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Table of Contents

Why I Needed ITIL and PRINCE2 Agile Certifications

Consider this: You know to drive a car but do not have a driving licence. You can now determine the value of certifications. Certifications are the key to landing a better Project Management office role. With the proper certifications, you can enhance your resume, professional development, chances for promotion, knowledge and new skillset. Choosing a certification like PRINCE2, ITIL, or PRINCE2 Agile is a wise move for gaining credibility and career growth.    

In this blog, we’ll look at how certification will assist you in processing and practising Project Management by understanding the management changes and roles in detail. 

Table of Contents

1) ITIL- A New World Framework

2) PRINCE2 Agile – Hybrid Project Management Style

3) Now We Will Discuss Certifications and Their Benefits 

4) Conclusion 

ITIL® Training

ITIL- A New World Framework 

ITIL, or Information technology infrastructure library, is a framework in IT Service Management for operations and services. ITIL has established itself more in the real world with its ITIL 4 version since 2019. ITIL is a methodology that focuses on delivering IT services. ITIL helps IT businesses in- 

a) Risk management 

b) Customer relations 

c) To establish a cost-effective strategy 

d) Design a secure IT environment 

The purpose of ITIL is to ensure effective and consistent service delivery. The core components of ITIL are Service Value System (SVS) and Four Dimension Model. The ITIL SVS enables the organisation to create value as a system. The elements of ITIL SVS are defined below. 

a) ITIL Guiding Principles: Guides every business independent of its objectives, strategy, work kind, or management structure, in any situation. 

b) ITIL Service Value Chain: These interconnected activities facilitate the service chain by delivering valuable products and services. 

c) Governance: The methods used to direct and control an organisation.

d) Continuous improvement: This is the incremental process to perform organisational tasks that guarantee performance and satisfy stakeholders. 

e) ITIL Practices: Groups of organisational tools created for carrying out tasks or achieving goals.

ITIL Service Value System

The four-dimensional model of ITIL service ensures the balance between organisation & people, stakeholders & suppliers, information & technology, and processes. 

The benefits of ITIL are: 

a) Strengthens the IT and business ailments 

b) Enhanced delivery of both products and services 

c) Cost-effective (by utilising the resources to the fullest) 

d) Enhanced IT cost and asset visibility 

e) A better approach to managing a company’s risk and service interruption  

f) Secured service environment that can support ongoing business change 

g) Across the globe, people started to trust and adopt ITIL services for efficient IT and service management. 

The IT professionals can benefit from ITIL 4 Specialist: Create Deliver And Support CDS Training course, now. 

PRINCE2 Agile – Hybrid Project Management Style 

PRINCE2 or PRojects IN Controlled Environments is an effective process and product-based Project management approach. PRINCE2 framework facilitates time and cost management and delivers products with better scope, quality and benefits. The Agile approach focuses on software development and management incrementally. PRINCE2 Agile is the combination of PRINCE2 and Agile approaches in Project Management. This dual framework is widely preferred by organisations when the management wants to change its operational strategy by embracing Agile. PRINCE2 Agile offers practitioners the adaptive lifecycle to control and govern the project for the fast delivery of projects. PRINCE2 Agile focuses on   

a) Products 

b) Continuous  Justification for businesses  

c) Learn from Experience  

d) Managing various project stages  

e) Tailored environment  

f) Exception  

g) Defined roles & responsibilities  

PRINCE2 Agile will help you to understand Scrum/Kanban development in the Agile process and how it fits Project Management in the control strategy. PRINCE2Agile in Project Management maximises the benefits, as it is open-minded and considers several methods rather than adhering to a single framework. When development teams learn about PRINCE2 documentation and process flow, they realise the larger context in which we are all working and how important it is for them to play a part in creating a complete product.  

Professionals who wish to enhance their skills in the Project Management discipline can register for PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner Training Now.

PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation  

Now We will Discuss on Certifications and its Career Benefits 

The certifications always add benefits to your career path. Here you are going through a learning phase that enhances your knowledge and skills. These certificates or not just gained by attending courses. Clearing exams earn them. This makes your actual professional expertise. It identifies you among your colleagues and paves the way for your career growth. There are other benefits to an organisation supporting professional certification. They are:    

a) Business partners can view the workforce's skill level   

b) Demonstrates the company's capability to complete the task. 

Some of the most common certification in ITIL and PRINCE2 Agile are: 

1) ITIL4 Foundation Certification Training Courses 

2) ITIL4 Strategist: Direct, Plan And Improve DPI 

3) ITIL4 Leader: Digital And IT Strategy DITS

4) PRINCE2 Agile Foundation And Practitioner

5) PRINCE2 Agile Foundation  

Having a wide range of certificates paves the route for your success by assisting you in determining your goals. This holds a professional foundation for expanding your knowledge and searching for a specific position. Knowledge is crucial above all. The certifications will significantly aid you in better recognition and work management. 

Those who wish to be involved in learning the diagnosis problems, you can master the Root Cause Analysis Training now.


Whether an organisation is looking to transform or you want to change, in both ways, certificates are the best solution. We discussed how the certificate would enhance your career and details on ITIL and PRINCE2 Agile courses. Suppose you are among the crowd who has professional certification and wants to upgrade it to the next level or considering acquiring a professional certification. Then, go ahead with The Knowledge Academy profession courses in ITIL Training and PRINCE2 Training  

Good luck with your new beginning! 

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