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Table of Contents

Understanding Scrum Tools

Scrum Tools are a critical aspect of the Scrum Project Management framework that enables teams to collaborate, plan, and execute efficiently. The Scrum methodology emphasises teamwork, continuous improvement, and using the right set of tools to achieve project goals effectively.However, finding the right tool for your project team can be challenging with so many options available.  

According to the KPMG Global Agile Survey​ 77% of businesses reported using Agile methodologies in some way or another. Therefore, understanding Scrum Tools is crucial to making an informed decision. Choosing the right tools can significantly improve your team's productivity, collaboration, and overall success.  

In this blog, we will discuss Scrum Tools, things to consider before choosing the best Scrum Tools and list some of the most popular Scrum Tools available in the market. 

Table of Contents

1) What is Scrum?

2) What is the use of Scrum Tools?

3) Things you should consider while choosing Scrum Tools 

4) Top 16 Scrum Tools

     a) Asana  

     b) ClickUp

     c) Jira  

     d) ActiveCollab  

     e) Microsoft Azure Board  

     f) Infinity  

     g) MeisterTask  

     h) Nutcache  

     i) OrangeScrum  

     j) Trello  

5) Conclusion 

What is Scrum? 

Scrum is an Agile framework that assists in the development and delivery of products. It breaks down a large and complex project into smaller steps that can be completed within time-boxed iterations called Sprints. These Scrum Sprints usually last for 2-4 weeks. Towards the end of each Sprint, the team members gather customer feedback and incorporate their suggestions before proceeding with the development. The product teams in Scrum utilise a digital whiteboard (Scrum board) to supervise their tasks and sprint goals, ensuring they keep up with the fast-paced development work. Additionally, the framework employs a "Scrum of Scrum" approach for effective communication and coordination between multiple teams working on interconnected projects.

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What is the use of Scrum Tools? 

Scrum Tools are software that helps manage projects and organise teams more efficiently. The main function of a Scrum Tool is to break down larger projects into smaller, more manageable chunks. This enables tracking progress through each development stage and managing product backlogs.  

Scrum Tools enable efficient collaboration by providing a central platform for communication, monitoring progress, and assigning tasks, aligning with the coordination of Scrum Roles. Online Scrum Tools empower teams to work remotely on any project and quickly address any issues or potential roadblocks.

Things you should consider while choosing Scrum Tools 

From efficient collaboration to monitoring progress, there are many Advantages of Scrum Tools.

a) Easy to use: The Scrum Tool should be easily understood by everyone on the team, regardless of their technical background. It should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and comprehend. 

b) Customisation: A good Scrum Tool should be highly customisable to fit the team's workflows and needs. It should be able to accommodate the team's unique processes and methodologies rather than requiring the team to adapt to a rigid system. 

c) Compatibility: Before selecting a Scrum Tool, it's important to ensure that it is compatible with your team's existing technology. It should be able to integrate with other tools, such as Project Management software, communication tools, and database software. 

d) Specifications: The tool should have specifications that facilitate collaboration among team members. It should enable detailed reporting and provide clear visibility into the status of the project, allowing any team member to track progress, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions. An excellent tool will also provide insight into each team member's performance. 

e) Security and Support: It's essential to ensure that the Scrum Tool you choose has strong security features to protect your team's sensitive data. The tool should include features such as two-factor authentication, encryption, and access control to prevent unauthorised access. In the event of any security issues, there should be comprehensive support resources available, including documentation, tutorials, and customer support. You should be able to get help quickly and efficiently if you encounter any issues or security loopholes. 

Top 16 Scrum Tools 

Here are the 16 best Scrum Tools to keep your team organised and efficient and deliver high-quality products successfully: 

1) Asana 

Asana is among the top Scrum Tools used majorly by small businesses. It can be scaled up as your organisation grows and can be accessed through mobile and web software to help teams manage projects and tasks efficiently. As a cloud-based software, the whole team can access the project backlog and tasks remotely.  

Asana offers task-assigning features, allowing users to assign tasks to specific team members and clearly define responsibilities. Another useful feature is progress tracking, which enables users to mark tasks as “done” to easily distinguish between completed and to-do tasks.  

The basic version of Asana is free for up to 15 members, while the paid version offers unlimited +dashboards and guest member support for around £8.92. For businesses with advanced integration support with Salesforce and other enterprise services, Asana charges around £20.29.

Asana Tool for Scrum

2) ClickUp 

ClickUp is a powerful Scrum Tool that helps the team stay organised, collaborate effectively, and boost their productivity. It is simple and easy to use and provides customisable options for enterprises. It allows enterprise-level businesses to organise tasks in their own ways, including lists, boards, and calendars. ClickUp allows users to customise their workspace by choosing from a variety of themes and colours.   

