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What Sectors Use TOGAF®?

TOGAF® in Banking

A plethora of major banking organisations such as Westpac, Rabobank, and United Bank have constructively utilised TOGAF® to transform their Enterprise Architecture. Given the importance of security of information systems and IT processes within the banking sector, it is imperative that banks have a fully operating architecture that involves stakeholders and a range of banking experts.


TOGAF® in Retail

The TOGAF® ADM is fully compliant with the retail sector, due to the reliance of revenue on e-retail and user interface interactions. TOGAF®’s main and underpinning intention is to conjointly address and unify business objectives and system operating platforms - allowing retail companies to thrive and ensure operational fluidity of end-to-end processes.


TOGAF® in the Government

The tailorable and versatile nature of TOGAF® has allowed Government entities to improve upon their information and data architecture. The Department of Social Security are an example of how beneficial TOGAF® can be to address technical and policy demands that are unique to the sector. Given that TOGAF® can be used repetitively through a cyclical process, the ADM allows a clear guidance of how to plan and fully implement an architectural transformation, whilst satisfying stakeholders, working within a strict immovable budget, and giving clarity of government practices