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What Organisations Use TOGAF®?

Company: UK Department of Social Security (DSS)

Sector: Government and Security

The UK Department of Social Security (DSS) is the central governing entity that is responsible for the delivery and maintenance of the UK’s social security - utilising Europe’s largest civilian technology-based operation. The DSS utilised TOGAF® to classify and structure its IT applications - optimising architectural components to create a consistent framework. During the project, the DSS identified a number of technical and policy requirements that needed addressing - the cyclical and continual utilisation of the TOGAF® framework allowed them to tailor their architecture to their enterprise-specific needs. Due to the public nature of the DSS’s domain, the utilisation was beneficial as it encouraged maintenance and communication of the Architect's vision to stakeholders, whilst continually supporting a variety of internal services. TOGAF® encouraged a group of Enterprise Architects, Developers, and various departmental Contributors to work on transforming the social security IT system conjointly, rather than a singular set of Architects making changes that appeared constructive at face value but were not fully operational for all functions.


Company: Westpac - Australia’s First Bank

Sector: Banking

Established in 1817 in New South Wales, Westpac are Australia’s oldest and first bank - currently boasting cash earnings of A$7.82 billion and A$100.80 billion market capitalisation (correct as of 2015). As Australia’s second largest bank, Westpac required a framework to guide their architectural transformation to encourage/reinstate their marketplace authority and encourage banking innovation. TOGAF® was embedded within Westpac’s IT standards, and allowed them to review their product and services portfolio - identifying and ameliorating the deficient areas of IT functionality such as communication, stakeholder engagement, and external influences. Distinctive IT and business capabilities were outlined and included within the architectural transformation, making them more aligned and complementary to each other, and compliant with Westpac’s business objectives. The enhanced interoperability of systems has allowed Westpac to strategically improve their operational functioning and Enterprise Architecture. 


Company: Dairy Farm International Holdings

Sector: Farming, Production, and Retail

The Dairy Farm International Holdings is a major pan-Asian retailer of dairy, wholesale, and hygiene products, with an annual revenue of $12billion. The Dairy Farm utilised TOGAF® to reinvigorate their technical architecture inside a quick time-to-market period, during which they shared their visionary business objectives with engaged stakeholders to promote a project ‘buy-in’. The TOGAF® implementation led to a common language and set of principles being utilised, in addition to engaging individuals to impart their input of how the planned change will impact their business operations - improving company cohesion and business strategy. The project initiated vendor neutrality and allowed the Dairy Farm to rebuild their current architecture, rather than building from scratch - encompassing a business-led technology plan.

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