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Top Prince2 Foundation books to read for prince2 certification

Top 5 PRINCE2 Foundation Books to Read for PRINCE2 Certification 

PRINCE2 is one of the most well-known and recognised Project Management certifications. In more than 150 countries, there are approximately more than a million qualified PRINCE2 practitioners. More than 180,000 people took the certification examinations last year, with 77% of them taking them in Europe. In the UK, there are now 135 more permanent positions citing PRINCE2 than there were in 2016 and 630 more than there were in 2013. 

The greatest method to advance your career in project management is by adding a reliable certification. Since there are no prerequisites for the Foundation course, PRINCE2 is a choice that is suitable for beginners. Anyone who passes the PRINCE2 Foundation examination can earn a certification. Whether or not you have signed up for a course, you should consult resources to remove any ambiguity and improve your understanding prior to taking the test. 

You can rely on several resources, starting with AXELOS. You can also choose from a variety of publications that will aid in improving your understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology and helping you prepare for the examination in addition to reviewing the procedure and becoming familiar with the exam structure. You can master PRINCE2 Certification by studying the books listed below.

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List of Top 5 PRINCE2 Foundation Books to Read for PRINCE2 Certification  

1) PRINCE2 Study Guide 

2) PRINCE2 Foundation Study Guide 

3) PRINCE2 Practitioner Book 

4) PRINCE2 Agile Book 

5) PRINCE2 for Dummies 

1) PRINCE2 Study Guide by David Hinde- 

This book, which was originally released in 2012 and has been revised to reflect the 2017 modifications, is a dependable source for professionals aiming to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner tests. Along with advice and strategies for passing the PRINCE2 examinations, it includes practise tests and access to online test preparation software. All programme components are covered, and a huge amount of useful, real-world examples are provided for your reference. This book may provide you with the perspective you need to use PRINCE2 effectively in your projects before enrolling in the PRINCE2 Foundation Courses. 

For companies including the BBC, Deloitte, and the UK Government, David Hinde has experience working on extensive PRINCE2 projects. Additionally, he has instructed thousands of PRINCE2 specialists. 

2) PRINCE2 Foundation Study Guide by Frank Turley- 

Passing the foundation exam is the first step in earning the PRINCE2 Certification. This tool is intended to help you pass the exam by concentrating only on the Foundation section of PRINCE2. This PRINCE2 book is unquestionably the one that you should read if you're seeking for a source that focuses completely on the exam itself. 

Frank Turley, a PRINCE2 Instructor and Mentor has educated more than 13,000 professionals. 

3) PRINCE2 Practitioner Book by Colin Bentley- 

This book explains how PRINCE2 implementation can significantly improve the beginning of your project. Through the use of original case studies, this Practical Handbook is a useful tool for understanding how to apply the PRINCE2 approach to various projects. Given that it was authored by a person who had a significant role in the creation of the PRINCE2 methodology, this is one of the more reliable PRINCE2 Practitioner publications. Since 1970, Colin Bentley has managed projects. In 1996, he created the first PRINCE2 guidebook. He has authored more than 20 books, most of which are about the PRINCE2 methodology. The third edition, which was released in April 2015, offers the most recent instructions on how to apply the fundamental ideas, procedures, and topics to various projects. 

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4) PRINCE2 Agile Book by AXELOS- 

Over the past couple decades, Agile approaches and practises have become increasingly widely accepted. The use of PRINCE2 methodologies in an Agile setting is explored by PRINCE2 Agile. Although there are distinct certifications for PRINCE2 Agile courses, it is crucial for every PRINCE2 practitioner to understand how to customise PRINCE2 to their particular project demands. 

AXELOS released this PRINCE2 Agile book in June 2015. 

5) PRINCE2 for Dummies by Nick Graham-  

This would be a good pick for you if you needed a PRINCE2 book that would clearly explain the concepts of PRINCE2 to you. This book is more than just a basic introduction on PRINCE2 Certification; it will walk you through every stage of your project. You'll obtain explanations and assistance on project planning, defining job roles, and project closure procedures. This reference enables you to undertake your project with important considerations, such as risk and quality control, in mind by providing clear, very practical guidance. 

Nick Graham has spent more than 15 years working in project consultancy. He has experience of working both in the public and commercial sectors. He is the director of a business that offers coaching and training in project management. Additionally, he has written and co-written several books on PRINCE2 and PM.

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As more firms attempt to be proactive and adaptable to shifting business and market landscapes, the PRINCE2 PM methodology and structure will continue to be adopted by multinational corporations. 

The cost of the PRINCE2 books mentioned above vary depending on the format and manner of delivery. These publications can make the PRINCE2 certification process simpler to understand if you've been thinking about getting one. If you are already qualified, you will leave with a better understanding of how to make the most of your qualification. 

These books will be a helpful addition to The Knowledge Academy's PRINCE2 Foundation Online Course, which focuses on teaching participants using real-world examples and relevant problems.

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