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Why should I do TOGAF®?

Since TOGAF® has been created and published there are over 20,000 professionals who hold a TOGAF® certification. There are many reasons you should gain a TOGAF® certification. The most important reason is this will enable you to speak a common professional language and gain basic knowledge on about an architecture framework. With this partners are able to communicate easier and it is less time and money consuming when doing business together.


The TOGAF® certification will help you to develop and improve your enterprise architect professional career. Gaining a TOGAF® qualification allows you to gain more skills and the right skills to climb up the career ladder in the Architecture Framework industry.


TOGAF® is specifically designed for individuals that require an advanced knowledge of system layering and engineering and is considered to be the gold-standard architecture framework. Hence, TOGAF® courses are particularly suited for:

  • Aspiring Enterprise Architects

  • System Engineers

  • System Architects

  • Senior Managers looking to appreciate how systems are created and how they interact

  • System Designers

  • Project Managers

  • Architect Stakeholders and Sponsors