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Table of Contents

Prince2 Interview Question and Answer

Finding a good job in today's market can be extremely challenging. Obtaining a professional certification, such as PRINCE2®, will help you in these situations and offer you an advantage over non-certificate holders. The PRINCE2 Certification serves as evidence of your abilities, expertise, and self-assurance to manage any complicated projects successfully. However, only obtaining the certification is insufficient. To fully benefit from the PRINCE2 interview process, you must have extensive knowledge and proficiency in key tools and soft skills.  

Eventually, any obstacle can be easily overcome with the right strategies and special techniques. This also holds for project management interviews. Interviewers today take a keen interest in PRINCE2 methodologies to form the PRINCE2 interview questions.  

So, to assist you, we have listed the Top 40 PRINCE2 Interview Questions and Answers, which will give you an idea of the types of questions asked in interviews and will undoubtedly help you pass them with excellence. Have a look below to know more!

Table of Contents

1) Top 40 Most Asked PRINCE2 Interview Questions and Answers

    a) What does PRINCE2 mean?

    b) What does the term 'Project' mean in PRINCE2 Methodology?

    c) State the 7 principles of PRINCE2 Methodology

    d) What are the 7 processes of PRINCE2?

   e) What are the 7 themes involved in PRINCE?

   f) Define Plan

2) Conclusion

Top 40 Most Asked PRINCE2 Interview Questions and Answers - 2024

1) What does PRINCE2 mean?

Answer-  PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a systematic project management process and certification programme. Typically, it is a process-based technique which makes project management more efficient. The main objective of PRINCE2 is to divide the tasks into manageable phases. 

2) What does the term 'Project' mean in PRINCE2 Methodology?  

Answer- A project is a temporary effort started with the intention of creating a special product or solution. In other words, a project has a clear start and finish, and the finished output must be unique to the project. A project without these characteristics could be detrimental to any organisation since it would use up the time, space, as well as other resources.

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3) State the 7 principles of PRINCE2 Methodology 

Answer- The PRINCE2 key principles that form the foundation of the PRINCE2 methodology are as follows :-

A) Continued Business Justification 

B) Learn from Experience 

C) Defined Roles and Responsibilities 

D) Manage by Stages 

E) Manage by Exception 

F) Focus on Products 

G) Tailor to Suit the Project Environment 

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4) What are the 7 processes of PRINCE2? 

Answer- The 7 Process of PRINCE2 are as follows :-

A) Starting Up a Project (SU) 

B) Initiating a Project (IP) 

C) Directing a Project (DP) 

D) Managing Product Delivery (MP) 

E) Controlling a Stage (CS) 

F) Managing a Stage Boundary (SB) 

G) Closing a Project (CP) 

5) What are the 7 themes involved in PRINCE?  

Answer- Below are the 7 themes involved in PRINCE2 methodology :-

A) Business Case 

B) Organisation 

C) Quality 

D) Risk 

E) Planning 

F) Change 

G) Progress 

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6) Define Plan  

Answer- A plan outlines the main services, activities, and resources needed for the plan's scope, providing a timeline outlining how and when goals are to be accomplished. A plan for any project simply states the following :-

A) PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner Training Course 

B) Examine Curriculum 

C) Resources, Risks, and Communication 

D) Scope, Finances, Schedule, and Quality

7) What are the various levels of a plan in PRINCE2 methodology?  

Answer- Below are the 4 levels of a plan in PRINCE2 Methodology :-

Prince2 Methodology 

A) Project Plan- A project plan is used to outline the management stages as well as other key control areas in the project and to present the Business Case with anticipated costs. This plan serves as a benchmark for the Project Board as it tracks the project's progress.   

B) Stage Plan- Stage Plans are used as a benchmark to track the development of each stage. They include all of the different products, resources, activities, and controls that are unique to each stage. 

C) Team Plan- Unlike a project plan or stage plan, a team plan is optional and need not have the same structure. If you employ the Team Plans, they would consist of a basic schedule attached to the Work Packages that are given to the Team Manager.  

D) Exception Plan- Exception Plans are typically developed to demonstrate how the project stage will be restored in case certain project or stage tolerances are violated. 

8) What are the different steps involved in planning?  

Answer- Different steps involved in planning are :- 

A) Designing the plan 

B) Define the products 

C) Identify Activities & Dependencies 

D) Prepare Estimates 

E) Prepare Schedule 

F) Document plan 

G) Identify Risks

9) What are PRINCE2's significant features?  

