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TOGAF® Exams

TOGAF® Exam Format

The acquisition of TOGAF® Part 1 (Foundation) and TOGAF® Part 2 (Certified) certifications are both determined by multiple choice examinations. Both exams can be booked through the Prometric website - we will provide you with an exam voucher.


TOGAF® Part 1 Exam

The TOGAF® Foundation Part 1 exam assesses knowledge of the basic principles of the framework, the enterprise continuum, architecture metamodels, ADM guidance, and architectural governance - it consists of:

  • 40 Questions

  • 60 Minutes

  • Closed Book

  • 55% Pass Mark Required for Certification


Prior to sitting the TOGAF® Part 2 Exam, candidates must have passed the Part 1 Exam.


TOGAF® Part 2 Exam

The TOGAF® Part 2 exam concerns the ADM phases of project establishment, architecture definitions, transition planning, governance, in addition to adapting the framework to make it compatible to any business situation. The exam consists of:

  • 8 Complex Scenario-based Multiple Choice Questions

  • 90 Minutes

  • Open Book

  • 60% Pass Mark Required for Certification

  • 5 marks are awarded for a correct answer, 3 for the next closest answer, and 1 for the third most relevant answer, and 0 for the least relevant.

TOGAF® Pass Rates

Here at The Knowledge Academy we are proud of our 95% pass rate for the externally taken exams. The Knowledge Academy have a Exam Pass Guarantee for candidates (See FAQs for further details), meaning that if you do fail you have another opportunity to pass without extra costs.


How to Pass the TOGAF® Exam - Step-by-step Guide

  1. Attend a Part 1 and 2 TOGAF® Training Course

  2. Book an exam time with the exam voucher provided, through the Prometric website

  3. Read and re-read the TOGAF® course material and resources

  4. Learn the TOGAF® terminology, language, and structure

  5. Memorise the ADM Diagram - draw this at the beginning of the exam on your spare paper so that you can logically work through the framework-related questions

  6. Arrive early to the exam venue

  7. Take your time - there are 60 minutes to answer 40 questions for the Part 1 exam and 90 minutes to answer 8 scenario questions in the Part 2 exam. You have plenty of time so don’t rush

  8. Gradually and systematically work through the exam questions

  9. If you are unsure of an answer, eliminate the incorrect answers to leave you with fewer options to consider

  10. If you have spare time, calculate how many questions you are certain that you have the correct answer for - you need 22 correct answers to pass the Part 1 exam