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Table of Contents

Advanced Guide for PRINCE2 Foundation

PRINCE2 stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments and is a recognised certification officially attested for handling project management profiles worldwide. The framework in PRINCE2 is entirely scalable and can be effortlessly tailored to every project you manage.

The PRINCE2 certification presents you with fundamental skills essential to becoming a successful Project Manager. PRINCE2 trains you to tackle different projects with structured planning required at each stage and a thorough understanding of the concept.

PRINCE2 comprises a blend of four key elements - principles, processes, themes, and planning, integrated as per the Project need. 

The national average for passing the PRINCE2 Foundation exam is 97% in the UK. 

Table of Contents

1) What are the Benefits of PRINCE2?

2) PRINCE2 Certification Levels 

3) PRINCE2 Foundation Prerequisites 

4) PRINCE2 Foundation Training 

5) PRINCE2 Foundation Syllabus 

6) PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Format 

7) Conclusion

What are the Benefits of PRINCE2?  

PRINCE2 targets achieving sizeable results by providing consistent effort with a planned strategy, resulting in guaranteed progress.  

How does PRINCE2 Benefit me?

Becoming a certified PRINCE2 professional, benefits you in five key areas  


You can establish a project management career and will not be limited to single industry to demonstrate your calibre and skills. Obtaining a PRINCE2 certification will open new doors boosting your job prospects.  


You will learn all kinds of methodology, skills, terminology, framework, and procedures commonly used by professional project managers to interact and communicate with ease successfully. The skills gained in PRINCE2 certification will grant you greater flexibility and adaptability.  


Most of the things learned in PRINCE2 training- analysing case studies, solving practice tests, and having hands-on knowledge to deal with practical issues will gradually increase your confidence.  

Global Recognition  

Obtaining a globally recognised PRINCE2 certification will open a vast opportunity in multiple domains, publicly enhancing your professional image with several offers on your doorstep.  


Salary, the most important benefit for many professionals, is the primary deciding factor in choosing a company or a career. PRINCE2 certification will boost your income with better benefits aiding you to earn big bucks. A PRINCE2-certified Project Manager can expect an average salary of GBP 50,000 according to PayScale. 

Prince2® Training

How does PRINCE2 benefit an Organisation? 

There are numerous benefits PRINCE2 certification can provide to an organisation.  

Following is to list of a few:  

A) Ensures better communication among the project team  

B) It is a proven and tested method to manage projects 

C) Focus to achieve better-desired results  

D) PRINCE2 can be used on any project  

E) Flexible approach suiting to adapt in compliance with the needs of the project 

F) Built-in mechanism to continuously progress  

G) Use of common language to promote consistency  

H) Branding people accountable for their roles and responsibilities 

Sign up for the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Training to gain the best experience as a Project Manager. 

PRINCE2 Certification Levels

The PRINCE2 certification levels are split into two distinct levels: One is the Foundation, and the other is the Practitioner. 

PRINCE2 Foundation 

The first level of PRINCE2 certification, i.e., PRINCE2 Foundation, explores and introduces PRINCE2 terminology, planning, themes, principles, processes, and management methodology. PRINCE2 Foundation validates your knowledge of PRINCE2 practices for effective project management.  

There are no PRINCE2 Foundation prerequisites for applying for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. However, even if there are no prerequisites, it is advisable to have a minimum of two years of experience in a project management environment or, in the least case, acquire some basic knowledge about project management before taking this certification.  

PRINCE2 Practitioners  

The certified PRINCE2 Foundation candidates are eligible to appear for the PRINCE2 Practitioners exam. It is recommended to take both the PRINCE2 certification exams in succession to benefit from owning the natural learning flow and have an advantage over the competition.  

Once qualified, the PRINCE2 Practitioners can tailor their projects, successfully guide, and manage the team, and mitigate the risk factors to deliver within the due timeframe and at the expected cost.  

It is necessary for a candidate to clear the essential eligibility criteria for applying to PRINCE2 Practitioner level examinations.  

You must provide at least one of the following certifications from the following to apply as a Practitioner: 

A) PRINCE2 Foundation 

B) Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) 

C) Project Management Professional (PMP) 

D) APM Level A (Certified Projects Director) 

E) APM Level B (Certified Senior Project Manager) 

F) APM Level C (Certified Project Manager) 

G) APM Level D or P (Certified Project Management Associate) 

H) APM refers to - Association for Project Management.

Register for PRINCE2 Agile Foundation & Practitioner Training. Now! 

PRINCE2 Foundation Prerequisites 

To qualify into a PRINCE2 Foundation course there is no need to submit any documentary evidence. 

Below are some theoretical prerequisites that can help you fit along the course training to pass the Exam: 

A) Basic understanding of the project management principles and philosophies. 

B) Self-study or distance learning for the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam. 

C) Training from ATOs such as AXELOS. 

D) Minimum working experience as supporting role in any organisations project. 

E) Classroom training for PRINCE2 Foundation (Usually lasting for three days). 

F) Having completed a general project management course.

Prince2® Course

PRINCE2 Foundation Training 

The PRINCE2 training is available through Online and Classroom/Offline delivery methods. You can choose the best method that suits your learning style and convenience. 

Both Online and Offline have their pros and cons. But still, Online training mode has more benefits and advantages than Classroom training. 

Let us look further over this topic for us to choose the suitable option.

      PRINCE2 Online Course

PRINCE2 Offline/Classroom Course 

You can set your own pace for the study based on your ability to grasp things. 

You must comply according to the average speed of the class.

You might face the difficulty of getting interrupted or vice-versa while clearing doubts. 

No need to commute for the class, whether on weekends or weekdays.  

With no barriers to choosing the time, you can select an option to learn at your convenience.

Nevertheless, even if it is a weekend, thinking of traveling seems harsh. 

Consider yourself fortunate if the venue is close to your residence. 

The PRINCE2 course is always available online. You can be at ease to Learn & Revise any topic anytime. 

Training providers who give access to PRINCE2 online content are fewer. The classroom sessions are not recorded most of the time. 

Option to access the course from anywhere and at any time which suits you the best. 

The course schedules are fixed. 

Your availability time should match the time fixed as per the schedule. 

The cost for the PRINCE2 Online course is lower than the classroom sessions. 

The cost is four to five times - higher than online sessions.

Join PRINCE2 Foundation to set foot in a Project Management Career. 

PRINCE2 Foundation Syllabus 

The PRINCE2 Foundation syllabus covers the basic training schedule to build your base, terminology, vocabulary, and framework. It aims to make you understand how the work progresses in Project management environments.  

A) You will learn about the activities you need to handle as a Project Manager 

B) Seven Themes 

C) Seven Principles 

D) Project Tailoring Rules & Regulations, and more.  

Once you pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, you can be recognised as a qualifier for the PRINCE2 practitioner to gain momentum in project management. 

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Format 

The things you need to know about the PRINCE2 Foundation exams: 

1) The PRINCE2 Foundation exam consists of 60 questions with multiple-choice options. 

2) The maximum time limit set to complete the exam is 60 minutes. 

3) The aggregate mark to be obtained for passing the exam is 55%. For this, you must get at least 33 out of 60 questions correct.  

4) The exam is set to be in a closed-book format with only a few permitted materials. 


We hope that you have understood the need, benefits, qualifications, training, syllabus, and all the other details required to enrol as a PRINCE2 Foundation candidate.   

You can kickstart your journey to become a project management expert after you have gone through all the information provided about PRINCE2 Training. 

Become the most sought-after Project Manager in no time. To Pick Your Dream Career - Join PRINCE2 Training Now. 


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