically generate and email a contract to a customer when a deal reaches a certain stage in the sales pipeline. is a user-friendly data import and export tool for Salesforce. It simplifies the process of moving large volumes of data into and out of Salesforce. Whether you need to migrate data between systems or perform regular data updates, provides a straightforward interface that makes data management more accessible, even for non-technical users. 

Use case: Dataloader Salesforce tool is data archival and retention management. Organisations often need to comply with data retention policies or regulatory requirements, which involve archiving or deleting data after a certain period. Dataloader allows users to extract and export data from Salesforce based on specific criteria, such as creation date or last modified date. This use case enables professionals to effectively manage data retention by securely storing archived data or permanently deleting unnecessary records from the Salesforce org. 

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Salesforce Inbox 

Salesforce Inbox brings Salesforce functionality directly into your email client, such as Gmail or Outlook. It allows you to access, update, and create Salesforce records, schedule appointments, and track customer interactions—all within your familiar email environment. Salesforce Inbox streamlines your workflow and ensures that critical information is readily available when communicating with customers. 

Use case: A use case for Salesforce Inbox is email campaign management and tracking. With Salesforce Inbox, users can create and send personalised email campaigns directly from their email client (such as Gmail or Outlook) while leveraging the tracking and analytics capabilities of Salesforce. This use case is beneficial for marketing teams as it enables them to design and execute targeted email campaigns, track email engagement metrics (such as opens and clicks), and capture valuable insights into campaign effectiveness. 


Pardot is a powerful marketing automation tool tailored for B2B marketing teams. It enables you to automate lead nurturing, create personalised email campaigns, track customer engagement, and measure marketing ROI. With Pardot, Salesforce Professionals can optimise their marketing efforts, generate more qualified leads, and drive revenue growth. 

Use case: A use case for Pardot is dynamic content personalisation. Pardot enables marketers to tailor website content based on the specific interests and behaviours of individual prospects. By leveraging Pardot's dynamic content capabilities, marketers can display relevant and personalised content to website visitors, providing a more engaging and personalised experience. For example, based on a prospect's previous interactions with email campaigns or website content, Pardot can dynamically present customised product recommendations or targeted promotions. 


MuleSoft is an integration platform that seamlessly connects Salesforce with external systems and applications. It allows for efficient data exchange, API management, and workflow automation. MuleSoft empowers businesses to create a unified view of customer data and streamline processes across different systems, unlocking the power of Salesforce integration capabilities. 

Use case: Another use case for MuleSoft is creating a unified customer view by integrating multiple data sources with Salesforce. MuleSoft allows businesses to connect and aggregate customer data from various systems such as CRM, ERP, and marketing automation platforms. This use case enables a comprehensive view of customer information within Salesforce, empowering sales and service teams with a complete understanding of customer interactions and history. 


We hope this blog covered all you need to know about Salesforce Tools. They empower professionals to streamline processes, automate workflows, and achieve remarkable success. With these tools, businesses can unlock the full potential of the platform, enhance productivity, and propel their organisations to new heights. 

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