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ITIL® Exams

ITIL Exam Structure

Every ITIL course is supported by an accompanying exam. Passing an exam enables you to receive the corresponding certification.


ITIL Foundation – The ITIL Foundation exam follows a multiple choice examination format. There are 40 questions, with 26/40 or 65% being required to pass. It lasts 60 minutes in total and is closed book.


ITIL Practitioner The ITIL Practitioner exam is multiple choice. It consists of 40 questions, with 28/40 or 70% required to pass. It lasts 135 minutes and is closed book.


ITIL Intermediate – Each ITIL Intermediate exam follows the same format: A multiple choice examination with 8 questions per paper and 90 minutes to answer. The pass mark is 28/40 or 70%, and they are all closed book.


ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle The ITIL MALC exam consists of multiple choice questions with 10 questions per paper. The pass mark is 35/50, or 70%. It lasts 120 minutes and is closed book.


ITIL Pass Rates

Global pass rates for ITIL tend to be lower the further through the scheme you go, as the exams become more difficult. While ITIL Foundation has average rates of around 87%, the Intermediate courses vary between 60-80%, and Managing Across the Lifecycle around 58%. As an Accredited Training Organisation, we enjoy higher pass rates than average, with a 99% percent pass rate for ITIL Foundation.