We've updated our homepage

Date Icon04 June 2018

Take a look at our website today and you’ll notice something different – we’ve updated our homepage. While nothing radical, the new design is fresh, modern and more easy to use than ever.


Popular Courses

We’ve moved our most popular five topic areas to the top so you can quickly jump to find what you’re looking for.


Improved Navigation

Our 12 categories are now laid out in a simple grid instead of a carousel, reducing the number of clicks required to get to where you want to go.


Blog Section

The new news and blogs section is neater and more compact. It allows you to see more blogs at a time and easily access our most popular articles.

Overall, the entire page length has been reduced, meaning far less scrolling is required to get from top to bottom.


We hope you enjoy the new homepage and find the new design helpful and responsive.

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