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Before you take the exam you must undertake a series of modules and sit an exam at the end of each one. Here the details of each option and the exam structures are outlined.



  • The major drivers for the development of COBIT 5.

  • The business benefits of COBIT 5.

  • The COBIT 5 Product Architecture.

  • The Governance and Management of Enterprise IT and the IT management issues and challenges that affect enterprises.

  • The 5 Key Principles of COBIT 5.

  • How COBIT 5 processes and Process Reference Model (PRM) help create the 5 Principles and the 7 Governance and Management Enablers.

  • How to create awareness with business executives and senior IT Management.

  • How to assess the current state of Enterprise IT in your organisation.

  • The basic concepts for the implementation of COBIT 5 and of the new Process Assessment Model (PAM).

  • How to scope what aspects of COBIT 5 would be appropriate to implement


COBIT Foundation Exam

• Multiple choice

• Closed book

• 50 questions

• 40 minutes

• Pass mark is 50%