10 Helpful NEBOSH Tips to Crack the Exam

Preparing for an exam can be daunting and tricky, especially when it comes to those conducted by organisations like the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH). However, with some helpful NEBOSH Exam Tips and effective strategies, you can navigate through this examination with confidence and success.    

According to NEBOSH, over 220,000 people are certified with the National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. These certificates are considered the gold standard in occupational health and safety. If you want to pass the exam with flying colours, this blog on NEBOSH Exam Tips will help you ace the exam. So, let's dive in. 

Table of Contents  

1) What is NEBOSH open book examination?  

2) Top 10 NEBOSH Exam Tips  

     a) Familiarise yourself with the examination requirements  

     b) Understand the time constraint and resources you can access  

     c) Create a well-structured study plan  

     d) Practice time management  

     e) Analyse past papers  

3) Conclusion  

What is NEBOSH open book examination 

Before discussing exam tips for NEBOSH, you must understand how the exam is structured. NEBOSH has done away with the traditional invigilated form of certificate-level qualification examination. Now the exams are an open book, meaning you can use any of the resources available and answer the questions. Further, the exam includes a 24-hour assessment wherein you can answer all the questions and submit your responses.   

You will be given a realistic scenario based on which you will be asked to carry out several tasks using the presented evidence. You must also use your own experience and what you learned. The goal is to assess your critical thinking, creative skills and asses your analytical and evaluation skills.   

You will be given access to resources since NEBOSH certification is now an open-book exam, but copy-pasting answers will not give the examiners a satisfactory answer. You must use your experience, learning and unique way of solving problems. 

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Top 10 NEBOSH Exam Tips  

The following tips will help you prepare better and ace the exam!

Helpful NEBOSH Exam Tips

Familiarise yourself with the examination requirements  

Before diving into your preparation, it's crucial to understand the NEBOSH exam requirements thoroughly. Review the syllabus, guidelines, format, and assessment criteria provided by NEBOSH. Make sure that the syllabus you are referring to is the right one, as the syllabus for each certificate is different.  

Understand the time constraint and resources you can access  

Familiarise yourself with the time limits and the resources you can access during the exam. Since this is an open-book exam, you will have access to all the resources. However, avoid taking answers from the guidebook. It would be best if you contextualised your answers.   

Create a well-structured study plan  

Developing a well-structured study plan is essential for cracking the NEBOSH exam. Break down the syllabus into manageable sections and allocate specific timeframes for each topic. Prioritise areas that require more attention and create a realistic timeline that fits your schedule. A study plan will keep you organised and ensure that you cover the complete syllabus or material. This will also reduce the chances of last-minute cramming. 

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Understand key concepts  

Since the exam for NEBOSH isn't in the traditional "question-answer" format, you must understand the concepts rather than remember them. Aim to grasp the fundamental concepts behind the topics in the occupational health and safety syllabus.    

Understanding the underlying principles will enable you to apply your knowledge in different scenarios, precisely what NEBOSH tests. Invest time comprehending the core concepts and reinforce the basic concepts by practising real-life examples and case studies. 

Practice time management   

Time management is crucial during the NEBOSH open book exam. Even though you have 24 hours to attempt and submit the exam, taking up all the time given is not recommended. Four to five hours is needed to complete the exam, and you should ideally target that time.   

Develop strategies to optimise your time effectively. Divide the available time based on the number of questions and allocate specific timeframes for reading, planning, writing, and reviewing. Regularly practice time-bound mock tests to enhance your speed and accuracy.

NEBOSH Courses

Analyse past papers  

Reviewing past NEBOSH exam papers can provide valuable insights into the exam format, question styles, and areas of focus. Even though you can access the syllabus, analysing the structure and types of questions asked in previous exams can help you better prepare for the exam.  

Utilise study resources  

Take advantage of the study resources recommended by NEBOSH, such as textbooks, reference materials, and online resources. Improve your understanding of topics with the help of reliable sources that align with the given syllabus. Make concise notes for quick reference during the NEBOSH exam.  

Practice answering questions  

For NEBOSH, there is no “perfect” answer. The questions are based on realistic scenarios and how you carry the tasks according to the given evidence and your knowledge. Therefore, it is important to avoid common mistakes in using the command words such as 'define,' 'describe,' 'explain,' 'outline,' and 'evaluate.' Check the RoSPA's Guide to NEBOSH to use these words appropriately. Practice constructing clear, concise answers, supporting them with relevant examples and references.  

Join study groups or forums  

Engaging in discussions with fellow NEBOSH candidates can be highly beneficial. They can offer you insights into the exam that can help you. Join study groups or online forums to exchange ideas, clarify doubts, and gain insights from others' perspectives. Collaborative learning can broaden your understanding and help you approach the exam from different angles. 

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Seek guidance from professionals  

Consult professionals or experienced individuals who have completed the NEBOSH open book examination. The open-book examination is relatively new, so any insights, tips and tricks can be beneficial. They can provide valuable tips, share their experiences, and guide you on effective strategies to crack the NEBOSH exam. 

Revise the topics and prepare notes  

Revising the topics, especially those you don’t like or find challenging. Revising such topics multiple times can instil confidence. The ones you are weak in are the areas which need the most attention. Therefore, allocate a little more time for them.  

Preparing concise notes can also help in retaining important concepts for longer. Create brief, information-rich notes that detail the core concepts of each topic. Glance through the notes when you are revising.  

Bonus tip  

Finally, don't neglect self-care during your NEBOSH exam preparation. Get enough sleep, maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and manage stress levels. A healthy mind and body will enhance your concentration, memory, and performance during the NEBOSH exam.  


We hope you found the NEBOSH Exam Tips blog helpful and informative. This exam requires thorough understanding, strategic planning, and consistent practice. You will increase your chances of cracking the exam by creating a study plan, understanding key concepts, and using all the resources. Remember that cracking the exam is not memorising but applying your knowledge effectively to real-world scenarios. Best of luck! 

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