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History of TOGAF®

In 1993, TOGAF® was created as a Technical Architecture methodology. In 1995 it was developed by The Open Group into a comprehensive Enterprise Architecture framework - known as the Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management (TAFIM).

TOGAF® 7, the "Technical Edition", was published in December 2001. A year after that TOGAF® 8 ("Enterprise Edition") was published. TOGAF® 8.1 was republished and updated in December 2003 and “TOGAF®™” officially became a registered trademark of The Open Group in 2005. TOGAF® underwent a further overhaul in November 2006, titled TOGAF® 8.1.1. The most recent version update, TOGAF® 9.1, occurred in December 2011, and is currently the most up to date framework, that is used by 80% of Enterprise Architects. TOGAF® 9.1 has been the most successful framework to date, reflected by the recent proliferation of its use within Enterprise Architecture and the fact that 16,000 of the 22,900 certified TOGAF®’s are 9.1 qualified. The Open Group have remained the owners and governing entity that determines TOGAF®’s professional direction since its inception in 1993, to now.