ClickUp offers a range of features, including time tracking and integrations with other tools like Slack, Trello, Google Drive, and calendars. This helps you to get a clear view of upcoming deadlines and tasks, making it easier to plan ahead. Another good feature of ClickUp is that a team member can leave comments and feedback on any task. This helps keep everyone from the Scrum Team on the same page.    

ClickUp offers five plans ranging from a free version to an enterprise one. The Free version supports 100 MB storage with unlimited tasks, but there is a limitation of dashboards. They charge around 4.06 GBP for the unlimited version supporting unlimited dashboards and some more features. The Business version costs around 9.74 GBP and is best suited for mid-sized teams. ClickUp also offers Business Plus plan at 15.42 GBP and customised Enterprise plans at a variable price for small and large teams accordingly.

ClickUp in Scrum

3) Jira 

Jira is a software tool that helps teams plan, track, manage, and assign tasks, allowing them to stay organised and focused on their goals. Although it is widely used in software development, it can be used for other types of projects as well. Jira's customisable workflows enable teams to handle projects flexibly. It assists in adding or removing tasks from the board based on the changing priorities. 

Jira can be designed to suit Agile methodologies like Scrum, allowing teams to break down projects into smaller chunks and set priorities. Further, it helps in continuously delivering value to customers. The software also offers integration with other tools like GitHub, Bitbucket, and Confluence, allowing for collaboration and information sharing across different platforms. 

Jira offers a free version with 2 GB of storage and access for up to 10 users. The Standard version costs around 6.29 GBP, supporting up to 35,000 users and 250 GB of storage. The Premium version costs around 12.38 GBP, providing services to unlimited users along with unlimited storage. Additionally, the software offers an Enterprise version where you can choose the features you need, and the price will be tailored based on your requirements.

Jira in Scrum

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4) ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab is a versatile and user-friendly software that helps teams manage projects, collaborate effectively, and stay organised. Its customisable approach allows teams of all sizes to make changes according to their specific needs. The software's unique feature of time-tracking helps team members to monitor their time spent on a specific task. This feature also generates reports that can be used to identify and analyse areas for improvement and ensure that projects are on track. 

ActiveCollab enables teams to create an unlimited number of projects and import existing projects from other tools such as Asana, Trello, Wrike, and Basecamp. The software also includes communication tools that allow teams to stay connected, share files, send messages and collaborate on documents. This feature ensures that everyone has access to the information they need to complete their work effectively. 

ActiveCollab offers three different packages, including the ‘Plus’, ‘Pro’ and ‘Pro+Get Paid’. The free version of ActiveCollab offers access to up to three members with 1 GB of storage and limited features. The ‘Plus’ version offers access to up to three members with 10 GB of storage. The ‘Pro’ version offers unlimited access to team members and 125 GB of storage. Finally, the ‘Pro+Get Paid’ version provides every support that the software offers, along with additional customisable features.

ActiveCollab in Scrum

5) Microsoft Azure Board 

Microsoft Azure Board is a Project Management tool designed for enterprises that are using the Azure ecosystem. This software allows teams to create tasks and manage product backlogs, user stories, bugs and tasks.

Azure Board provides a visual way to track the progress of work, with customisable options to suit specific needs. Moreover, its integration with DevOps tools in the Azure ecosystem offers a seamless experience for teams using Azure services. 

Teams using Azure Board can customise the dashboard and reports to track progress, identify issues and make data-driven decisions. The software also integrates with popular communication tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams to make communication easy between team members.

Azure Board comes with Microsoft Security, providing unbreakable security, and offers more than a thousand extensions. When you just start out on this tool, you will see Microsoft Azure Board offers a free trial period of 30 days. After that, it is available as a part of the Microsoft Office 365 service package.

Microsoft Azure Board in Scrum

6) Infinity 

Infinity is a Project Management tool that is designed to help teams and individuals manage their projects efficiently. This all-in-one platform offers multiple features that make Project Management easy. With the Infinity tool, creating, assigning, and tracking tasks is easy due to its Scrum Template features. The software provides multiple view options such as Columns, Tables, Calendars, Gantt, Lists, and Forms. Additionally, it has around 20 custom attributes like Date, Labels, Checkboxes, Text, Long text, Checklist, Links, Attachments, and many more. 

Infinity offers multiple customisable workflows that allow you to create a process that is specific to your projects. You can create filters, group, sort, reorder, create templates, and automate processes accordingly. The software provides real-time insights into your project by tracking progress and identifying bottlenecks, enabling you to make informed decisions. Infinity provides flexibility and adaptability to the teams, enabling them to respond to changes quickly. 

