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What to do after TOGAF®?

After completing your TOGAF® Certification, there are 5 realistic possibilities you may want to consider after:

  1. You can get architectural experience; employers are looking for architecture with the certification as well as the knowledge and experience.

  2. Read EA case studies; read good and bad EA case studies that are available at EA conferences. This will give an insight of successful EA projects

  3. Get a coach or mentor; find someone who is good within the organisation to learn more about what they do, how they do it, what decisions they make. You can even get a professional coach or mentor

  4. Join architecture communities, by doing this, you can broaden and expand your networks and work with other TOGAF® professionals. This can also work in your favour as this can help you when looking for a higher job role and work in the organisation.

Learn Enterprise Architecture; organisations are advancing and promoting their professional status. Individuals can become a member during their progression.