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What is TOGAF?

TOGAF® is a globally used and standardised framework for Enterprise Architecture, that enables a meticulous approach to orchestrating, designing, planning, implementing, managing, and evaluating information systems. TOGAF® is a systematic, modular, and iterative approach to Enterprise Architecture and concerns four information sectors - business, application, data, and technology.


TOGAF® offers a step-by-step method for the rapid architectural development and offers guidance on how to manage/govern an IT architecture. The versatility of the framework allows it to be applied to enterprises of varying structures and sizes, and support operational functioning at all levels - including business operations, applications, data, and technology.


TOGAF® training courses allow individuals to acquire the required skills to orchestrate an IT system and architectural transformation. Enterprise Architecture (EA) as a profession has developed substantially since its nascent beginning in 1982 - EAs are now expected to possess enhanced knowledge of servers, databases, applications, wiring, and the presented interface, and of how these constituents interact within the larger business scheme. EAs bridge the gap between current and target/visioned architectures through implementing a pragmatic plan of action that effectively utilises all knowledge-inputs and resources, and TOGAF® facilitates such implementation through providing a systematic step-by-step Architecture Development Method (ADM).


The TOGAF® certifications allow the opportunity to consider the future of Enterprise Architecture to pre-empt how the profession must respond to the elevating demands of user-friendly IT systems and their interaction with business objectives. Having a proficient Enterprise Architecture in operation, means that enterprises can cope with growing complexity and ensure fluidity of processes, information platforms, and software landscapes.


Approximately 80% of Architects utilise the framework, according to The Open Group - demonstrating the perceived value of TOGAF® for a variety of industries and its necessity for initiating transformational IT/IS changes. No other pragmatic Enterprise Architecture framework alternatives exists on the same level as TOGAF®, hence TOGAF® certifications can be undertaken with the reassurance of relevancy and longitudinal value.