Infinity provides their Basic service for 3.04 GBP, allowing access to 10 members with 25 GB of storage. The Pro version comes for 4.86 GBP with Gantt and Chart view, allowing access to up to 10 members and 50 GB of storage. Infinity also offers an unlimited version for around 59.94 GBP with 100 GB of storage and access for unlimited users. Additionally, an Enterprise version is available with customised features for each member of the team, workspaces, and storage support.

Infinity in Scrum

7) MeisterTask 

MeisterTask is a user-friendly Project Management software that helps teams organise and manage their tasks efficiently. With MeisterTask, users can create tasks and assign them to team members while also limiting the workload of everyone. The software utilises project boards, which allow users to visualise their tasks on a Kanban-style board. Users can move tasks across different stages of the project and collaborate with team members in real-time. 

MeisterTask offers integration with popular tools such as Outlook, Google Drive, and Dropbox, enabling users to keep their data in one place and seamlessly switch between tools. Additionally, the software provides various reports such as burndown charts and time tracking reports, giving insights into team progress and identifying areas for improvement. 

MeisterTask offers two versions - the ‘Meister Bundle Pro’ and the ‘Meister Bundle Business’. The Pro version supports Google Workspace integration with a workflow automation feature. The Business version is fully customisable and allows for end-to-end workflow management for teams.

MeisterTask in Scrum

8) Nutcache 

Nutcache is a web-based Project Management software that helps teams and businesses streamline their project workflows. It offers a comprehensive range of features designed to support planning and tracking the progress of the project. Nutcache allows the team to create and manage project plans, including task lists, schedules, and milestones in colour-coded schedules. Nutcache lets users set project budgets and track expenses such as labour costs and other expenses. This feature helps the team to stay within their budget and keep a check on expenses.     

Nutcache allows users to create subtasks and checklists by breaking down the project into Sprints. Further, you can also move the tasks according to priority and duplicate the existing ones as the Scrum framework breaks the project into sprints and repeats it till the project gets completed. Nutcache offers that framework by offering a feature to create recurring tasks, which helps you to create a task that repeats after a certain time. With all the features, you can say that Nutcache provides collaboration, transparency, and efficiency.     

Nutcache offers three plans that are Free, Pro, Enterprise, and Corporate. The free version restricts the software to be used by up to 20 members of a team. Nutcache charges around 10.14 GBP for the Pro version, which allows unlimited users and task automation. The Enterprise version comes at 17.44 GBP with workload management and custom budget alerts. The Corporate version allows full customisation according to your organisation, and the price varies accordingly.

Nutcache software

9) OrangeScrum 

OrangeScrum is a powerful Project Management software with a Scrum-centric approach. It is designed to help teams of all sizes manage their projects efficiently. It does this by breaking down large projects into smaller, manageable tasks that can be completed in short iterations. This approach helps teams prioritise tasks, stay focused, and respond quickly to changes and issues that may arise during the project's lifecycle. 

As an open-source and cloud-based tool, OrangeScrum is easy to use and provides a variety of features. Teams can build custom workflows or use inbuilt features to manage their projects effectively. One of the key features of OrangeScrum is the ability to track the time spent on each task, estimate future tasks, and generate reports based on time spent. The software also offers various collaboration features, including team messaging, project discussions, and file sharing. 

OrangeScrum offers four different packages to its users. The free version allows access to up to 3 users with 100 MB of storage. The Startup package costs around 6.49 GBP and provides access to up to 5 users with 5 GB of storage. The software also offers access to up to 500 users at varied prices. Their Enterprise version is available for white-labelling at variable prices, according to the organisation's needs.

OrangeScrum Tool

10) Trello 

Trello is a user-friendly web-based Project Management tool that is designed to assist individuals and teams in managing large projects. It has a simple interface, and its visual nature makes it easy to organise an infinite number of boards at once. Trello utilises boards consisting of lists, cards, and labels to plan and track sprints. Users can move cards between lists to indicate progress, add due dates and attachments, and assign specific tasks to team members.  

One of the key features of Trello is its real-time collaboration functionality, which allows team members to work together on projects. Users can leave comments and feedback on tasks, label tasks in specific colours for easy identification, and mention team members in the comments section. Trello also seamlessly integrates with various other tools, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, and GitHub, making it easy for teams to access and share files, communicate, and manage projects.  

Trello provides its services in various packages, ranging from Free to Enterprise. The Free version allows up to 10 boards within a workspace. The Standard package, available at around 4 GBP, offers access to unlimited boards and unlimited storage. Trello's Premium package, available at around 8 GBP, provides admin controls. Their Enterprise package is priced variably based on the organisation's specific needs.

Trello in Scrum

11) Yodiz 

Yodiz is a useful tool for teams seeking to streamline their Project Management processes. Its approach to Project Management focuses on collaboration, allowing teams to work together seamlessly and adapt to changes quickly. Yodiz supports Scrum methodologies, enabling teams to manage projects in a repetitive cycle. 

