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What is PRINCE2®?

PRINCE2®, an acronym for PRojects In Controlled Environments, is a flexible process-driven project management methodology that encourages productivity and resource utilisation. Due to its flexibility, PRINCE2® is popular and trusted - establishing itself as the most widely adopted methodology in the UK.

PRINCE2® is the most popular project management methodology in the UK, followed by Agile®, Scrum, and APM®. As the world’s second most utilised methodology, preceded only by PMP®, PRINCE2® is an established, ubiquitous, and lauded management framework. PRINCE2® is a process driven methodology that aims to improve upon project management practice - instilling an ethos of productivity and resource utilisation. It is a malleable and flexible framework that enhances organisational capability by focusing on managerial control and tolerances when faced with adversity or complexity. Adopting the PRINCE2® methodology can significantly enhance a project’s probability of success and consequential financial rewards for a business.

Accredited by AXELOS, our PRINCE2® Training Courses allow individuals to ameliorate their project management skill repertoire - promoting an appreciation for project risk, contingency plans, business justifications, and of how to optimise individual project contributions, from executive board members to lower-level, but paramount, project staff. PRINCE2® certifications can significantly enhance an individual’s project management proficiency - possession of the PRINCE2® Practitioner certification is a signifier of professionalism and management competence.

Based upon the experience of a myriad of businesses in various industries, PRINCE2® is an established and tried-and-tested framework; hence undertaking such training courses allows individuals to acquire knowledge concerning the application of PRINCE2® techniques to a range of businesses, regardless of size, or project complexity. PRINCE2® is not a waterfall method or a one-size-fits-all methodology - it is a tailorable framework that individual organisations can adapt to fit their project objectives and intentions, whilst learning the essential components that determine a project’s success, from start to finish.

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