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Table of Contents

ISO 27001 Roles and Responsibilities Explained

With 70% of worldwide internet users (as per Statista) falling prey to cybercrime in 2022, maintaining high-level Cybersecurity measures is paramount for organisations across industries. In light of this, ISO 27001 Roles and Responsibilities act as the cornerstone of a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS). But what exactly entails these roles, and how do they fortify an organisation’s security posture?  

In this blog, we will dissect the ISO 27001 Roles and Responsibilities to demystify the duties and expectations associated with each position. Additionally, understanding these roles is not just a requirement; instead, it is a strategic advantage in the battle against cyber threats. So, let’s dive into comprehending what ISO 27001 entails and why it matters.  

Table of Contents 

1) What is ISO 27001? 

2) What does ISO 27001 require? 

3) ISO 27001 Roles and Responsibilities 

   a) Security Risk Management 

   b) Security Leadership 

   c) Control Ownership 

   d) IT Security Management 

   e) Human Resources Management 

   f) Legal and Compliance Management 

   g) Security Awareness Coordination 

   h) Internal Audit 

4) Conclusion 

What is ISO 27001? 

ISO 27001, being a global requirement, defines the basic principles for creating, documenting, operating, and improving an Information Security Management System. This standard aids organisations to establish information system processes that help them protect their information assets. It also ensures that the systems provide Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA).

ISO 27001 Training 


What does ISO 27001 require? 

When implementing ISO 27001, organisations must employ a risk management strategy, that aid in recognising and evaluating the risks of their information assets, and applying controls aimed at reducing those risks. The standard here reiterates the role of top management focus, sustainability of rules, and adherence to legal and regulatory requirements. 

ISO 27001 Roles and Responsibilities 

Among the duties in implementing ISO 27001, organisations have to disburse particular positions and responsibilities to important supervisors in order to get their Information Security Management Systems off the ground. Let's explore the essential roles and responsibilities outlined in ISO 27001:

Roles outlined in ISO 27001

1) Security Risk Management 

Security Risk Managers are of primary importance in ISO 27001. They cover identifying, assessing, and addressing risks on organisation's information assets, including information systems, network, data, digital security and web services. Their key responsibilities involve risk assessment, risk crisis plan development, and control effectiveness tracking. 

2) Security Leadership 

Security leadership occupies a critical position in driving the force behind an organisation's information security initiatives. This role often involves characterising information security, which constitutes the development of policy and objectives, and providing resources in order to implement security measures. 

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3) Control Ownership 

The Control Owners are responsible for implementing and maintaining particular security controls within the organisation. They oversee the implementation of controls.  In addition, such experts ensure compliance with relevant procedures and policies to monitor the effectiveness of controls in mitigating risks. 

4) IT Security Management 

IT Manager or Security Officer oversees all IT security operations for the organisation's IT platform and its systems. Their activities focus on the implementation of measures like controlling, cyberattacks tracking, and responding to security breaches or incidents in an optimal way. 

5) Human Resources Management 

Human Resources (HR) Managers make certain that all employees know their obligations regarding information security. HR are responsible for distribution of security awareness training sessions, enforcement of the security policy, and managing access to the sensitive information of employees. 

6) Legal and Compliance Management 

The Legal and Compliance Officer ensures that the organisation complies with Information Security-related regulations, laws, and industry standards. This includes conducting legal reviews, addressing compliance issues, and liaising with regulatory bodies as necessary. 

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7) Security Awareness Coordination 

The Security Awareness Coordinator is tasked with promoting a security awareness-culture within the organisation. This role involves developing and delivering security awareness training courses, communicating security policies and procedures to employees, and monitoring compliance with security requirements. 

8) Internal Audit 

Internal Audits are vital in evaluating the effectiveness of the organisation's information security controls and processes. Internal auditors assess compliance with ISO 27001 requirements, identify areas for improvement, and provide recommendations for enhancing the ISMS. 


ISO 27001 Roles and Responsibilities are effective in the maintenance and implementation of an Information Security Management System. By understanding its essential outlined role, organisations can achieve compliance with international standards and strengthen their security posture. We hope that this blog helped you understand the essential roles associated with ISO 27001. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many domains are in ISO 27001? faq-arrow

ISO 27001 comprises 14 domains, each addressing specific aspects of Information Security Management Systems. These domains include risk assessment and treatment, access control, cryptography, physical and environmental security, and incident management, among others. 

Which three things do ISO 27001 Information Security protect? faq-arrow

ISO 27001 Information Security safeguards the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of organisational information assets. By doing so, it ensures that sensitive information is only accessed by authorised individuals or entities. 

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