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CCSP Exam Cost and Related Details

Are you curious to know about the CCSP Exam Cost? Before you start your journey to become a Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), knowing aspects such as exam cost is essential. The cost of CCSP Exam stands at £483, covering the comprehensive exam that tests your knowledge across six critical cloud security domains. Successfully passing the CCSP exam demonstrates your expertise in cloud security and paves the way for exciting career opportunities in this rapidly evolving field. This blog provides valuable insights into the cost associated with the CCSP Exam Cost.   

Table of Contents

1) How much does CCSP Exam cost? 

2) Additional costs for CCSP 

   a) CCSP training cost 

   b) CCSP renewal fee 

3) Conclusion 

How much does CCSP Exam cost? 

For professionals, the CCSP Certification can open doors to exciting opportunities and help you make a career in cloud security. Offered by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC2), earning this prestigious credential requires meeting eligibility requirements and successfully passing the CCSP Exam. As part of the process, professionals need to pay an exam fee of £483 to ISC2. This fee is essential to securing your exam spot and obtaining the coveted certificate. After payment, professionals can:   

a) Schedule their exam appointment 

b) Select a date within a range of three months from the application date 

c) Allocate a timeframe for exam preparation 

In addition to the fee of £483, you might have to bear additional costs associated with preparing for the CCSP. These can include study materials, practice exams, training courses, and any other resources you might find helpful during your preparation journey. While these additional costs are not mandatory, they can significantly contribute to your readiness and confidence when preparing for the test. Investing in quality study materials and training resources can help you successfully pass the exam and, ultimately in your cloud security career. Remember to consider these factors when planning for the overall cost of pursuing the CCSP Certification.

CCSP Certified Cloud Security Professional Training

Additional costs for CCSP 

Before becoming a CCSP-certified professional, it's essential to know about the costs involved. The three main additional costs are training program fees, exam costs, and ongoing renewal fees. The training program fees can vary depending on where you take the training. ISC2 sets the costs and must be paid to give the test. You have to spend money on study materials from well-known authors to stay updated. 

CCSP training cost 

CCSP training costs can vary based on where you receive your training. The training fees are inclusive of the cost of the program that prepares you for the certification exam. The training provider determines these fees and can differ according to the location. Researching and comparing different training options is important to find the one within your budget that offers high-quality preparation for the exam.  

The cost of CCSP Certification Training typically falls within the range of 960 GBP to 1530 GBP. Professionals must select a reputable training provider to enhance their cloud skills effectively. Attending a training session is highly beneficial as it provides a structured learning experience that might be challenging to grasp through self-paced learning alone. Joining a training allows professionals to gain valuable insights into advanced practices and current trends in cloud security. This comprehensive training equips individuals with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the exam and succeed in their cloud security careers.   

Improve career prospects in the field of cloud security with CCSP Certified Cloud Security Professional Training course today. Join now! 

CCSP renewal fee 

Certified Cloud Security Professionals prove their commitment and reliability by acquiring Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. These credits are earned by engaging in approved activities recognised by ISC2. To keep their CCSP Certificate active, professionals must accumulate 90 CPEs over a span of three years. Additionally, an annual maintenance fee of 101 GBP is required by ISC2 at the end of each year.   

These obligations ensure that CCSP-certified professionals stay up-to-date with the latest cloud security advancements and maintain their expertise in the field. Keeping track of CPEs and fulfilling renewal requirements is essential to renew the active status of the certification and avail of its career Benefits of CCSP.  


We hope this blog provides you a detailed understanding of CCSP Exam Cost. It also gives you an idea of the additional associated costs. Being aware of these costs helps you plan and budget for your journey effectively.  

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