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Table of Contents

PMP Study Materials and Resources for Exam

Are you a beginner or want to upskill in Project Management? We are sure you're perplexed while choosing the suitable PMP Study Material for passing the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. This feeling is not uncommon. PMP aspirants starting their preparation, are always baffled, looking for the best PMP Study Materials.

There is no doubt that in today's world of the internet, making a list of PMP exam study materials is more stressful. In fact, according to PMaspire, nearly 80% of candidates fail their first attempt at taking the PMP exam because of the lack of proper study materials.

With so many websites describing various materials for the PMP exam, it can easily confuse you. Hence, we have gone through all the PMP exam study materials and compiled the best ones that are cost-efficient and will save you time to a great extent.  

During your PMP exam preparation, you'll need study materials ranging from books to video to  PMP study guides to testing tools and techniques. This compilation of PMP Study Material will suit any learning style, from online or offline training to even if you're searching for PMP self-study material. Here are the Best PMP Study Materials required for your PMP exam prep to help you pass the exam and become a certified PMP professional.

Table of Contents

1) PMP Study Material – PMI Essentials 

2) PMP Study Material – Reference Books 

3) PMP Study Material – Must Have Resources 

4) PMP Sample Questions and Exam Simulator 

5) Additional PMP Resources 

6) Conclusion

PMP study Material – PMI Essentials 

The materials provided by PMI should be your first go-to materials to prepare for the PMP exam. These resources are available at no cost for the PMI members, and the non-members can purchase them according to their needs.

MP study Material – PMI Essentials

1) Exam Content Outline 

The Exam Content Online (ECO), released by Project Management Institute (PMI), outlines the syllabus for the PMP exam. It briefly describes the Project Management topics or domains tested in the exam. It gives the break-up of topics and their weightage in the exam. To avail of this, you need not be a member of the PMI. It is available for free on the official website.   

You can take the help of the ECO to track and understand your preparation level for the PMP exam. 

2) Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (PMBOK® Guide) 

This is a must-read read material for the PMP exam. There isn't one successful PMP out there who hasn't prepared this book thoroughly to pass the PMP certification exam. PMI publishes the PMBOK guide, and it's free for PMI members. It is also available in PDF form for hardcopy. The questions in the PMP exam are broadly testing the knowledge that you will learn from PMBOK.

PMP Training 

3) The Standard for Project Management 

The Standard for Project Management comes along with the PMBOK Guide. It covers 12 main principles for Project Management that you need to be well-versed in to handle any complex project. This section from PMBOK will assist you in applying Project Management best practices in your projects, focusing on bringing value to the business.   

4) Agile Practice Guide 

PMI and Agile Alliance have co-written the Agile Practice Guide. This is another section that comes within the PMBOK Guide. Reading this guide will help you understand Agile and Hybrid methods for Project Management. Half of the questions in the PMP exam are related to Agile and hybrid Project Management methodologies. If you are thorough with this book, it will ensure that you’re prepared to answer these questions.  

5) PMI Standards+ 

The PMI Standards+ is an online resource you can avail yourself of on the PMI website. It gives you an understanding of the best practices, tools, techniques and processes of Project Management. It is believed that anything crucial for the exam and missed in the current edition of PMBOK is included in the PMI Standards+. You cannot afford to miss this material to pass the PMP exam. 

6) PMI Code of Ethics

The PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct describes all the principles that you must adhere to as a PMP professional. You must be thinking, how is this a resource for the exam? Well! It is a vital resource for the PMP exam, as it gives you an understanding of the right things to do in difficult situations. This will help you in answering the scenario-based questions in the PMP exam. 

Begin your preparation from here – sign up for the Introduction to Project Management course!

PMP Study Material – Reference Books

You must supplement the PMBOK guide with a few more reference books to better understand concepts that you may find challenging. In addition to the PMBOK Guide, you can study either of these reference books to clear your doubts. 

1) Rita Mulcahy 

Rita Mulcahy authored this PMP exam preparation guide. It is considered the best book for the PMP exam after the PMBOK Guide.   

2) Andy Crowe 

Another well-known book, that can be used to evaluate your preparation one week before the exam. Plus, it gives you one week of online access to the Velociteach programme InSite.  

3) Head First PMP 

It is one of the most popular books for PMP exam preparation. This book explains concepts in simple language using text, images and graphics.  

4) Kim Heldman 

You can use this book to understand any concept of Project Management in detail. In this book, all the concepts are explained in phases. 

Check out our course to develop program and project management standards. Register in Program Management Professional (PgMP!  

PMP Study Material – Must Have Resources 

If you don’t have a CAPM certificate, PMI requires you to have 35 contact hours of training in Project Management. Below mentioned resources will help you meet this eligibility along with helping you to prepare for the PMP exam. These two 35-contact hours programs are online programs and are cost-efficient.  

1) PM PrepCast 

OSP International develops PM PrepCast. Once you attend the video sessions of the program and complete the chapter-end quizzes, you can download your 35-contact hour certificate. It enables you to confidently understand the key concepts, PMP tools, and techniques required to pass the exam.   

This program comes for 260 GBP. You will have access to this program until the PMP ECO changes. You can avail a free upgrade of this program if you buy the course within six months of the release of the new exam.   

