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The Benefits of PRINCE2®

Benefits of PRINCE2® for Individuals

  • Develop your project management qualification portfolio and skill repertoire

  • Enhance your contractor earning potential and employability prospects - PRINCE2® Practitioners can earn up to approximately £50,000 annually*

  • Possession of an internationally renowned project management qualification

  • Signifier of professionalism and project management proficiency

  • Enhance your knowledge of how to lead successful projects using a tried and tested methodology

  • Learn how to speak and communicate using the UK’s most popular project management language

  • Enhance the success of projects under your management

  • Improved self-efficacy and delivery confidence

  • Continually improve your professional practice


*Information obtained from PayScale - correct as of 24th July 2017


Benefits of PRINCE2® for Businesses

  • Get all of your employees on the same wavelength, with the same objectives

  • Create unity and cohesion between team members and departments using a common project management methodology and language

  • Promote the probability that projects will be completed within the pre-set timescale, budget, and scope

  • PRINCE2® instils the idea that continual project justification is crucial, which helps reduce profit-consuming practices and promotes continual re-alignment with the business’s objectives

  • PRINCE2® doesn’t require any additional materials or software to operate - lowered costs

  • Ready for adversity and uncertainty - PRINCE2® is flexible and can help a project in crisis due to emphasising the importance of learning lessons from previous decisions, and having predefined tolerances

  • Encourage accountability of decisions, and proficient authority

  • PRINCE2® is so flexible that it can be applied to any project

  • Consistent approach to project management and project instigations

  • Risk Management is accounted for and appreciated

  • Regular reviews and appraisals to clarify resource utilisation

  • Ensure quality of product delivery

  • Optimise customer experience and customer retention

  • Maximise revenue and business value of projects