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Table of Contents

CRISC Study Material Your Comprehensive Resource

Passing the Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) exam is the main criterion for acquiring the certification. If you are an aspirant in Information Technology (IT) wishing to crack the exam, knowing all about the CRISC Study Material is essential.   

It is a highly relevant certification to acquire today owing to the many malware and ransomware attacks businesses face, resulting in the increased hiring of risk management professionals. According to Statista, around 493.33 million ransomware attacks were recorded by organisations worldwide in 2022. This comprehensive study material is your ultimate resource to help you prepare for the CRISC certification exam, packed with in-depth content. 

Table of Contents 

1) CRISC examination details 

2) CRISC examination: Topics to focus on  

3) Study resources  

    a) Books 

    b) Training sessions 

3) Conclusion 

CRISC examination details 

The CRISC certification is one of the most popular qualifications that help candidates attain high-paying jobs in the risk management sector of IT. Apart from passing the CRISC examination, there are other prerequisites for earning the certification, which are as follows:   

a) Professional work experience of at least three years in the fields related to risk management and information systems control is necessary 

b) The professional experience must include tasks related to at least two domains of CRISC   

c) Following the Code of Professional Ethics   

d) Following the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program 

The examination will include 200 questions which must be answered within four hours. The scores for the CRISC exam will be scaled, i.e., the raw score of the exam is converted to a standard scale. The Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) uses a scale from 200 to 800, where the passing score is 450/800. Candidates will have four chances to clear the exam in a year. 

Examination cost 

Since the certification is provided by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), the examination cost differs for both ISACA and non-ISACA members. The CRISC exam cost is as follows:


Non-ISACA member 

ISACA member 

Exam cost 




Clear the CRISC exam and become an expert in risk management with our CRISC Training courses now! 

CRISC examination: Topis to focus on 

While multiple study resources are available to study from, a few core topics must be learnt to pass the exam. The four domains of CRISC are the main topics of focus for candidates. The topics under each domain and the percentage of questions that will be asked are as follows:





 a) Organisational governance 

 Organizational Strategy, Goals, and Objectives 

 Organizational Structure, Roles, and Responsibilities 

 Organizational Culture 

 Policies and Standards 

 Business Processes 

 Organizational Assets 

 b) Risk governance 

 Enterprise Risk Management and Risk Management Framework 

 Three Lines of Defence 

 Risk Profile 

 Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance 

 Legal, Regulatory, and Contractual Requirements 

 Professional Ethics of Risk Management 


IT risk assessment 

 a) IT risk identification 

 Risk events 

 Threat modelling and threat landscape 

 Vulnerability and control deficiency analysis 

 Risk scenario development 

 b) IT risk analysis and evaluation 

 Risk assessment concepts, standards, and frameworks 

 Risk register 

 Risk analysis methodologies 

 Business impact analysis 

 Inherent and residual risk  


Risk response and reporting 

 a) Risk response 

 Risk treatment/ risk response options 

 Risk and control ownership 

 Third-party risk management 

 Issue, finding and exception management 

 Management of emerging risk 

 b) Control design and implementation 

 Control types, standards, and frameworks 

 Control design, selection, and analysis 

 Control implementation 

 Control testing and effectiveness evaluation  

 c) Risk monitoring and reporting 

 Risk treatment plans 

 Data collection 

 Risk treatment plans 

 Data collection, aggregation, analysis and validation 

 Risk and control monitoring techniques 

 Risk and control reporting techniques (heatmap, scorecards and dashboards) 

 Key performance indicators 

 Key risk indicators (KRIs) 

 Key control indicators (KCIs) 


Information technology and security 

 a) Information technology principles  

 Enterprise architecture 

 IT operations management  

 Project management 

 Disaster recovery management  

 Data lifecycle management 

 System development life cycle  

 Emerging technologies 

 b) Information security principles  

 Information security concepts, frameworks and standards 

 Information security awareness training 

 Business continuity management 

 Data privacy and data protection principle 


Certified In Risk And Information Systems Control (CRISC) course


Study resources for CRISC exam preparation 

Now that you know the topic of focus for the exam, it is essential to learn about the various study material available for studying the issues. ISACA itself provides numerous resources which can be accessed for preparing for the CRISC exam. ISACA provides books and training sessions that help candidates polish their skills, learn the syllabus, and test their knowledge. Let’s look into these training sessions and books in detail: 


CRISC exam preparation books

The books used as study material for the CRISC exam contain exercises and mock tests, which help test candidates’ knowledge. There are four books of prime importance which are commonly used for exam preparation, and they are as follows: 

1) CRISC All-in-One Exam Guide: This book contains chapters dealing with various aspects of the exam. Each chapter ends with questions testing your understanding of that chapter and exam tips.