2) PMP Training 

This PMP training course is reviewed and approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This course is provided by The Knowledge Academy, which will educate you on how to lead and manage even complex projects through every phase of the project until completion. This PMP certification training will ensure you are thorough with all the domains mentioned in the ECO. PMI® has approved The Knowledge Academy as an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) to provide Professional Development Units (PDUs).    

PMP Certification Training

PMP Sample Questions and Exam Simulator 

By now, we know the essential materials to study for the exam and other materials to supplement our studies. Now, let's go to the next section of essentials like question bank and mock tests that are crucial to be included in our study plan. 

1) Oliver Lehman’s 100 Questions 

It would help if you attempted to answer the questions in this book. This set of Oliver Lehman has a set of 100 questions. Most experts say that there is no doubt that you're ready for the PMP exam if you score above 70% on Oliver Lehman's tests. You can take these tests when your preparation is complete. Additionally, it is advised not to be scared if you score low on these tests, as they are designed to be complicated.   

2) Oliver Lehman’s 180 Questions

This is Oliver Lehman's second set, which includes 180 PMP exam practice questions. You can attempt these questions in the last phase of your preparation. These are available in pdf format, which you can download and use offline. Again, a 70% or higher score indicates that you are prepared for the exam. These questions are more complex than the PMP exam questions, so don't be discouraged if you get a lower score here. 

3) PMP Question Bank 

It is best to supplement your PMP preparation with PMP question books that are updated to the latest exam format. Use this resource as extra support and choose the question bank that suits your requirement. Choose the questions book to help you with the concepts you lack clarity in.

Additionally, you can find a PMP interview questions with answers here! 

4) PMP Mock Test 

Taking mock exams is the most effective way to prepare and is frequently cited as the best exam preparation study technique by PMP aspirants. You can access many free and paid mock PMP tests online and offline. Make sure that you give enough numbers of mock tests to evaluate your readiness for the PMP exam. Mock exams will give you more confidence because you will know what to expect from the PMP exam. 

5) Cornelius Fichtner’s PM Exam Simulator 

The PM Exam Simulator is a practice test that includes real questions from all project domains. Mr Cornelius Fichtner developed this Project Management Exam simulator. It contains a total of 2,100 sample PMP questions. You will have to pay around 138 GBP to avail this exam simulator for one month. 

6) Whizlabs’ PMP Exam Simulator 

Whizlabs has provided certification training since 2000 and created this PMP exam simulator. This contains approximately 1,300 questions aligned with the most recent PMP exam content outline. The simulator is entirely online and costs around 9 GBP. 

Learn more about the Waterfall Project Management methodology! Check out our Waterfall Project Management Course!  

Additional PMP resources 

These additional resources may not be essential, but many PMP aspirants find them helpful throughout their preparation. You can choose if you want to use these resources in your preparation based on your learning style.  

1) PMP brain dump sheet

 A PMP brain dump sheet is a document that contains key information related to the PMP examination. It typically consists of a list of formulas, processes and other information that would be useful for you to revise just before the examination.

The PMP brain dump sheet is typically handwritten or typed down and its sole purpose is to help you recall important information that you need to know before the PMP examination.

2) PMP Apps

Educational apps are becoming popular fast in this day and age and there are a lot of PMP examination related apps you can choose from. PMP Apps like PMP® Exam Prep Guide, PMstudy’s PMP® or PMP® Exam Trainer Free allow you to browse their study material. You can also get help with routine mock tests and questionnaires to assist you in exam preparation.

3) PMP flashcards

Flashcards are available in hardcopy or online, in which one side has the topic or concept written while the other has the definition and explanation. They help you in recalling any concept you have studied easily. You should make your flashcards and keep them with you all the time to test yourself in your spare time. 

4) PMP podcasts

Podcasts are available in both audio and video formats. You can have access to PMP podcasts wherever you go. Some of these are so detailed that they fall under PMI's Category F ("distance learning") for PMP Exam preparation courses, and it even offers 35 contact hours for PMP exam eligibility. 

5) PMP formulas

You can use the guides for PMP formulas for quick revision anywhere, anytime. It will help you recall formulas under pressure during the actual exam. 

6) Networking with PMP

Interaction with other professionals who own a PMP certification can be a game changer. You can talk to them and understand more about what to learn and from where. They can also serve as a mentor in your preparation. At the very least, you'll be able to speak with PMPs about how they managed their path to PMP certification. 

7) PMI circle

The benefit of PMI's toolkit is it will help you stay focused and motivated. Connect with your local PMI Chapter's colleagues. You could join a study group or discussion circle to help you prepare. 

8) PMP online forums

There is a ton of knowledge available on online forums today, many of which are free, thanks to the internet. In these forums, you can discuss how other students' test preparations are going or seek guidance from PMPs.


Passing the PMP exam will require a lot of effort and dedication. So, from whatever you choose to study, ensure you’re devoting enough time to the PMP exam preparation. We hope this blog has given you the right blend of PMP Study Materials. You can make alterations to this list based on your learning style. Comment below if you need more information or have doubts regarding any of the study materials mentioned above.   

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