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What is MSP?

MSP® is a best-practice framework that outlines how best to implement a long-term programme, using a proven set of principles and processes. A programme is comprised of a number of interrelated projects that together deliver paramount business objective/s, which should provide benefits and improvements to the performance of the business. the MSP® courses aim to coordinate smaller projects and integrate them in order for the overall business objectives to materialise. It does this by breaking down large, complex organisational changes into smaller, more manageable projects.


The basis of the MSP® methodology consists of three primary elements: Principles, Governance Themes, and Transformational Flow. These concepts interlink to produce an effective framework. There are seven Principles in total that form the foundation of the framework. The Governance Themes define an organisation’s approach to programme management and allow for the correct leadership, delivery teams, organisational structures, and controls to be put in place. With these control elements implemented there is opportunity for successful completion of a programme. Lastly, Transformational Flow refers to a set of processes that direct the programme management team through the programme, providing a route through its lifecycle, from initiation to closing.