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Table of Contents

Benefits of Choosing AWS as a Career

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is one of the fastest-growing cloud providers, and more businesses are transitioning their operations to AWS. With increased adoption, the demand for skilled professionals in Amazon Web Services is also skyrocketing. AWS Careers offers many benefits like higher wages, compensation and career growth.   

According to Statista, today, AWS dominates the Cloud market with a 32 per cent market share and will only grow in the coming years. With its increasing popularity and use, it’s vital to invest in building a Career in AWS. Want to know how? In this blog, you will learn why you should pursue an AWS Career, the job roles and opportunities available and the skills and knowledge required. 

Table of Contents      

1) Why should you pursue a Career in AWS?  

2) Key skills required to develop a AWS Career 

3)  Job opportunities in AWS 

4) How do AWS Certifications help you? 

5) Conclusion    

Why should you pursue a Career in AWS?

AWS Careers Job roles and opportunities


There are a lot of benefits to pursuing a Career in this field, like high pay, rapid career growth and increased demand. It gives you the flexibility to work in a wide range of industries. When it comes to job stability and future growth, it will always be there as nearly a third of internet users rely on AWS technologies. 

AWS is the #1 Public Cloud Platform 

Amazon Web Services is renowned to be the leading public Cloud platform. Against its many competitors in the field, AWS has occupied the majority of Cloud services. It is renowned for its scalability, reliability, and extensive range of services. These  features make AWS popular among some of the top businesses as well as small corporations.  

High demand and competitive salaries  

AWS is one of the very first cloud providers to launch its cloud services and is a pioneer in the technology. In recent years, Amazon has increased its technology tremendously, and many organisations have started adopting its technologies and services.  

Due to this, the demand for Amazon Web Services professionals and Engineers is at an all-time high now. This is advantageous for professionals skilled in this technology, resulting in better pay and benefits. So, the future of Amazon AWS Careers looks very promising and rewarding. 

Career growth and advancement opportunities  

AWS has a broad ecosystem that is evolving and expanding each passing day, so there are many Career options. If you are a skilled professional, you can expect rapid career growth. Also, there are many ways to improve your learning. Some of them are as follows:

a) Training and certifications: You can sign up for AWS training and certifications that help you gain valuable skills and demonstrate your expertise. Completing these training and certifications can significantly improve your career and open doors for more opportunities.

b) Partner network: It is a global community service that includes technology providers, consulting firms and system integrators. It improves your expertise in the subject and leads to various job roles and projects. This could help you find more AWS jobs and opportunities.   

Global reach and exposure  

It provides services worldwide and in many sectors and industries. So, if you become an AWS professional, you will get exposure to various projects, significantly improving your knowledge and experience. You will also gain useful information on how different sectors operate.   

The reliance on and adoption of cloud technologies like AWS are significant in the public to private sectors. So, learning this allows you to work globally in renowned organisations. Such exposure also improves your career and widens your professional skills and network. 

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Key skills required to develop an  AWS Career   

Having proper knowledge and proficiency is essential when making a Career in AWS. You should possess a certain skill set, be proficient in the principles of Cloud Computing, Services of AWS and be familiar with programming languages.  

Programming languages and scripting skills 

The following are some programming languages and scripting skills that you can practice to build  a successful AWS Career:  

a) Python: It is one of the most commonly used languages in many fields used for scripting, Machine Learning and Automation. It helps you communicate with the services of AWS using scripts and helps you develop Lambda functions.     

b) Bash and PowerShell: One of the best features of Amazon Web Services is that they  support Automation, so you can automate tedious tasks using languages like Bash and PowerShell. So, familiarising yourself with these languages is essential.    

c) YAML and JSON: proficiency with these  languages is   necessary when working with services like infrastructure as code and CloudFormation. 

d) JavaScript: You can easily use AWS Lambda if you have the proper knowledge about JavaScript. AWS Lambda supports serverless computing and it is a great skill to possess to help you write serverless functions in JavaScript.    

e) Java: If you want to build robust applications using   AWS, then the knowledge of Java will help Developers like you to build these applications using AWS services. 

f) SQL: If you are working on AWS databases, then a solid understanding of SQL will help you to managing and querying data. 

Core technical skills 

If you want to pursue an AWS Career, you should be familiar with the basics of its different services. Learning about these services can help you create, manage and implement effective Cloud solutions. Here is the list of services you should learn about:

a) Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2): It is a computing platform that lets you run applications in the Cloud without needing physical hardware.  

b) Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3): It offers limitless storage on the Cloud and helps scale up your businesses.  

c) Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS): It is a combination of managed services used for creating, operating and expanding your cloud databases.  

d) Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): It lets you create a secure private Cloud network where you can control everything from resource allocation and security.  