It also carries two mock practice tests, additional notes, case studies, and chapters which cover the CRISC certification job practice areas. Since the authors of the book – Dawn Dunkerley and Bobby E Rogers – are experts in the information security field, its contents will be helpful to candidates preparing for the exam.  

2) CRISC Review Manual, 6th Edition: This manual is the perfect guide for scoring well on the exam as it teaches candidates about the roles and responsibilities assigned to managers handling business risks.

Since it is the 6th Edition, it goes without saying that the book's contents have been reformed a lot. This implies that this version or Edition of the book holds the most current and relevant information, making it a good study source.   

3) CRISC Review Questions, Answers, and Explanations, 6th Edition: This book contains multiple practice questions with answers and explanations, which helps candidates get used to the type of questions they can expect for the exam.

4) CRISC Exam Questions by Pass for Life: This guide is the perfect preparation tool for the exam as it contains information that can be read and understood quickly.   

Training session 

ISACA offers training sessions to candidates to help them cover the syllabus and clear the CRISC exam. There are two different types of training provided by ISACA – online training and in-person training. Let’s look at these in detail: 

a) Online training: Online training allows candidates to access sessions from anywhere in the world. You can learn more about CRISC and use the information gained through training to clear the examination. You can avail of custom group training, self-paced online review courses, webinars, virtual summits, and more.

b) In-person training: This type of training allows one to directly clear one's doubts with the instructor. It handles training sessions via formal lectures and more in a classroom. 

Tips for effective study

Tips to study effectively
You can prepare for the CRISC exam with the multiple study resources available, but certain methods or routes help simplify studying. Here are some effective tips that help in effectively studying and preparing for the exam: 

Read the Exam Candidate Information Guide by ISACA 

Before studying the focus topics, candidates must be familiar with the examination format and details such as important dates, deadlines, etc. The ISACA Exam Candidate Information Guide is a useful resource for candidates as it provides information about the exam: 

a) Topics to explore 

b) Number of questions to be expected 

c) Exam registration details 

c) Deadlines 

Attempt mock tests 

Learning via practice tests is an effective way to understand the topics better and familiarise yourself with the examination pattern. The CRISC Review Questions, Answers, and Explanations, 6th Edition, is a great resource for practice tests as it contains hundreds of questions, their answers, and their explanations. They help you get used to the questions asked for the exam and time management. 

Utilise the CRISC exam prep forum 

ISACA has set up certification exam prep forums as a learning community. Candidates are advised to use the community to connect with fellow candidates attempting the CRISC exam, share their learnings, and explore different interpretations.   

The CRISC exam prep forum allows candidates to share their doubts and study methods which might be helpful for another member. The platform enables professionals who once cleared the exam to share their experiences with the community.   

Create a study plan 

Regardless of the number of books you study from, your commitment to learning to clear the CRISC exam is what will count. There are two main steps to consider for creating your learning plan, which is as follows:  

a) Create a timetable: The first step while creating a study plan is determining the days or hours remaining until the exam. This will help you divide your subjects between the days or hours left for the exam.  

b) Choose your decided training method: While some people perform better by self-studying, others fare well by listening to an instructor or taking classes. It is essential to figure out the training method you respond best to and pursue that.  


Selecting the right CRISC Study Material is essential to preparing for the certification exam. These will help you study better and improve your chances of clearing the exam. With this blog, we hope you learned about the different types of resources available today and, thus, help you score well for the exam. 

Acquire the skills required to detect and mitigate business risks by signing up for our Certified In Risk And Information Systems Control (CRISC) course now! 

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