Answer- The key features of PRINCE2 are :-

A) It is well-structured 

B) It is suitable for any project 

C) Its core principle is management by exception 

D) It offers some remarkable diagnostic tools 

E) It is consistent and adaptable 

10) List the types of Progress controls provided by PRINCE2.  

Answer- Some of the progress controls of PRINCE2® methodology are mentioned below :-

A) Event-driven 

B) Time-driven 

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11) What do you mean by Directing a Project (DP)?  

Answer- One of the seven processes in the PRINCE2® methodology, Directing a Project, helps the project board take responsibility for the project's success. As the day-to-day project management is delegated, it aids the project manager in making important decisions and maintaining overall control. 

12) State the objectives of Directing a Project.  

Answer- Below are the objectives of Directing a Project process which ensures that- 

A) It has the authority for initiating a project  

B) Additionally, it is empowered to provide the project's deliverables  

C) Throughout the course of the project's lifecycle, it gives the project management improved direction and control 

D) The project offers a properly structured interface for business or programme management  

E) Possesses the authority to terminate/close the project 

F) This process also involves managing and reviewing the post-project benefits programmes 

13) During which process is the request to approve the next stage plan made, in PRINCE2 Methodology?  

Answer- The request to approve the forthcoming stage plan is submitted during the managing the stage boundary process. 

14) What is the role of Quality Planning and Quality Control? 

Answer- The process of determining a project's quality needs, such as selecting what qualities are necessary to make a product fit for the purpose and formulating a plan to accomplish that product, is known as Quality Planning in the PRINCE2® methodology.  

Quality control is the process of carrying out the plan and performing quality checks to make sure the product satisfies the required standards. 

15) Which document in the PRINCE2 methodology, records planned and actual dates for product approval and hand-over? 

Answer- The Product Checklist document contains the planned and actual dates for product approval and delivery. 

16) Name the role that is responsible for establishing Project Tolerance in PRINCE2 methodology.  

Answer-  Different departments are responsible for PRINCE2 methodology, namely :-

A) Project Support 

B) Project Management 

C) Project Board 

D) Customer Support 

17) Which process enables non-PRINCE2 practices to be implemented into a PRINCE2 project environment while creating products?  

Answer- Managing Product Delivery- one of the seven processes of the PRINCE2® methodology - is responsible for integrating non-PRINCE2® Practices into a PRINCE2® project environment when generating products. 

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18) Which document outlines the project's roles and acceptance criteria? 

Answer- The roles and acceptance criteria for the project are described in the project product description. This document is produced during the project starting phase and used during the project closing process. This record aids in confirming that the project lives up to client expectations. 

19) What process includes reviewing the Work Package status?   

Answer- The Work Package's status is evaluated as part of the Controlling a Stage process. 

20) What are the PRINCE2 deliverables?

Answer- The PRINCE2 deliverables are :-

A)  Business case 

B) End of stage report 

C)  Project plan 

D) Issue Log 

E) Work package 

F) Risk management plan 

21) Who establishes the PRINCE2 Change Budget and Change Authority? 

Answer- In PRINCE2, an Executive is specifically responsible for determining the Change Authority and Change Budget activities. 

22) State the objectives of Closing a Project (CP) process in PRINCE2 methodology? 

Answer- Several objectives of the Closing a Project process are listed below :-

A) Ensuring that the project deliverables have been approved by the user  

B) Providing product support after product delivery and project completion  

C) Assessing the actual project with the baseline project documents to evaluate the project's performance  

D) Preparing the review of advantages that will be received once the project is complete, and then evaluating the benefits already acquired 

E) Addressing the project's open problems and risks before taking action in response to the recommendations 

23) Which process can be completed without following the Closing a Project (CP)? 

Answer- Without following the PRINCE2 methodology, Managing the Product Delivery process can be easily completed. 

24 During which process is a Checkpoint Report generated?  

Answer- Typically, a Checkpoint Report is generated during the Managing Product Delivery process. Through establishing of a few formal agreements on the acceptance, implementation, and delivery of the project products, this process supervises and controls the work between the Project Manager and the Team Manager. 

25) Define the purpose of Configuration Management in PRINCE2 Methodology  

Answer- The technical and administrative activity known as "configuration management" in PRINCE2 primarily focuses on developing, maintaining, and regulating the change of configuration throughout the whole lifecycle of the finished product. The primary entity that is subject to configuration management is known as a configuration item. This entity may be a fundamental component of a product or a group of items that will be made available to the consumer. 

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26) What do you mean by Risk Register?  

Answer-  A risk register is a table which is used to keep track of any risks that could jeopardise the project's principal objective. 

27) What is the issue register? 

Answer- The revised complaints, issues, difficulties, concerns, and requests that are submitted by each project participant are noted in the issued registers. 