Yodiz provides a detailed task management system, including creating, assigning, and tracking tasks throughout the project lifecycle. This Scrum Tool also allows team members to track the time spent on each task, providing valuable insights into project progress and team productivity. Yodiz's reporting and analytics dashboard is helpful in monitoring project progress and making data-driven decisions, as well as identifying areas for improvement. 

Yodiz offers various packages for different team sizes. Their Starter version is free and offers access to a maximum of three users with limited features. The Issue Tracker package offers free apps and integrations at £2.43 per user. Their best Value package costs £4, offering a complete agile solution. For complete customisation, you can contact Yodiz for their Self Hosted plan.

Yodiz in Scrum

12) Zoho Sprints 

Zoho Sprints is a Project Management software that helps teams plan, track, collaborate, report, and customise their projects. This Scrum Tool is designed to provide an agile approach to Project Management, allowing teams to be flexible and adaptable in the planning and execution of projects. Zoho Sprints enables teams to visualise their work, track progress, and identify bottlenecks that need to be addressed. 

Zoho Sprints provide a backlog feature that is a list of tasks that need to be prioritised and completed. This feature helps the team to add new tasks to the backlog, prioritise them, and assign them to a specific team member. With the help of this tool, a team can plan their Sprints and time-bound a specific piece of task. It helps to complete the Sprint and the project on time. 

Zoho Sprints allows user-based pricing and comes in three different packages. It starts from £0.69, which is the Starter pack offering 20 GB of storage. The Elite pack comes in at around £1.72 with 50 GB of storage and access to unlimited projects. Zoho’s Premier pack comes at around £3.45 with 100 GB of storage and access to unlimited projects.

Zoho in Scrum


13) ScrumDo

ScrumDo is a tool that helps teams manage their workflow processes using modern workflow management processes, including Scrum, Kanban, and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) SAFe (agile at scale). There are three pricing plans available:

a) The small Team Plan is ideal for single users or very small teams. It allows team members to visualise and manage their workflow processes. 

b) The Business Plan is designed for teams of 10 to 90 users. This plan helps teams collaborate and coordinate across multiple workflows.

c) The Enterprise Plan is for companies or agencies with more than 90 users. As you would expect, this plan integrates with popular tools such as Jira, Basecamp, Slack, and GitHub to support larger teams.

14) Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is one the most straightforward Agile management tools in the market. The flow is simple, consisting of an ICEBOX, CURRENT ITERATION, AND DONE, with simple states consisting of Started, Finished, Delivered, and accepted. Pivotal Tracker provides a simple User X Interface for users with integrations such as GitHub and Slack. This tool best suits little projects and startups managing software flow.  

Pivotal Tracker has four different pricing plans on offer:

a) Free: This plan makes Pivotal  is completely one of the free Scrum Tools, available for teams with 1-5 employees. It includes unlimited access to core features, as well as unlimited read-only seats. However, there is a limit of five projects.

b) Startup: This plan is designed for teams with 6-10 employees and includes unlimited projects.

c) Standard: For teams with 11 or more members, the Standard Plan is the best option.

d) Enterprise: This plan is customisable with , and features like single sign-on, full-project history, a dedicated customer success manager, and organisation-visible projects are on offer. It also allows you to assign visibility to specific team members for each project.

15) Scrumwise

Scrumwise offers all the essential features you expect from a typical Scrum Tool. You can effortlessly manage your backlog using lists, tags, and filters. You can create epics, which serve as an overarching story to help your Scrum Master monitor smaller user stories and keep your product roadmap on track.

 With subtasks and checklists, you can easily divide the work. You can manage your sprints and identify if any team is overburdened with tasks. Additionally, you can manage team vacations or weekend work with ease. Scrumwise also allows you to create simple task boards. One of the best features of Scrumwise is its burndown charts, which factor in vacations, weekend work, and different time zones, making it a reliable tool for monitoring the progress of your project.

16) Smartsheet

Smartsheet is an efficient project management tool that can be used for both single projects and end-to-end work management. It offers a spreadsheet-style scrum tool that enables you to manage workflows and enhance collaboration. However, it may be a challenging tool for beginners to navigate.

Some of the essential features of Smartsheet are workflow automation, task and budget tracking, and integration with other tools such as Google Drive and Salesforce. Additionally, the platform offers multiple views such as grid, card, Gantt, and calendar to provide a more comprehensive view of your project.


Choosing the right Scrum Tools can make a significant difference in the productivity and efficiency of your team. It is important to identify the specific needs and requirements of your team and project to select the most appropriate tool. Ultimately, the success of any project depends on the people involved and their commitment to working together towards a common goal. 

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