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ISO 14097 Greenhouse Gas Management Exam

ISO 14097 Greenhouse Gas Management Training​ Course Outline

Module 1: Getting Started with ISO 14097

  • Why Do We Need ISO Standards for Climate Change?
  • Who Benefits from ISO Standards for Climate Change?
  • Benefits of ISO Standards for Climate Change
  • Scope
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Principles

Module 2: Framework for Disclosing a Financier’s Climate Change Risks and Opportunities

  • Financier’s Business, Strategy, and Financial Planning for Short, Medium, and Long Term
    • Identification of Climate Risks and Opportunities for Short, Medium, and Long Term
    • Financiers’ Governance of Climate-Risks and Opportunities
    • Influence of Climate Change Risks on Financier’s Business and Strategy
    • Investees’ Climate Change Risks and Opportunities
  • Targets Related to Climate Risks and Opportunities
  • Managing Climate Change Risks
  • Metrics and Methodologies Utilised the Short, Medium, and Long Term

Module 3: Assessing the Impact of a Financier’s Climate Action

  • Climate Strategy and Policy
  • Climate Action Planning and Documentation
    • Defining Attributes of the Climate Action Taken
    • Defining the Climate Action
    • Expected Outputs and Outcomes of the Climate Action
    • Expected Impact of the Climate Action
  • Monitoring of the Climate Action and Respective Outputs, Outcomes, and Impacts
  • Assessment of the Impact of the Financier’s Climate Action
  • Reporting on the Financier’s Climate Action(s)

Module 4: Objectives, Documentation, Record Keeping, and Validation

  • Assessing and Reporting the GHG Emissions Associated with the Actions of the Financier
  • Document Retention and Record Keeping
  • Verification and Validation

Module 5: Case Study

  • Assessment of the Alignment with Climate Goals
  • Climate-Related Risk Assessment
  • Green Investments

Module 6: Review of Existing Standards

  • ISO Standards
  • Other Organisation’s Standards
  • Disclosure Framework Standardising Disclosure Practices
  • Gap Analysis
  • Additional Framework to Consider

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Who should attend this ISO 14097 Greenhouse Gas Management Training Course?

The ISO 14097 Greenhouse Gas Management Course aims to provide professionals with the knowledge to effectively manage and mitigate Greenhouse gas emissions within organisations. This course can be beneficial for some professionals like:

  • Environmental Managers
  • Sustainability Officers
  • Carbon Managers
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Managers
  • Energy Managers
  • Consultants
  • Supply Chain Managers

Prerequisites of the ISO 14097 Greenhouse Gas Management Training Course

There are no formal prerequisites for this ISO 14097 Greenhouse Gas Management Course. 

ISO 14097 Greenhouse Gas Management Training​ Course Overview

ISO 14097:2021 GHG Management for Green Finance is published by International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) to provide a standard framework that covers principles and requirements for evaluating, reporting funding, and financing projects for climate change. ISO 14097 standard aims to assist organisations in estimating and reporting green finance investments and align their financial ventures with the climate goals. This standard helps investors evaluate and report on their progress and understand the real value of their contribution to climate goals. This ISO 14097 training will enable learners to begin policy support, engage with investee organisations, and use their influencing power to promote green finance in their investment plans.

This 1-day ISO 14097 training is designed by our experienced professionals to provide delegates with the knowledge to implement ISO 14097 standard into practice. This course covers terms and definitions, principles, frameworks for assessing and disclosing climate-related goals, and much more. Delegates will gain comprehensive knowledge about climate action planning and documentation, document retention, record keeping, verification and validation, etc. This training will be conducted by our experienced trainer, who will help delegates comprehend the concepts of ISO 14097 and master its frameworks.

Other than the above topics, delegates will also learn the following:

  • Financiers' governance of climate risks and opportunities
  • Metrics and methodologies utilised the short, medium, and long term
  • Assessment of the impact of the financier's climate action
  • Targets related to climate risks and opportunities
  • Expected outcomes and impact of the climate action

After attending this comprehensive training, delegates will be able to evaluate, measure, observe and report on investments and funding ventures concerning climate change and the transformation towards a low-carbon economy. They will also be able to set certain objectives and define criteria for tracking progress associated with investees' low-carbon transition pathways.

Delegates interested in enhancing their understanding of prevailing international standards to ensure the quality and consistency of processes across organisations can attend more training courses like ISO 9001 Training, ISO 27001 Training, ISO 14001 Training, and more courses from our extensive course catalogue.

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What’s included in this ISO 14097 Greenhouse Gas Management Training Course?

  • ISO 14097 Greenhouse Gas Management Training Examination
  • World-Class Training Sessions from Experienced Instructors 
  • ISO 14097 Greenhouse Gas Management Certificate
  • Digital Delegate Pack


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ISO 14097 Greenhouse Gas Management Exam Information 

To achieve the ISO 14097 Greenhouse Gas Management Training, candidates will need to sit for an examination. The exam format is as follows:  

  • Question Type: Multiple Choice  
  • Total Questions: 30  
  • Total Marks: 30 Marks  
  • Pass Mark: 50%, or 15/30 Marks  
  • Duration: 40 Minutes 

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ISO 14097 Training FAQs

ISO 14097:2021 is a global standard designed for GHG (Greenhouse Gas) management and frameworks, including principles, requirements, and guidance for evaluating and reporting funding and financing activities for climate change.
ISO 14097 standard plays a critical role in an organisation for the financier's evaluation of the impact of financing and lending arrangements and direct them to set business goals.
Green finance is an organised economic venture built to secure better environmental results. Green financing plays a vital role in achieving sustainable development goals. It is being used in both public and private sector organisations to coordinate international monetary policies to sustainable development programmes.
During this training, you will learn various concepts such as scope, terms and definitions, principles, description of principles, etc. You will also learn about ISO 14097 frameworks for managing and accessing climate change risks, opportunities, and the impact of financier's climate action on climate goals, and many more.
This ISO 14097 training will help you advance your career in Green Finance and enable you to climb up the ladder of success in terms of value and career opportunities.
Please see our ISO 14097 Training courses available in the United Kingdom
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider for ISO 14097 Training.
The price for ISO 14097 Training certification in the United Kingdom starts from £1295.

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"Really good course and well organised. Trainer was great with a sense of humour - his experience allowed a free flowing course, structured to help you gain as much information & relevant experience whilst helping prepare you for the exam"

Joshua Davies, Thames Water

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