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Table of Contents

DevOps Services – Explained in Detail

One of the biggest challenges faced by Application Development teams in the Information Technology (IT) sector is the mounting time constraint. What if you could speed up the process and save time? This is where DevOps comes in. It is a combination of Application Development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops), which helps in significantly reducing the time required for application development. DevOps Services can help  organisations achieve their desired metrics so that they can  deliver the services at record time.

The planning, development, delivery, and operations phases of Application Development are strongly influenced by DevOps, and it’s a widely accepted approach in the IT field.  In this blog, we will cover a collection of DevOps Services like Agile Software Development, DevOps Security, DevOps Consulting, DevOps Tooling, and more.

 Table of Contents 

1)  What is DevOps?

2) A collection of DevOps Services 

   a) Agile Software Development 

   b) DevOps Security 

   c) DevOps Consulting 

   d) DevOps Tooling 

   e) Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) 

   f) Round-the-clock monitoring 

  g) Version Control 

3) Conclusion 

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a combination of “development” and “operations”. It is a set of practices that help organisations improve collaboration among team members,  and allows for seamless integration between Software Development teams and IT operations teams. It also helps businesses achieve their goals in a short time.

DevOps Training


A collection of DevOps Services 

The services of DevOps refer to the practices that improve all the phases of an application lifecycle by jotting down a devops raodmap specifying important tasks. They reduce the time that usually goes into completing the planning and development phases. Here are some of the DevOps Services that help increase team efficiency and productivity: 

Agile Software Development 

One of the primary services of DevOps is Agile Software Development. It is a popular Project Management and Software Development approach implemented in multiple companies today. It promotes a collaborative team effort to produce effective results in project lifecycles.  

Agile is well-known for its flexibility in accepting changes based on customer preferences and producing results in short release cycles. The popularity of Agile is mainly due to the wide use of its two frameworks – Kanban and Scrum. 

DevOps Security 

DevOps Security is one of the services that combines the functions of Software Development, operations, and security. It is a set of methods and tools that helps to maintain safety at all points of an application lifecycle by providing quick and durable solutions.  

The scope for ensuring maximum security increased drastically when lengthy application deployments shifted to Agile Development environments. DevSecOps offers effective security solutions for applications and provides automated operations with automated security. It is also known as DevSecOps owing to the combination of Software Development (Dev), Operations (Ops), and Security (Sec). 

Do you wish to learn about the various DevOps security practices? Register for our Certified DevOps Security Professional (CDSOP) course now! 

DevOps Consulting 

More and more companies are adopting DevOps to increase work productivity and efficiency. Switching to DevOps can be a heavy transition for many organisations, and the overwhelming transition can be efficiently executed using DevOps Consulting.  

One of the important services known as DevOps Consulting can help your company in various ways, like maintaining effective operation automation, boosting Cybersecurity, streamlining Cloud strategy, enhancing customer experience, etc. It allows teams to inculcate a collaborative spirit that results in higher quality results within a short period of time. 

DevOps Tooling 

The methodology provides numerous tools that simplify  working with Version Control and automated build and deployment processes. Some of the DevOps Tools include Puppet, Jenkins, Selenium, Nagios, Ansible, Docker, etc. Let’s look at some of these tools in detail:

a) Puppet: It is one of the most commonly used DevOps Tools. It provides quick results with real-time reporting and helps to eradicate manual work. Puppet allows developers to obtain quality software and aids in managing the entire environment.  

b) Jenkins: It is a low-maintenance tool that helps oversee the functioning of repeated tasks. The automation scale increases significantly while allowing continuous integration and delivery.  

c) Docker: It is the perfect tool for improving productivity and fast system configuration. It allows shipping, building, and running distributed applications on various systems. 

Want to learn more about DevOps tools? Sign up for our Puppet Training course now to learn about its features and more! 

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) 

CI/CD pipeline

CI/CD is one of DevOps’ most critical services. Code testing is one of the vital tasks carried out by development teams. They implement the process of Continuous Integration (CI) for the same, to automate and merge code. Using CI provides an opportunity to detect bugs in the initial stages of the development cycle, thereby saving money.   

Code testing, one of the vital tasks in Software Development is followed by its deployment. The process of building, testing, and deploying code on multiple test and production grounds is called Continuous Delivery (CD). Quality improvement is one of the advantages of testing and deploying in numerous environments.    

Round-the-clock monitoring 

Round-the-clock or Continuous Monitoring means that the functioning and progress of the application are on display at any point in time. Apart from application performance, its base infrastructure and software parts can also be viewed all the time.    

There are specific methods that help maintain 24/7 visibility. One of the factors that support this process is telemetry. Telemetry stores data and logs extracted from the system to be analysed. Since telemetry is a valuable source of information, it is collected with metadata. The concerned operators are alerted if the data reveals a variation from the pre-determined structure, thereby maintaining visibility. 

Version Control 

Managing code involves tracking newly introduced revisions for easy retrieval and review. Version Control refers to code management in versions. This DevOps Service brings development teams together and delegates coding tasks amongst themselves. In addition to this, it makes code recovery easy by storing them. It is commonly used in its control systems where more than one developer works together in authoring code. This allows any type of changes to the code to be merged in the same file. 


DevOps is an integration of culture, people, and technology that brings the development and operations departments together. There are multiple services of DevOps that you can benefit from. We hope the contents of this blog have helped you learn about some of the DevOps Services and their uses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are offered by DevOps? faq-arrow

DevOps offers a wide range of services to Software Developers, including continuous integration, automation, cloud deployment, consulting, configuration management, Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaaS), Amazon Web Services (AWS), cloud migration, containerising and more. DevOps also offers version control, container management, application performance monitoring and deployment automation.

Which tool is mostly used in DevOps? faq-arrow

GitHub leads the market as the mostly utilised tool in DevOps, being the most advanced platforms worldwide. It is utilised by millions of software developers and organisations for building, shipping and maintaining their software applications on the platform. GitHub is designed with some features such as collaborative coding, automation or continuous integration and deployment, security features and project management. 

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What are related DevOps training and blogs provided by The Knowledge Academy? faq-arrow

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