28) What is the use of Quality Register?  

Answer- Most of the time, quality registers are utilised to keep track of all the planned activities, people, dates, and time.   

29) Differentiate between risk, quality, and issue register. 

Answer- The key difference between risk, quality and issue register is as follows :-

Risk Register

Quality Register

 Issue Register 

This is specifically utilised for containing risks that can negatively affect the project's goal.  

This includes information on all the scheduled quality actions, the persons involved, and their associated dates.


This is a compilation of notes on the requests for changes, objections, worries, and issues voiced by project team. 

30) What is a Business Case? 

Answer-  A Business case in PRINCE2® methodology- 

A) Revalidates the project 

B) Kick starts the project 

C) Captures the reasoning for initiating 

D) Owned by the business 

31) Who is responsible for developing the outline for the business case?

Answer- The Executive is in charge of drafting the Business Case's outline. 

32) What are the few risk strategies implemented in PRINCE2 projects? 

Answer- Below is the list of risk strategies used in PRINCE2- 

A) Risk tolerance 

B) Risk Appetite  

C) Avoid, Seek, Neutral 

D) Ongoing Activity 

33) What is the difference between the Starting up of a Project process and Initiating a Project process? 


Difference Between Starting up and Initiating a Project Process 

Starting Up a Project Process 

To quickly decide whether to start a project or not, information is first gathered throughout this phase.

Initiating a Project Process 

This process is executed after the Starting Up a Project process. In this process, information on the project's beginning is collected, and the project's governance is also established.

34) Who are known to be the primary stakeholders in a PRINCE2 project?  

Answer- The primary stakeholders in a PRINCE2 project are :-

A) Users 

B) Suppliers  

C) Business Sponsors

35) List the 4 integrated Elements of PRINCE2.  

Answer- The four integrated components that make up PRINCE2® are as follows :-

A) Principles 

B) Themes 

C) Processes 

D) Customising the approach to the project environment's requirements  

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36) Who is responsible for generating a Product Status Account? 

Answer- Project Support role is responsible for creating a Product Status Account in PRINCE2 methodology.  

37) Which process is responsible for triggering the request to deliver a project? 

Answer- In PRINCE2® methodology, initiating a project process is responsible for triggering the request to deliver a project. 

38) What are the differences between a request for change, an off-specification and a problem or concern in PRINCE2. 


Difference between Request for change, Off-specification and Problem/Concern 

Request for change 

A customer can add to or modify the scope of a project or the quality of a product by making a request for change. This request must be paid for by the consumer. 


This is the process where a provider slips up, either by failing to deliver the product by the deadline or by failing to fulfil the required quality standards.   


In project management, a problem or concern is something that could derail the project. 

39) Explain the difference between Controlling a stage, managing product delivery, and managing a stage boundary. 


Difference b/w Controlling a stage, Managing product delivery, and Managing a Stage Boundary 

Controlling Stage 

Controlling a stage involves managing the project on a daily basis by carrying out three main tasks:  

  • To assign tasks to the team leader  

  • Keep records and report on delivery  

  • Control the plan and fix the problem. 

Managing Product Delivery 

The procedure that connects with regulating a stage process is managing product delivery. Here, the team manager handles product delivery, provides status updates, and gives completed work to the project manager.   

Managing a Stage Boundary 

When a stage is about to finish, a process called managing a stage boundary is carried out. At this stage of the project, a project manager must evaluate the work that has been performed in the current stage, evaluate the tasks that are still unfinished, develop a strategy for the next stage, and specifically identify the products, costs, and timeline for the next stage.

40) How many products have been defined in PRINCE2 and what are they? 


There are 26 products that have been defined in PRINCE2. All of them are listed below :-

A) Benefits Review Plan  

B) Business Case 

C) Checkpoint Report 

D) Communication Management Strategy 

E) Configuration Item Record 

F) Configuration Management Strategy  

G) Daily Log 

H) End-project Report  

I) End-stage Report 

J) Exception Report 

K) Highlight Report 

L) Issue Register 

M) Issue Report 

N) Lessons Log 

O) Lessons Report 

P) Plan- Project, Stage and Team 

Q) Product Description 

R) Product Status Account 

S) Project Brief 

T) Project Initiation Document 

U) Project Product Description 

V) Quality Management Strategy 

W) Quality Register 

X) Risk Management Strategy 

Y) Risk Register  

Z) Work Package


This concludes our article on PRINCE2 interview questions and answers. Hope you found this article helpful. Do check out our PRINCE2 Training courses to gain further knowledge about the PRINCE2 methodology.

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