AWS help businesses overcome problems like a lack of computing and hardware resources by assisting them in provisioning resources on the Cloud platform. In order to do that, you can use its Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools like CloudFormation and Cloud Development Kit.    

Proficiency with these tools help your business allocate resources automatically. Proficiency in IaC is necessary for pursuing a Career in this field. Basic networking skills and familiarity with topics like subnets, VPCs and route tables are also necessary when it comes to building secure Cloud architectures. 

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Job opportunities in AWS 

It provides many career opportunities for professionals passionate about cloud computing. You are spoiled with choices as there are so many job roles and career paths available, and with certification and training, you can get jobs in specialised fields.

AWS Careers Job roles and opportunities

Various job roles in AWS  

Here is a list of job roles in AWS:  

a) Cloud Developer: They are responsible for creating and distributing applications, taking advantage of APIs and services in order to create new solutions. 

b) Cloud Administrator: As a Cloud Administrator, you are responsible for handling and tracking the Cloud environment. Moreover, you also need to oversee the proper allocation of resources and efficient performance.  

c) Cloud Architect: This job role requires you to plan, create and deploy reliable and budget-friendly solutions. 

d) DevOps Engineer: These professionals focus on automating and streamlining the Software Development as well as different deployment processes.  

e) SysOps Administrator: These professionals are responsible for managing and maintaining the AWS infrastructure. If you are choosing this job role, then you are also responsible for handling tasks, monitoring system performance and implementing backup. 

f) Security Engineer: In this role you will be required to implement security measures to protect the AWS infrastructure, and access controls as well as monitor any security breaches. 

g) Database Administrator: This role requires you to specialise in managing databases on AWS. You will also be required to handle tasks such as database configuration, optimisation, backup  and recovery. 

h) Sales and Solutions Architect: In this role, you will be required to work with clients and understand business needs and create customised solutions which aligns with the clients’ need. 

You can apply for these job roles with good knowledge of AWS infrastructure, services, and guidelines. Once you mastered them, you can plan, build and manage cloud services.   

Specialised job roles in AWS  

Compared to other technologies, the Cloud is evolving daily. This evolution creates many new fields and specialisations, resulting in more jobs and opportunities. Such as the Following:

a) Machine Learning Engineer: They use tools like SageMaker to create and distribute models for Machine Learning. They help business improve their performance by harvesting the power of artificial intelligence.   

b) Big Data Engineer: They plan and execute certain operations to provide effective data processing solutions. They use tools like Amazon Glue, EMR, and Redshift to do that and help businesses analyse huge chunks of data.   

c) Internet of Technology(IoT) Specialists: They gather data, provide useful insights, and interlink devices and services for IoT-based applications. They come up with innovative solutions to solve the problems many businesses face regarding IoT.   

d) AWS Game Developer: focus on building and optimising online games while using AWS. This role requires developing game server hosting, multiplayer features, and analytics. 

e) AWS Blockchain Developer: These professionals focus on developing smart contracts, creating Decentralised Applications (DApps), and implementing Blockchain solutions using AWS Blockchain services. 

f) AWS Cloud Security Specialist: These specialists are responsible for implementing security measures and enforce security policies within AWS environments. 

You can make a clear and well-informed decision by considering the above-specialised roles and opportunities. AWS is constantly evolving, so learning about different specialisations can give you a head start.   

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How do AWS certifications help you?  

AWS certifications are well-recognised and highly sought after in the jobs market and can significantly improve your career. They improve your knowledge and help showcase your expertise in the technology. Let's learn how the following certifications can help elevate your knowledge as well as help you kickstart your career:

a) AWS Certified Solutions Architect: It helps showcase your expertise in building and releasing applications on the Cloud platform.   

b) AWS Certified SysOps Administrator: It helps validate your skills in handling applications and tools on its cloud platform. 

c) AWS Certified Developer: It helps you gain skills in creating and managing applications as well as learning programming and deploying services. 

Amazon AWS Training


We hope that after reading this blog, you have understood everything about AWS Careers and why you should pursue a career in this field. Apart from this, you would have also learned about the skills and knowledge necessary for pursuing a career with it. The demand for professionals skilled in Amazon Web Services is skyrocketing, so this is the right time to choose a career in this field.

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